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Mizuno Ami/ Lovely Dreams Child Ami[edit]

Sex: Female
Age: 14 years
Personality Type: Bright and cheerful
Reason for Pact: Helping others, the possibility of being granted her wish
Wish: To bring her parents back from the dead
Crisis: Her yazkua relatives attack the orphanage where she lives
Costume: Red and white shrine maiden robes
Appearance and Demeanor: Ami is unremarkably pretty fourteen year old girl—people might think she’s cute, but she would not stand out in a crowd. She has short red-brown hair and eyes. She usually decorates herself with something like a flower in her hair or some cute, girl piece of jewelry. She tries hard to be one of those people with a relentlessly positive, upbeat, outgoing personality--to the point where some people might actually find it annoying or fake. However, it's actually to cover up a lot of heartbreak and pain, both from herself and other people, and thus she sometimes struggles to keep up the facade. Ami’s transformation sequence and use of her powers generally involves the manifestation of a flock of butterflies with wings made of light. When using ritual sorcery, she uses a variation of the traditional Shinto kagura dance.


Charm: 5
Insight: 3
Tenacity: 6

Fury (Attack): 6
Heart (Support): 9
Magic (Defense): 5

Fury: 0
Heart: 0
Magic: 0

Resolve: 21/21
Wounds: 4/4


• Arcane Eldritch Cherub Aino (2): Aino and Ami sit next to each other in class and frequently chat, plus we are often paired up the teacher to do various chores around the school.
• The Astronomy Club (2): Ami is a member, alongside Arcane Eldritch Cherub Aino, Eternal Starlight Valkyrie Haruka, Amano Mika (Haruka’s best friend) and Amano Ayumi (Mika’s little sister).
• Blooming Flower Orphanage (3): The orphanage where Ami lives and now considers her home. She has become emotionally close both to the other children and some of the staff.
• Eternal Starlight Valkyrie Haruka (2): Ami is one of those sweet-natured girls that Haruka likes being around and who she's just a little bit protective of, particularly since she doesn't have any place to call home other than the orphanage, which puts her in mind of her missing mom and her still-alive dad.
• Final Blossom Honey Eri (2): Eri regards herself as the “team mom” and takes care of its younger members, like Ami.
• Holy Crusader Heavenly Hikari (2): Hikari likes how helpful Ami is, and can also empathize with having one's parents missing, Ami being even worse off than Hikari. However Hikari doesn't know about the whole yakuza part of Ami’s background, but she isn't the “sins of the fathers” kind of girl.
• The Kogoshisasorikai (Celestial Scorpions Association) yakuza clan (2): These are people she grew up with, her aunts and uncles and cousins, and she cares about them. But she know realizes that, while they were always kind to her, they do awful things to other people. She hopes now that she's a magical girl she'll be able to find a way to redeem them (though she's reserving her wish for bringing her parents back from the dead).
• Nonohara Sakura-sensei (3): Nonohara-sensei is a one of Ami's teachers, a stern, proper, older woman and a bit of a disciplinarian, but also very caring about her students. Her own children and grandchildren have moved her away, leaving her somewhat lonely. Ever since Ami's parents have died, Nonohara-sensei has taken Ami under her wing, taking her out shopping with her or to the movies on weekends. Though Ami does not know it, Nonohara-sensei is contemplating applying to adopt Ami. Ami is simply happy to have an adult who has the time to invest in a relationship with her in a way the busy orphanage staff don't. Nonohara-sensei is aware that Ami's parents were yakuza--she's dug around a bit, looking into the girl's background as she contemplates adopting her.
• Shining Scarlet Meteor Yuu (2): Ami looks up to Yuu as a role model of what a magical girl should be.
• Ultimate Fearless Corrector Setsuna (3)

Magical Girl Abilities[edit]

Element: Love
Weapon: Bolas
Magical Power: Dream Walker
Role: Priestess (Support)

