9/4:The Paths we Choose

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Game: The Paths we Choose GM: @Amber B

Marley Graham.jpg

Cast: 1-6 Players System: ADRPG Theme: Psychological, Dark, Weird


How you got on this road you do not fully remember, but it doesn't seem you can get off it.

~Where am i?~

You know perfectly well who you are and where you come from.

~Is this a dream?~

You know you are not alone and you know that things are ahead.

A crossing in the road which way do you choose? both will have dire consequences and you can't help but shake the feeling that whatever you choose you might not like that what you find along it.

But you know you can't stand still. The feeling of dread is coming up behind you.

~Is something following me?~


Instructions will follow once players are assigned.

NOTE: This story can take a very dark turn so please take this as an advisory warning.

When: Any European-Friendly Slot

Marley Graham[edit]

Marley Graham.jpg

Magician and soldier

A stage magician from Las Vegas. He once served a tour in Vietnam under and Officer named Carl Corey. They often talked magic and history. Both had interests in the occult.

After he left the service he returned to the two passion of his life: Stage magic and showgirls. Stage acts, card tricks, parlor coin magic. He loved it all.

One night after a good show, a very good card game, and two very very good showgirls he woke up, got dressed and decided to take a walk downstairs of the casino. The pull dragged him north toward Fremont street.