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A character played by Darad Zhall in the Wind Colored Magical Girls game run by Jeremy Kopczynski.

Matsubara Setsuna/Ultimate Fearless Corrector[edit]

Setsuna Matsubara

Age: 17

Appearance: Setsuna is a tall, thin girl with sleepy brown eyes, fair complexion, and shoulder length light brown hair that is always messy. Not wasting time with your hair means more time to sleep in. Constant overuse of her power has triggered several permanent changes. Her hair has changed color to a violent shade of red that writhes angrily, and a cavernous maw lined with rows of razor sharp teeth has appeared on her stomach

Magical Girl Appearance: Setsuna's transformation breaks the shackles of fear and helplessness that bind her heart, unleashing a warrior's spirit. Her outfit reflects this change and gives her the appearance of a fierce Oni. With black iron gauntlets and boots, a long tattered dress, chest wrap, and Tiger skins. When Setsuna sets out to harass the Yakuza clans she leaves the tiger skins behind and dons a cheap coat and gaudy oni mask she picked up in the shopping district to try and hide her identity.

What kind of girl are you?: Poor Worker

What convinced you to make a pact?: I’m tired of being the victim. I want to fight back!

What is your wish?: I wish all my family's problems would just go away


Resolve: 21/21
Wounds: 2/4
Oblivion Seeds: 0

Normal Attributes[edit]

Charm 5
Insight 4
Tenacity 5

Magical Attributes[edit]

Magic 10 Defense
Heart 5 Support
Fury 5 Attack


Magic 0
Heart 1
Fury 0


  • Elemental Hair (Permanent) REMOVED
  • Cat Eyes (Permanent) REMOVED
  • Maw (Permanent)

Magical Girl Abilities[edit]

Element: Rage

Weapon: Iron Club

Power (Walk Through Walls): Setsuna's unrestrained spirit manifests in her ability to pass through walls. Either silently or forcefully. Setsuna prefers the forceful way when dealing with the Yakuza clans.

Role: Paladin

Basic Talents

  • Boost: Free Action, 3/Scene, 1 Overcharge
  • Recovery: 2/Episode

General Talents

  • Furious Blaze/Unyielding Earth (Empower, 1/Scene): By tapping into the power of her rage Setsuna can push herself beyond her limits; allowing her to lash out with greater strength or endure more dangerous attacks. Setsuna can give herself the Excited or Calm status.

Paladin Talents

  • Air of Animosity (Guardian, Free Action/1 Defense Overcharge): Setsuna’s rage can permeate an area causing enemies to become more aggressive and prone to attacking whatever happens to be nearby. If an enemy tries to move out of her area Setsuna can make a support vs support challenge to stop them from leaving.
  • Ferocity of the Cornered Beast (Desperation): When pushed to the brink Setsuna’s rage overflows granting her terrifying strength as she strikes back like a wounded Tiger. Setsuna gets +2 to attack and damage rolls when at half resolve or less.
  • Savage Stamima (Regeneration, Free Action 1/Episode): Setsuna fury is like an engine that can keep her body fighting well past its breaking point. For the rest of the scene Setsuna heals 2 resolve at the start of her turn.
  • Beastial Roar (Aura of Strength, Constant Effect): When attacked, rather than let her rage build up inside her heart, she can instead release it in a fearsome wave of unrestrained fury. Anytime Setsuna succeeds on a defense roll she inflicts 2 damage to all enemies in the same position as her. This is not an attack action.
  • Divine Punishment (Minor Action, 1 Defense Overcharge): Select a target within a range of 0-3. Until the start of your next turn, if the target makes an attack that doesn’t include you, you can inflict 1d6 damage on them as a free action.
  • Guided Strike (Major Action, 1 Support Overcharge, 2/Scene): An ally of your choice makes a basic attack.



Name Description Level
Hanagawa Yuu "I've worked with her a few times at the shopping district. She always puts so much energy into everything she does and I'm glad she's a part of the team. Honestly, I would have been more shocked to find out she WASN'T a magical girl." 3
Midorikawa Eri "Another girl I've worked with at the shopping district who turned out to be a magical girl. She's a really good worker and an even better magical girl. Her little sister is lucky to have someone like her." 4
Misugi Haruka "Hmmmm, I haven't really had a chance to get to know Haruka-san all that well outside of Magical Girl buisness. But she’s a really good Magical Girl though!" 1
Mizuno Ami "She's a real sweet girl and has a way of brightening up your day just by talking to you. Turns out her family is the Yakuza. Crazy huh? I feel bad that someone like her is related to such rotten people." 3
Shirayuki Hikari "Hikari-san and I got to know each other a lot better at Yuu’s sleepover. She shared her wish with me, and even offered to help me out. We’re gonna make our dreams come true and create a better world for everyone! " 4
Onigawa Aino "She can be a little spooky sometimes. But she knows her stuff when it comes to magic and is pretty nice once you get to know her." 1


Name Description Level
Kenta and Yuko Matsubara "My parents are the best! No matter how tough things get for us we’ll support each other every step of the way. That’s what family is all about! Thing’s are pretty rough for us right now, but I’m doing my best to help us get through it. I just wish there was something more I could do." 3
Sakanaya Shopping Dist. "We might not be as big or fancy as the more modern shopping districts, but we make up for it with heart! Everyone working at the district is so nice, and they always have work for me to do. I’ve learned so much from them that if I ever opened my own store I’d be a force to be reckoned with!" 3
Miyata Nanami "Ever since we were kids Nanami-san has always been the cool one. We don’t really have as much time to hang out these days, but that just makes it all the more special when we do." 3
Kazuto Hayashi "He’s a great guy to hang out with, but it can take some time to get him to losen up around you. Since he got into gaming he’s become so good that I can barely beat him anymore. He’s like a natural." 1
Shirayuki Kana "Hikari's Mom is really nice, I'm glad she didn't object to Hikari and I getting together. In fact she seemed really happy about it. I think she's just glad Hikari has made so many nice friends." 2

Advances Taken[edit]

Tier 1[edit]

+1 Magic
+1 Fury
+3 Resolve

Tier 2[edit]

Remove one permanent change(Cat Eyes)
Gain a new talent from your specialization and you can rearrange your combat stats
Remove one permanent change(Elemental Hair)

Tier 3[edit]

Take the advanced form of your specialization.
Gain a a talent from a different specialization.


Matsubara Setsuna is a sweet, scatterbrained, but tempermental young girl who hasn't given much thought about her future, preferring to just live in the moment. A trait that often puts her at odds with the teachers of WCCPA. She adores her mother and father and can often be seen helping out at their secondhand store in the Sakanaya shopping district. Setsuna's Family is heavily in debt to the Yakuza after her father was forced to take a loan from them and was taken advantage of. Setsuna tries her best to pick up any jobs she can around the district in her free time to help them make ends meet. But too often they are late in payments which results in a visit from the Yakuza to remind them of their situation. On those nights Setsuna hides in her room until it's over, not wanting to see her parents have to beg and cursing herself for being too scared and weak to do anything. It was on one of those nights that she was paid a visit from Stevitts, and when offered the strength to fight back she accepted without hesitation. As the Ultimate Fearless Correction she eagerly uses her new power and courage to protect the city from the Youma. When the Youma aren't an issue Setsuna patrols the city at night terrorizing the Yakuza clans in an attempt to drive them from the city. A task she finds much more satisfying than hunting Youma.