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ASSH Zosime.jpg

Zosime, Amazon Hunter[edit]

Level 5 (20,489 xp)

Chaotic Good

Female 19 y/o 6' 4” 195lb Black Hair Hazel Eyes


Str 14 DMG +1, Test 3:6, Feat 16%
Dex 16 Ranged ATK +1, Def +1, Test 3:6, Feat 16%
Con 13 HP Adj +1, Trauma 80%, Test 3:6, 8%
Int 8
Wis 10
Cha 12 Max Henchmen 4

Combat Abilities

SV: 14 (+2 Death, Transformation, +1 Avoidance and dodging Spells)
HP 32 (HD 5d10)
AC 5
MV 40


Short Spear – 3/2, +1, 1d6+2 (1d8+2)
Short Spear +2 - 3/2, +3, 1d6+5 (1d8+5}
Composite Longbow 80/160/240 – 2/1, +2 (+3 point blank), 1d6+2

Class Abilities

Climb 10:12
Freedom of Movement
Hide 8:12
Move Silently 8:12
Subdue Animal
Weapon Mastery (Longbow, Short Spear)
Wilderness Survival
Wilderness Traps 6:12
Werewolf Slayer

Secondary Skills – Hunter, Wainwright

Languages – Common, Hellenic (Amazon)


Studded Armour 25gp
Composite Longbow 100gp
Short Spear 4gp
Short Spear +2 (meteoric iron tip and body)
Quiver (12) 6gp
Leather Backpack 5gp
Ring of Free Action (eelskin leather)
Hunting Horn 2gp
Soft Leather Pouch 1gp
Silk rope (50ft)
Tinderbox 2gp
Crampons (Pair) 2gp
Sinew Cord 2cp
2 x Torches
Soap 5sp
Iron Rations (1 man 1 week) 5gp
Full wineskin 1gp
Money - 15pp 11gp 3sp 4cp


Kamm, Light Infantryman (0-lvl)
Qull, Slinger (0-lvl)
Fenn, Porter


Barys, Wolverine

Hailing from the Free City of Khromarium, Zosime led as quiet a life as one can in the bustling Free City, raised as a furrier's daughter before finding work as a caravan guard – a well regarded one at that, with a reputation for keeping her charges alive even through seemingly impossible odds (her skills at repairing and maintaining these caravan wagons even saving a few before they even set out). Of course, such a reputation was bound to come to a bitter end – her last caravan lost to a particularly brutal daemon-pict attack, with her one of few survivors to escape. Word traveled that she not only lost her charge, but absconded into the woods when trouble arose (after all, how could she have survived otherwise?). Now, she has taken to wandering, hoping to lose her reputation and settle back into the work she loves – being amongst nature and scouting out for trouble.