10/3: Free Republic of Ygg

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Game: The Free Republic of Ygg GM: @Ginger S (she/her)

Cast: 3-6 Players System: Amberway (Everway + Amber crossover)


It is a time of dominion from the poles of reality, where the ends of the universe rule and the center is suppressed. King Martin rules in the ancient citadel of Amber, whence all Order comes; in Chaos, Emperor Merlin holds the Houses and their Ways in a deathgrip. The shadows between, lawful and chaotic, are ruled by the sea, air, and space lanes and the navies of the great powers. Only one realm offers refuge from the iron fists of the poles: the Free Republic of Ygg, led by the ancient wizard Tree and the Council of the Republic.

You are children of the thinnest blood, of the eighth and ninth generation of descent from Oberon, or the youngest heirs of the Ways, or perhaps merely heroes of Shadow with no royal blood at all. You have pledged your honour and fortune to the Free Republic. The Council has asked you to attend the festivities honouring the hundredth birthday of the Elector Palatine of the Portals to convince the Elector to keep the Portals and their valuable shadow-gates closed to Amber and Chaos. You'll contend with the emissaries of Martin and Merlin, the politics of the Palatinate, and any other interested parties who may want the Portals opened or closed for their own purposes.


Contact the GM for group character creation with 5 images relevant to your character. Build will be 20 points using Amberway rules, with powers rules to be provided. 1 additional point for participating in Q&A before the con.

When: UK Evening/Night

Miles "Bronze" McKinney

Bronze McKinney.jpg


Character Stats: Miles “Bronze” McKinney

  • Earth : 5 –
  • Air   : 2 –
  • Fire  : 7 –
  • Water : 2 -

Standard Powers:

  • ShapeShift   : 0 
  • Sorcery      : 0
  • Principles :
  • Pattern      : 3
  • Trump        : 0

Zero Point: Cat Bronze4 cat.jpg

Blade:1 Pip Milesbrronzeblade.jpg

Armor: 1 Pip

Players: Kris F @Kris F Michael C @Michael C Richard D @Rich D Ginger S @Ginger S (she/her) Michael W @Michael W - Gulliver Blackrune Elvi D @Elvi D


Bronze1.jpg Battle-ready, Miles wants no one to think they can take what he defends from him without shedding their blood. Resolute, determined, single minded, he won't be wronged. He won't be insulted. He won't be laid a-hand on. He doesn't do these things to other people, and he requires the same from them.
Bronze2.jpg A metalworker of great skill, he loves the fire of the forge and the act of making. His weapons are dependable, his armor is strong.
Bronze 3 Castle Gisdean.jpg Castle Gisdean is a relic of ancient days, a broken down castle in a nearly forgotten fief. After a term of military service Miles was given the Fief as something of a joke. But he loves the place and is slowly repairing every inch of the place. Though he can travel shadow he seems to always spend his spare time here, rebuilding a wall, retiling a kitchen, restoring a tapestry, thatching a room, digging a garden, or working in the forge.
Bronze4 cat.jpg One day the animal just started following him around. So he fed it. Since then it follows him everywhere. It sleeps in the forge near his cot. The cat hisses if others attempt to pet it unless bronze tells him its ok. His name is Bronze's Cat. No one asked him what the cat's name was. He didn't get an answer from the cat when he asked. Others just knew the cat was Bronze's only boon companion so Bronze's Cat it became.
Bronze5.jpg This was the day he picked his weapon and they are the lives he fights to one day end.