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[http://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?758335-AFMBE-Deadfall Recruitment Page]
[http://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?758335-AFMBE-Deadfall Recruitment Page]
[http://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?759705-IC-AFMBE-Deadfall In-Character Thread]
[http://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?759706-OOC-AFMBE-Deadfall Out-of-Character Thread]
[http://unisystem.wikidot.com/qualities-and-drawbacks Additional Qualities and Drawbacks] These might be allowed on a case-by-case basis.
[http://unisystem.wikidot.com/qualities-and-drawbacks Additional Qualities and Drawbacks] These might be allowed on a case-by-case basis.

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Hundreds of meteors fell, pummeling the nations of Earth. They all, invariably, struck the cities and metropolitan areas of the world. And in the wake of the meteors falling, the dead rose. At the fall of civilization, we follow the trials of one band of survivors as they try to make their way in a hostile world.

Deadfall is a play-by-post campaign for All Flesh Must Be Eaten, Revised Edition, Game Mastered by Stattick.


Recruitment Page

In-Character Thread

Out-of-Character Thread

Additional Qualities and Drawbacks These might be allowed on a case-by-case basis.

Police Radio Codes Police codes do vary, so the link is just one possible variation of the codes.


Current PCs[edit]

Robert B. Morre, played by Raiu

Yancey Morrison, played by Carwyn

Pekka Takala, played by WTND

Joe Jeffries, played by Ricas Kibu

William Debluudie, played by Cerulean Lion

Jake / "Kingpin", played by Lorechaser

Steven Baker, played by Harrowed


These are some of the current, major NPCs that the party are dealing with. Some would be appropriate as PCs. If you need a new PC, I may allow you to take over one of these characters if you prefer to do so instead of writing up a new PC.


Jorge Weitz - Site foreman. Self described as a, “Jewish-Mexican, Mormon, American, atheist, cousin fucker… the skinheads fucking love me. Seriously. Most of ‘em say I’m, “One of the good ones!” He laughs. He’s a second generation Hispanic-American. His father’s of Jewish descent from a family that had converted to Mormonism. His mother was a Mormon Mexican. He has a slight perma-tan. He’s a nominal Mormons at best, going to church just a few times a year, if at all. He’s a good foreman, knows his shit, tries to treat people well. Speaks a little Spanish and French. He's reasonably attractive and charismatic, just a smidge overweight. He’s 33.

Rosa Vega - Jorge Weitz’s fiance, and second cousin. She takes care of Jorge, and runs the roach coach side business. Hell of a cook. Grew up in Mexico. Fluent in Spanish, and still learning English. She met Jorge at a family reunion in Mexico. They’re planning on marrying this winter. She's fairly attractive. She's reasonably charismatic... just don't make her angry. You won't like her when she's angry. She’s 35.

Clive Vandehei - Co-owner of the resort. White guy. He’s 62, and he’s a notorious flirt with all the girls. He’s a dirty old man. Looks a bit like Christopher Lloyd from Back to the Future, complete with a wild mane of white hair. High charisma. Former psyche and anthro professor, and had a private practice as a councilor. Retired at 60 with a large nest egg, and bought the resort. Prefers talking therapy instead of psycho-meds.

Sanda Vandehei - Co-owner of resort. White woman, blonde hair (think it's dyed?) 72 years old. That’s Sanda, not Sandy or Sandra. Her father was an American who served in WWII in Burma. Sanda was a name he came across in Burma. He came home in 1942, after he lost a leg. Less than a year later, Sanda was born. She was a hippie, all into the flower-power movement and all that. She was a nurse by trade, but later became a tattooed burlesque dancer. She stays in good shape, and says that she still does some dancing. She maintains a nice figure, and can sometimes pass for a woman in her 40's (she'll only admit to one facelift). Good baker, into health food, and sells some baked goods at the resort's rental office.


Chainsaw - Outlaw biker who’s the local area club president. 50 years old. Curly and frizzy, dark brown hair, along with a thick neck beard. Crazy and ‘roided out.

