Absalom Station

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  • Absalom Station is a sprawling, densely inhabited space station filling a similar orbit that the forgotten planet Golarion once held around its sun. Its inhabitants include races native to, or descended from natives of, Golarion, making the station the last relic of the lost planet remaining in the Pact Worlds system. The station is also a focal point of the galaxy due to the Starstone, which makes the station effectively near every place in the galaxy via the Drift.
  • At five miles in diameter, Absalom Station is a tiny structure compared to the planets and moons of other worlds. It has artificial gravity and relies heavily on recycling. However, it is also a densely populated place that more than 2 million people call home. From above, it is shaped like an asymmetrical six-pointed star, spread across a flat disk with the central habitation zone covered in a dome.
  • Absalom Station is ruled by the Syndicsguild and its term-limited elected leader, the Prime Executive. The current Prime Executive is Kumara Melacruz. The Syndicsguild is elected to represent electoral districts that are frequently gerrymandered to favor certain factions over others, including some corporations and criminal gangs. The station is a neutral space for the Pact Worlds system's inhabitants. Security robots manufactured by AbadarCorp help to enforce its laws, though some complain that the best-equipped models patrol only the station's wealthiest neighborhoods.
  • Demographics: 46% human, 9% android, 9% ysoki, 7% lashunta, 5% shirren, 4% dwarf, 4% halfling, 4% kasatha, 3% vesk, 2% gnome, 1% nuar, 6% other.



  • Radial arms extend from the station's center and form its many docking bays.


  • Fogtown
  • Puddles
  • Vesk Quarter


  • Click-clack Club
  • Cosmonastery of the Empty Orbit
  • Eyeswide Agency
  • Fardock



  • The central dome of the station houses its most upscale residents, largest businesses, and most prominent organizations. The dome is filled with air and bathed in the light of the sun. It is at the same time a civic center and the station's most exclusive sector. The lush trees and fields of Jatembe Park are open to all citizens and constantly full of young lovers and artists enjoying their splendor under the watchful eyes of the druidic caretakers. At the same time, government buildings rub shoulders with the most expensive residences and corporate offices in the city - the sorts of places where heavily armed guards in the formal armor check identification constantly and the lines between public and private security blurs.


  • Kemanis
  • Nyori Palisades
  • Parkside




  • Corridors connect the Arms to the central Eye, forming a decidedly middle-class neighborhood.





  • Slums and gang warrens fill the space beneath the Eye, extending down to the heavily defended Starstone Reactor. The hundreds of levels extending below Absalon stations radial plane - often collectively referred to as "Downside" - and they are simultaneously the most crucial and least appreciated. Here, sandwiched between other heavy industry in the station's gritty underbelly, the vast machines in charge of the station's life support and defenses chug away, some only partially understood by the engineers who maintain them. The poorest classes of Absalom Station's citizenry live here, gradually tricking down and away from the light and wealth of the upper levels to build slums in former access corridors or venture into the half-explored Ghost Levels, discovered abandoned at the end of the Gap. It is said that monsters of all sorts hunt in the depths of the Spike, from simple criminals to bizarre creatures with no apparent reason to be on the station at all, creating whole ecosystems in the gloom. Politicians occasionally champion purging and resettling everything below to the lowest official neighborhoods, but they are inevitably dissuaded by scholars and experts in both science and magic to posit that the ghost levels and their bizarre ecosystems may contain keys to the stations function or destiny -not to mention mysterious treasures that expeditions into the unmapped levels occasionally bring back.





  • A flotilla of spaceships, many of them semi-permanent structures comprised of several ships rafted together, form a transient and chaotic neighborhood surrounding the station.


  • King Curney's Kasbah
  • Simar Communion
  • Valor's Heart