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Game: Baby's Gone Missing GM: @Manny-dkap

Cast: 3-5 System: ADRPG


Baby Gerard has disappeared, and Julian who (theoretically) was supposed to be watching him, seems to be gone as well. It is just after the Ambassadors Ball that was scheduled to show off Baby Gerard (and Queen Rilga, to prove that the rumors that she died during childbirth are not true.) and now he is nowhere to be found. Oberon has tasked you (because of your skills, family relation, and discretion) to help find him, quietly and quickly, and hopefully without further incident.


This is a Amber Court focused game, so only characters who would have not only been involved in the court of Amber at the time of Gerard's birth, but also have standing with that court.

Appropriate children of Oberon characters, ambassadors to the court, or other appropriate Golden Circle Kingdom Royals desired as a character base. Basically those who have high standing in Oberon's court during Rilga's reign are preferred.

When: UK Evening or Night @Manny-dkap Any further details please?

Baby's Gone Missing-Dame Margot