• Adept Healer (Oracle): Any talents you use that restore Resolve now restore an additional 2 points when used.
• Battle Sorcery (Priestess Talent): Get a +3 bonus to challenges made for using sorcery during a battle.
• Boost (Basic Talent):Free Action, 3/Scene, 1 Overcharge: When making a magical challenge, you can take 1 Overcharge on the magical attribute you’re using for the challenge to roll an additional die and add it to your result. This die will give you another die and another point of Overcharge if it rolls a 6 as usual, and if you use it for an attack it gives +2 to the attack’s damage as usual. If you have trouble keeping track of how many uses of Boost you have in a scene, you might set 3 special dice out in front of you at the start of each scene, and remove them as you use them
• Curse (Priestess Talent): Minor Action, 2/Scene: Give an enemy within a range of 0-2 the Bound, Bleeding, or Stunned status effect.
• Dampen Overcharge (Priestess Talent): Free Action, 2/Scene, 1 Overcharge (Support): When an ally takes Overcharge from an action, use this talent to reduce the amount of Overcharge they take from that action to half (round down).
• Dream Walker (Magical Power): You possess the power to enter the world of dreams. There are dangers, but you can find many secrets and influence dreamers.
• Healing Magic (Priestess Talent): Minor Action, 2/Scene: You or one ally within a range of 0-2 regains 1d6+4 Resolve.
• Implode (Priestess Talent): Major Action, 2/Episode. Make a Support vs. Support challenge against an enemy. If you are successful, until the end of your next turn any time the enemy deals damage to a target, it takes half that damage (round up) itself.
• Inflict (Common Talent):Free Action, 1 Overcharge (Attack), 1/Scene: Use this after making a successful basic attack. Apply the Bound, Bleeding, or Stunned status to the target of that attack.
• Link (Priestess): Minor Action: Create a link between two enemies or two allies within a range of 0-2, which can include yourself. You must designate a primary and secondary target for the link when you create it. Any time any effect (damage, status effects, healing, talent effects, etc.) affects the primary target, you may choose to give the secondary target a copy of the same effect as a free action. A link will end at the end of the scene, or when you create a different link.
• Power Dampening (Priestess): Free Action, 1/Scene: If once of the dice on a magical action comes up a 1, you can remove 1 point of Overcharge from an ally.
• Phoenix Call (Oracle): 1/Scene, 1 Overcharge (Support): An ally within a range of 0-4 regains 1d6+6 Resolve.
• Recover (Basic Talent): 2/Episode. While out of combat, a magical girl can use this to regain 1d6+2 Resolve
• Shield: When you or an ally are being hit with an attack, you can take 1 Support overcharge to reduce the damage by 5. You can take up to 3 Overcharge this way for one attack.


Tier 1
• +1 Magic (4 > 5)
• +1 Heart (8 > 9)
• +3 Resolve (18 > 21)
Tier 2
• Specialization Talent: Dampen Overcharge
• Common Talent: Shield
• Specialization Talent: Curse
Tier 3
• Advanced specialization: Oracle
• Specialization Talent: Implode


Mizuno Ami was the daughter of a yakuza couple. Despite being powerful, ruthless gangsters, they treated their only child with love and affection, shielding her from the nastier parts of what they did—at least, until they were gunned down in broad daylight by a rival yakuza gang in front of their daughter. In the investigation into the killing that followed, the government put her in an orphanage, rather than let her yakuza relatives continue to raise her. Ami has grown to love the other children in the orphanage and the staff there. She misses her parents terribly, but is determined to keep an upbeat and positive view of life. She was also appalled to find out the horrible things they had done as gangsters and has dedicated herself to helping others to make up for her parents’ crimes.

Ami became a magical girl as a way to better help people and because she wants to use her wish to resurrect her parents. She believes that, when they come back from the dead, she will be able to help them see the error of their ways and become good people.

Meanwhile her yakuza relatives were deeply unhappy with the fact that Ami had been not given into their custody They have determined to take her away from the orphanage, preferably through threats, though through violence if necessary, and keep Ami somewhere secret the government can’t find in order to raise her within their clan.