Jerl - Owns hunting/fishing shop. He’s a racist, sexist, asshole. He's in his early 30's, but looks older from a life of hard knocks. Likes to party. Some rumors say that he likes drugs and girls in their late teens. Businesses in “Town”

Past Characters[edit]

These characters are no longer with the group, for one reason or another. But since we don't yet know their fate, it's possible that they may return, in one form or another.

Infected or Dead Characters[edit]

These character are confirmed to be either infected or dead. They aren't playable anymore.


Silver Lakes[edit]


Citgo - gas station/convenience store. Owned and run by Pakistanis.

Greenfield’s - small drugstore and pharmacy

McClellan’s - small family run grocery store, with limited selection

Frenchie’s Liquor Store - hard liquor, tobacco, wine, novelty sodas, candy, munchies, dirty magazines

TJ’s - tourist trap, tee shirts, hats, knick-knacks, fudge, taffy, jerky

Hunt & Fish - bait, tackle, hunting supplies, military surplus, Nazi paraphernalia, MRE’s. The shop is a big, rambling building, with mismatched additions. It looks like the building used to house several different business, but got bought out. It has some general sporting goods, and also military surplus stuff as well. Jerl lives on the premises, upstairs.

Hardware - small hardware store

U-Haul - small u-haul truck and trailer rentals, along with on-site storage units

Game and Taxidermy - taxidermist. Can clean and dress game meat. Sells frozen game meat.


Silver Lake Auto Repair and Towing - full service maintenance, repair, and towing.

Silver Lake Sheriff’s Substation - Sheriff’s substation: two interrogation rooms and three cells.

Silver Lake Volunteer Fire Department - One outdated engine, and one outdated paramedic engine. Both vehicles were donated from a larger department that was modernizing. Both engines are from the 1970’s era.


Movie Night - DVD rentals. Adult section with toys in the back of the store. Candy & popcorn.

Stanley’s - comicbooks, magic cards, small RPG selection, anime, polyhedral dice, other geek stuff


UPer’s Motel - cul de sac of small rooms. Two story, with outdoor “hallways”. 60 rooms total. Built in the 50’s, and looks like it. Weekly rentals. Turns a blind eye to the occasional working girl.

Silver Lake Resort - cabins, RV hookups, camping, trails, lake, etc

Food & Drink[edit]

Java the Hutt - Starbucks knockoff, in a drive-up shack. Also has soft serve ice cream (in vanilla, chocolate, mint, AND java).

Luigi’s - mediocre pizza, pasta, beer, and cheap wine.

Maggies Diner - homemade food, large portions, good pies

Erbert and Gerbert’s - sandwich shop. Chain. Weird names for sandwiches.

Bear’s - Biker bar. Jukebox with rock, oldies, and metal.

Roadhouse - bar and grill. Cheap, edible, bar fare. TV’s for sports.

Bronco Bill's - country bar.

House Rules[edit]

Quality and Drawback Notes[edit]


-1 pt only. Yeah, I don't see being a Minority causing much trouble for a character, so I'm only allowing it as a 1 point disadvantage. Taking it as a disadvantage means that you're alright with me occasionally screwing with your character because of their race/sex/orientation/religion/nationality/whatever. If you play something other than a straight white man, that's great: I'll try to remember NOT to screw with you over it, unless you take the Minority drawback.

Forbidden Qualities and Drawbacks: Multiple Identities, and Resources


You probably won't be able to take this one. If you want to take it, I'll have to approve of it first. See, civilization's gone 'way. Ain't no one cares no more if were cheatin on yer wife, or that you made your fortune with inside trading. But if we catch you cheatin or robbing us, we'll string you up by the neck, 'less you really piss us off, and then we might leave you tied to a tree for the biters.


Best I'd probably allow it for is 1 pt. Civilization's gone 'way. Probably about everyone you ever knew is dead. Some might still be walkin' round and moaning, but they're still dead.

Acute Senses (ultrasonic)

You can hear higher pitches of sound than normal humans. Sometimes you can hear electronics or small electric motors going bad due to noises or whines they make that are above the hearing range of other people. You can also hear dog whistles and other, occasionally irritating, noises. The ZM will occasionally give you a bonus to some hearing checks, allow you hearing checks that characters without this advantage don’t get, or just let you hear a high pitched whine that others can’t perceive.