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Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 3rd edition


It early spring in the Common Year (CY) of 583 when on the night of a full moon, Hordes of giants, giant-kin, and humanoids thundered into Geoff, Sterich, and the Yeomanry. Although the stout peasants of the Yeomanry were able to drive the invaders back into the mountains, the evil horde swept into the other two lands, destroying those that opposed them and scattering most of the population, sending the survivors fleeing into the forests and across the border into nearby countries!

Now the heroes have answered the call for aid by the Duke-in-Exile to the Grand Dukery of Goeff to aid the desperate people of his nation!

Heroes of the Realms

Character Name Player Name Class Level ALN AC Max HP Current HP Max Spells Current Spells Enc/ Move Abilities
Rudd Moorstrider @Potted Plant Cleric 6 NG 18 39 39 0lvl/5, 1st/4, 2nd/3, 3rd/2 0lvl/5, 1st/4, 2nd/3, 3rd/2 57.5#/ 60ft Divine Spell-Caster (ST 11+ spell level); Turn Undead (5/day); Domain (Plants)
Beryl Barrowmaiden @Sam I Am Fighter 6 ALN 21 46 46 n/a n/a 208#/ 45ft Weapon Specialization (+3); Cleave; Combat Dominance (+1); Extra Attack (1)
Bhaelgrym Stonefinger @RainGod Thief 6 NG 16 32 32 n/a n/a 60.5#/ 45ft Backstab (+3); Burglar (+3); Find Traps; Sneak Attack; Footpad; Read Language; Acrobat
Iscind Aranya @Darithe Ranger 6 NG 15 46 46 n/a n/a 61.5#/ 60ft Favored Enemy (+3); Foe Hunter (+3); Animal Empathy (+2); Strider; Extra Attack (1)
Gil the Grey @RoadScholar Magic-User/ Thief 4/4 CG 16 17 17 0lvel/4, 1st/3, 2nd/2 0lvl/4, 1st/3, 2nd/2 31#/ 60ft Arcane Spell caster (ST 12 +spell lvl); Backstab (+2); Burglar (+2); Find Traps; Sneak Attack; Footpad; Read Language
Teebo @Hyena_Creative Assassin/ Fighter 4/4 ALN 15 27 27 n/a n/a #/ 45ft Backstab (+2); Burglar (+2); Find Traps; Kill Strike; Footpad; Read Language; Weapon Specialization (+2); Cleave; Combat Dominance (+1)


Rules and Locations Links

Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 3rd edition

Map of the World of Greyhawk

Another Atlas of Greyhawk (pre-war)

Close up Atlas of the Duchy of Geoff

List of Greyhawk deities

House Rules

Steady Tread: A Dwarfs speed is not reduced by wearing heavy armor or encumbrance. They still suffer penalties to steath and athletics.

Important People-Allies

Owen the First, Grand Duke of Goeff: A middle-aged Human male, the duke had sent out the plea of aid that the heroes have answered.

Group Supplies

Bag of Holding (base wt. 15 lbs. when full, Wt. Limit it will carry: 500 lbs., Max. Volume Limit: 70 cu. ft.)

* Elixirs of Health (3) (cure ability damage, blindness, deafness, disease, feedbledness, insanity, infection, infestation, poisoning and rot. Imbibing the whole potion will cure all of these afflictions suffered by the imbiber. Half a flask will cure any one or two of the listed ills; GM rolls randomly)
* Potions of Extra-Healing (3) (restores 3d8+6 if wholly consumed or 1d8+1 for each one-third drunk)
* Potions of Healing (12) (restores 1d8+2 hit points)
* Potions of Heroism (all fighter subtype gain proficiency bonus and common ability bonus but not additional abilities for 1d2 hours; levels 4-6 grants +2 Temporary Levels to saving throws bonuses, class abilities bonuses, attack bonus, and +2d10 +CON modifier to hit points)
* Potions of Invisibility (2) (can drink 1/8th content to gain invisibility as 2nd level magic-user spell for 1d3 hours).

Loot/Treasure Gained


XP Earned

Starting: 37,500 XP

Character Creation

1. Attributes: Roll 4d6, keep the best 3. Roll six times and assign them as you wish.

1a. You can replace any one stat with a 15.
1b. If you are still unhappy with your stats I might allow you to reroll all of the stats. Ask and I am flexible.
1c. Recorder you Attribute Mods with stats and Ability Checks for Proficiency and Non-Proficiency Skills and Saving Throws (PHB p. 5)

2. Race (PHB3 p. 6-11) chose one including all subraces are allowed.

2a. Record all your Race's abilities and Skills.
2b. Half-Elves gain the Ability Check Bonus to 4 ability score instead of just 3 and gain one additional Skill Proficiency of choice.

3. Class (PHB3 p. 12-33) choose one or more (if multi- or split-classing) but no evil characters (you can be non-Good but must be willing to work with others). Record all your Class Abilities, Saving Throws and Skills.

3a. Start with 37,500 XP (PHB3 p. 12, or 6th level for single class characters)
3b. Magic Users gain an addition +2 spells for every level they are. Magic Users can specialize or be generalist. If they specialize half of the bonus spells must be of their specialized school. (i.e. a 6th level magic user would have gained 22 additional spells, 4 at 2nd, 4 at 3rd, etc.)
3c. Multi-Class and Split-Classed Characters (PHB3 p. 33-34) are allowed as normal.
3d. You get Max HP at 1st level and the (x) for each level after that. For Multi-Class average your classes HP together and then add you Con modifier.

4. Fleshing out your Character (gear, equipment, hight & weight, age, social class)

4a. Starting Skills by Race, Class and Background (PHB3 p. 38-41). Characters also gain a new Skill at 5th level of a Character class.
4b. Characters can start with any normal, non-magical gear that they want. Each character also starts with a pouch with 500gp after that. Then each character gets 3 basic pieces of Magical Items (you don't get the bonus yet just "Magic Longsword", "Magic Leather Armor", "Magic Bracers", "Magic Ring" and "Magic Staff (arcane)" etc.) and then a few limited used items (wands, potions, scrolls, etc.) kind of depending on what you want. Characters are Moderately Encumbered if the carry more the their Strength score x5 and Heavily Encumbared if they carry more then there Strength score x10 (PHB3 p. 57)
4c. Roll or pick your Height and Weight and other body features. You can roll your Social Class (PHB3 p. 37) but non-Humans get the min/max of their race. Then come up with your Personality Traits (Bond, Flaws, Ideals, and Traits)