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Shirayuki Hikari/ Holy Crusader Heavenly Hikari[edit]

Sex: Female
Age: 16
What kid of girl: Hikari could be called a very reserved person, she is known for her rather strict view of things and an unfliching desire to do everything by the book, so to speak. To her life itself is merely a machie and everything is a cog that must act at it's maximum efficiency
Reason for the Pact: Hikari signed up for the whole thing on the matter that someone had to contribute to keeping the peace, society must continue generally unmolested by the supernatural and she has the desire to see this through
Wish: To transend the limits of humanity and to be able to police the natural order at a level that no human being can, kinda like a benevolent god
Costume: A white dress that goes down to Hikari's knees, a balck dress vest, a blue sleveless cloak and light golden armor on her shoulders, lower legs and front arms
Appearance: Hikari looks like an average 16 year old girl would look. The only thing is that she makes sure to look as presentble as possible at all times. She has avarage lenght raven hair and blue eyes.


Charm: 4
Insight: 5
Tenacity: 6

Fury (Attack): 8
Heart (Support): 4
Magic (Defense): 7

Fury: 1
Heart: 2
Magic: 1

Resolve: 21/21
Wounds: 4/4


Element: Light
Weapon: Segmented wings of light
Power: Flight
Resolve: 21
Specialization: Reaper
Talents: Boost, Recover, Hate the World, Inflict, Blast Strike, Dash Strike, Shield, Speed Burst, Reaping Strike
Passive: Cruel Reaper


Tier 1
+3 to Base Resolve
+1 to Charm
+1 to Fury
Tier 2
Gain a new Magical Talent from your Specialization
Gain a new Common Magical Talent
Gain a new Common Magical Talent
Tier 3
Advanced Specialization
Finishing Attack


Oblivion Seeds:8


Shirayuki Hikari was born to a family that didn't have a father, her mother never liked to talk about him beside him being a 'waste to society at large', and she gets the feeling that he did something, and people who do know avoid the question like the plague. Either way, whatever it was that he did, it lead Hikari's mother to raise her daughter in a very strict way, she still loves her of course. At school, while she isn't exactly the person with the most friends, she is known to be a helpfull and trustworthy, even if she's known for taking some things a bit too seriously. And it's not that she doesn't have friends, just less than one would expect her to have.