4/1: The Endless Compact - Dream

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Game: The Endless Compact - Dream GM: @Rich D

Cast: 3-6 Players System: Amberway (Amber Powers/ Everway mechanics) Players: Kris F @Kris F Michael C @Michael C Richard D @Rich D Ginger S @Ginger S (she/her) Michael W @Michael W - Gulliver Blackrune Elvi D @Elvi D Description:

“To Random, son of Oberon and Paulette, King of Amber, Defender of the Stair, Chosen of the Unicorn, I greet you as one monarch to another.

In accordance with the Compact forged by your ancestor Dworkin at the genesis of his Pattern, renewed by Oberon at the time of its repair, and witnessed by the Unicorn at both occasions, I exercise my right to call for aid from the Family Royal of Amber. I have sent forth my call in dreams and those suited for the task ahead will already be awaiting their summons. On the second day of the full moon, have them ascend the stairs to Tir and call upon me in my castle where I shall explain further. This letter will serve as their token of safe passage through my realm.

Dream of the Endless”

Random looks up from the letter and raises one hand to pinch his forehead. “Master Dworkin confirms that this Compact is real and so is the obligation.” He looks over the younger members of his family that arrived to tell him about their strange dreams. “It seems you have an appointment in Tir.”


Character creation information and a breakdown of Amberway rules can be found here:


When: UK Evening/Night Google Docs The Endless Compact The Endless Compact will be played using Amberway rules, Amber setting Everway rules. Everway is another diceless system that uses statistics based on the classical four elements and the random element is drawing from a tarot-like deck to see what influences your attempted actions. You will h... Image

Asher, son of Brand[edit]