Ack Ack McCleary

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Ack Ack McCleary

He was always obsessed with large calaber weapons, and as head designer he got the contract to build an assult gun that could be used to apprehend super powered criminals without the use of "unnecessary force". It was not an easy thing to make, he had always tried for the most powerful gun, now they wanted "non-lethal".

He developed the battle suit as the gun itself was too powerful to fire without the recoil dampers of the suit. The gun fired a VERY large caliber at a relatively slow velocity. The effect was like being hit by a bowling ball thrown by a baseball pitcher.

Just as the suit was completed, his job was "downsized" and he was out of a job. It did not take him long to start using the battlesuit for his own ends. He is new to the villain job and is still looking to make connections. He would be a boon to any team that allows him to join as he is an excellent weapon designer.

Ack Ack McCleary

PL 7 (105PP); Init +3; 30ft (Run); Defense 19/16 (6 Base, 3 Dex); BAB +6; +7 Melee (1S Punch), +9 Ranged (7S Autocannon); SV Dmg +2 (7 Protection), Fort +2, Ref +3, Will +0; Str 12, Dex 16, Con 14, Int 16, Wis 10, Cha 10 (Total 48PP)

Skills: PS: Weapon Design 4/+7, SC: Chemistry 4/+7, SC: Physics 4/+7, Craft 6/+9, Hide 4/+7, Spot 4/+4 (Total 26PP)

Feats: Attack Focus (Ranged), All Out Attack (Total 4PP)


  • Auto-Cannon Armor (Protection) +7 (Source: Technology; Extras: Energy Blast; Stunts: Point Blank Shot, Rapid Shot, Multi shot) (Cost 3 / Total 21+6PP)