A Bad Day to Be A Leader

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The Gangs

My 12 member Orlock Gang, PBR, fought against my friend who adopted my old Cawdor Gang, the Sprocket Holes, in a Gang Fight sans event cards or treacherous conditions.

The Sprocket Holes vs. PBR

"It was a bad day to be a leader..." (Battle Report)

Both of us wanted to fight to the last man, and it nearly ended that way literally. I managed to get a good strategic position for my Big Blatz and his Grenade Launcher. Though he never fired a shot, his line of sight and fire effectively controlled the movement of one half of the board. I took up other positions to go into Overwatch and lock more of the board with my two lasgun gangers on an hourglass shaped tower. Being able to be the one who chose both which side to set up and taking the first turn gave me an early advantage.

While I was able to effectively divide his gang into two groups, The Sprocket Holes gang had a team that were able to carefully and thinly maneuver on the left side of the board, barely out of view of a patient finger on a grenade launcher. They were a definite threat.

I tried to intercept with a four-member team, but it ended disastrously with casualties and broken fighters. Raven, my favorite juve when The Sprocket Holes was my gang, ended taking three gang fighters by herself again in one battle. She had accomplished the exact same feat in her previous and first battle. One casualty of Raven, my ill-placed heavy with a flamer, "Very Much" Sorley, was blasted apart with a Frag grenade. Not only did he lose a couple fingers, an eye, and a severe head wound, he also ended up being captured to boot.

No doubt that Sorley's mangled plop of flesh was mistaken as dead by his own gang.

In bloodthirsty revenge, my leader, Captain Pabst knocked her clean out of action with his boltgun, only to be retaliated by a lucky shot through my heavy cover by Cawdor ganger, "Zero Budget" Lewis that ended up killing my leader.

Fortunately, my Juve "Skin" Piels, was overlooked and forgotten by The Sprocket Holes. He suddenly appeared from behind and drenched them with his hand flamer. "Little Genius" Fidget, a Juve, dropped out of action from the wounds. The bastard "Zero Budget" Lewis only got a flesh wound. I'd later follow up with a charge into combat by "Skin" which ended up in a perfect draw.

On the other side of the board, The Sprocket Holes refused to risk being shot out by two lasguns and a grenade launcher waiting for them. At this point, I had to begin taking bottle rolls. I decided that I wanted to tip the balance of the battle far enough that I could make The Sprocket Holes begin to take bottle rolls. I split another four member team, left two lasguns in Overwatch, and did a brave advance against a tall building structure that offered little in the way of cover on the top. Two of my enemies were on top, the rest of his gang waited near the corners behind the building, too afraid to dodge out from them.

Cold Colt and his Juve sidekick Strohl intended to attack the gang leader and heavy on top of this building with lasguns and a grenade launcher giving them cover. As I advanced, The Sprocket Holes reformed their gang fighters on the floor to back up so they could get clean shots in sight for the top of the building. No matter, I needed one more casualty to even the odds for me.

Sprinting around the corners of the center structure of two story building, Cold Colt and Stroh exchanged very close range gunfire while managing to escape being spotted by most of the enemy gang below. Cecil B. Demented would hit Stroh and cause him to fall, who, amazingly, later got up with a flesh wound right away. In the exchange, Cold Colt pumped bolt shells out of his shotgun hitting Cecil B. Demented, squarely enough to force him to also fall two stories down. Cecil B. Demented never got back up.

Another gang leader had died in the gang fight.

"Speak Up (&#$@!)" Chardonnay emptied autopistol clips into Cold Colt who refused to be knocked off the building and Cold Colt also miraculously kept escaping being wounded. By the end of the battle, he had been hit four or five times but never got wounded and never fell. Chardonnay even emptied her Heavy Bolter multiples times into him. He never suffered more than a graze.

Stroh's fate, however, would end glorious but fatal. Now on the floor himself and surrounded by a mob of Cawdor gangers and juves, he ran out of ammo empying his autopistol into Honey Whitlock, a Cawdor juve (severely destroying her arm), but after Stroh had pinned another gang fighter, "(&#$@!) Roots" Rodney would end Stroh's bravery with a lasgun. This would be the young Juve's first and last experience in gang skirmishes. He too would die.

Perhaps disheartened to see what appeared as the third death of their gang, PBR bottled out, with thoughts of future vengeance and satisfaction that they were able to at least kill their gang leader too. They also had the satisfaction of capturing Cawdor's "Little Genius" Fidget as a captive.

Originally, they meant to execute him or sell him into eternal slavery to the Guilders, but then they received a mysterious envelop with a photograph of Sorley from a profile angle.

Sorley wasn't dead after all.

Both gangs had a prisoner.

The Cawdor's were offering to exchange prisoners, in person, and each gang would bring escorts to ensure the trustworthiness of each other.

Cold Colt, coincidentally, the gang leader slayer, would end up having the most experience to become the new gang leader.

PBR now also learned that "Zero Budget" Lewis, the slayer of their former leader, Captain Pabst, had also assumed leadership.

It seemed fitting, perhaps even destined.

PBR has agreed to the exchange.

PBR, however, has no intention to keep their fingers off the trigger once Sorley is safely on their side.

Captain Pabst and Stroh's death cannot be forgotten.

The only way to honor their deaths is vengeance.

And that honor will soon be seized.

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