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Game: Meanwhile... Into the Depths GM: @Rich D

Cast: 3-6 Players System: Meanwhile Stats


Your cousin Aiden is an infrequent visitor to Amber but is known as a master smith. He disappears for years into Shadow and returns with armor and weapons of unusual materials and designs. One can ask where he finds such marvelous materials but only the most optimistic or naive would expect a clear answer.

Lately, Aiden has been seen in Amber scouring through the library and bending the ears of greybeards and scholars. The rumor mill says he is asking about cities made of crystal and deciphering a strange language. Then, Aiden reaches out to you.

This scenario exists within the shared world of ""Meanwhile...""

It started a thousand years pre-Patternfall. King Oberon is on the throne with his queen, Paulette. Mirelle was recently born. Random is an asthmatic, teen-aged hood. Everyone has sworn an Oath to Amber's Crown, but not everyone works for the Crown. Secrets exposed in Corwin's Chronicles are still secrets. Amber is at relative peace in many senses, and is the center of Reality.

The desire is to establish a shared world with players who may also GM a session or two as the campaign progresses, focused on some part of their own character's impact or legacy, like an introduction to a personal Shadow, an invitation to see your character compete in some Shadow sport, a call for aid in finding just the right present, and so forth. There is an overall structure (derivative of West Marches or the 1632 series) in place, some of which will be shared as other GMs step up - Characters:

Returning players are encouraged to use their existing characters.

New players: Please send the answers to the following character Quiz

Character Quiz

Zachary True Hepplewhite



  • Character Name: Zachary Hepplewhite
  • Player Name: Michael W
  • Lineage: Son of Florimel and Denton True Hepplewhite

Physical Description

Apparent Age: 25
Amber Age: 300
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 210
Hair Colour: Brownish blond
Eye Colour: Blue
Skin Tone: Pale
Build: Thin but muscular
Personal Colors Red & Yello
Symbols Circus Tent
Typical Garb/Gear: Overalls or a ringmaster’s coat
Appearance Quick eyes and alert, a performer

Derivative Stats

  • Mind {6.6}=(Charm + Visualization + Will) / 3
  • Body {9}=(Guts + Proficiency + Strength) / 3
  • Experience {5}=(Connections + Panoply + Shadow Investment) / 3

Power/Attribute Ranks

12 Guts
11 Charm
10 Shadow Investment
9 Proficiency
8 Shapeshift
7 Pattern
6 Strength
5 Will
4 Visualization
3 Connections
2 Panoply
1 Resistance

Character Quiz

  • One Bit of Mystery-What is something unique (or at least unusual) about your character that doesn’t fit into the stats above?

Animal Companionship. He has a deep connection to animals.

  • How old is your character? 300+

  • Who are your parents and how were you raised?

Florimel and Denton True Hepplewhite raised him in the Hepplewhite Circus and Grand Carnival.

  • When did you swear fealty to King Oberon, and how do you feel about the Oath, the King, and the current Queen, Paulette?

Within 10 years.

  • When did you first walk the Pattern? What do you think about the Pattern itself? How do you feel about the Kingdom of Amber?

Flora snuck him into the pattern room when he was 20. He was amazed and knew it was the source of his mothers powers.

  • What does your official Trump look like? If you are under 100 years old and haven’t had one drawn yet, what would you like it to look like?

A man in a red and gold coat and tophat, a van dyke beard, spectacles, carrying a cane.

  • Who is a child of Oberon who you don’t get along with and why? Do you get along particularly well with any of your aunts and uncles?

Zachary wouldn’t get along with Caine. He can tell when someone isn't truthful. A con man knows a con man when he sees one.

  • Is there a place in Shadow you call your own?

Hepplewhites Circus and Grand Carnival

  • What do you do on behalf of the Kingdom of Amber?

Whatever it calls upon him to do though he rarely stays long enough to get called on often.

  • What you do most in Shadow? What would most people assume you might be doing if you are off in Shadow?

Running a circus. Watching shows

  • What sort of food would someone prepare to please or honour you?

They might guess fried carnival food, but that would be a mistake. A fruit salad is his favourite meal and he doesn’t get it often at the circus

  • What are your criteria in the search for lovers? What attracts you, what repels you, what intrigues you? What's your style? If physical love is not your character's thing, is that primal urge sublimated into some other pursuit?

Humour, skills, performance. A good show.

  • Are you presently involved with anyone?

Not currently.

  • Any issue of your character's loins (that you know of)?

None. The lions all behave very well for him. So do the tigers and the bears. The elephants can be stubborn but they want to put on a good show too so they come around.

Session Attendance

TirCon 2022: Meanwhile… into the Depths (Rich DiTullio)

Change Log Date Action

Character created.