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===Session Guide===
===Session Guide===
There is a summary [[Gaga Session 1|1: Welcome to Gaga -- F*** You]] of the events so far.
There is a summary of the events so far:
[[Gaga Session 1|1: Welcome to Gaga -- F*** You]]  
[[Gaga Session 2|2: Do the Right Thing]]
===Awesome Relationship Map is Awesome===
===Awesome Relationship Map is Awesome===

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"A Town Called Gaga" is a PBP game of [Apocalypse World] being run by Danny_K.

The game revolves around the lives of a group of thugs, entrepreneurs and drifters in the post-apocalyptic settlement of Gaga, namely Angler the Maestro D', Dez the Angel, Hammer the Chopper, Jones the Brainer, Sunset the Battlebabe and Tai the Savvyhead.

There are two active threads for the game; [IC] and [OOC]

This Apocalypse of Ours

The game is centered around the roadside settlement of Gaga. It is also home to many of Gaga's NPCs.

Session Guide

There is a summary of the events so far: 1: Welcome to Gaga -- F*** You 2: Do the Right Thing

Awesome Relationship Map is Awesome


Current Character Stats

Character Barter Harm XP Highlighted Stats
Angler 1 0 0 Weird, Sharp
Dez 1 1 1 Weird,Hot
Hammer 0 1 4 Hard,Weird
Jones 6 0 7 Weird,Hard
Sunset 2 0 4 Cool, Weird
Tai 1 0 1 Hot, Weird

Hx Table!

Horizontal is the characters, vertical is the characters they have Hx with.

Names! Angler Dez Hammer Jones Sunset Tai
Angler x +0 +2 0 +3 +3
Dez 0 x +1 -2 0 -2
Hammer +3 +1 x -2 0 -2
Jones +3 +2 +3 x +3 +3
Sunset +2 +1 +1 +3 x -1
Tai 0 +3 0 -1 0 x

Sponsorship and Credits

This page is brought to you by the element Uranium and the principle of combustion.

[Apocalypse World] is written and published by Vincent Baker. Find out more and buy it at the link.

"Desert" is a photograph by Sypher Wyler, posted on Flickr and made available under a Creative Commons license.

Who Is The Brainer Private Dick That's a Sex Machine to All the Chicks?

Jones! is and does.