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Name: Bikwaphi
Race: Water Genasi
Class: Thaumineer (Wizard)
Level: 3

Ability Scores

Str: 10 (+0)
Dex: 14 (+2)
Con: 14 (+2)
Int: 18 (+4)
Wis: 16 (+3)
Cha: 10 (+0)

Combat Summary[edit]

Initiative: +5


Armour Class: 18
Physical Defense: 15
Mental Defense: 18
Save Bonus:

Armour Type AC Attack Penalty
None 15 -
Light 15 -
Heavy 18 -
Shield +1 -2

Hit Points

Maximum: 40
Staggered: 20


Maximum: 8
Dice: 3d6+2 (14)

Basic Attacks

Melee: Att: +3 vs AC Hit: 3[W]+0 Miss: -
Ranged: Att: +5 vs AC Hit: 3[W]+2 Miss: -
Armour Attack Penalty: 0

Weapon Attack Hit Miss
Staff +3 vs AC 3d6 -
Unarmed +1 vs AC 3d3 -
Lightning Scourge +7 vs PD 4d8 3

Character Details[edit]

One Unique Thing

Escaped from Bunker 742 - (Description)

Icon Relationships

  • The Flame Guild Mistress (Positive - 1 die) - Bikwaphi and her family assisted in repairing an Old-Technology barge with their specialist knowledge of marine thaumineering
  • The Shadowfury (Conflicted - 1 die) - Bikwaphi spent some time in the Dread Marches assisting the Shadowfury and/or her agents in exchange for a piece of elder technology or elder knowledge
  • The Merchant-Prince (Negative - 1 die) - Bikwaphi and her family allied themselves with the wrong side during the revolution


  • Practical Applications of Eldritch Tech +4
  • A Player in the Great Game of Houses +2
  • Seeker of Dark Knowledge +2

Racial Powers

Flowing Tide - Once per battle, you may pop free from a number of engaged enemies equal to the current Escalation Die value as a quick action.

Class Features

Arcane Armour - Your base AC while wearing heavy armour is now 13, and you no longer suffer an attack penalty while wearing it. You may begin with heavy armour at 1st level if you wish.

Cantrips - Every wizard can cast a handful of cantrips each day. You don’t have to memorize or choose them beforehand, you just cast them on the fly. Wizards can cast a number of cantrips equal to their Intelligence modifier each battle. Each cantrip takes a standard action to cast as a ranged spell. Outside of battle, a wizard can cast about three to six cantrips every five minutes.

Cyclic Spells - Spells that have a cyclic usage can always be cast at least once per battle, and are only expended in that battle if they are cast when the escalation die is 0 or odd.

Ritual Magic - Wizards can cast their spells as rituals.


Arcane Power Plant (Artifice) - The augmentations to your arcane armour now include:
Arcane Capacitors: Whenever you miss with an attack from a cyclic or daily spell, gain a +1 bonus to your next attack roll with a spell during this battle.
Arcane Turbines: Whenever the Escalation Die shows an even number, add 1 to the damage of each die rolled for your spells' damage.

Lightning Blades - You may choose for your melee attacks to deal lightning damage instead of their normal damage type; a melee hit with a natural even attack roll also causes the target to become dazed until the beginning of your next turn. Additionally, you may treat any spell that deals lightning damage as a close-quarters spell as long as at least one of its targets is engaged with you.

Storm Reactor (Artifice) - The augmentations to your arcane armour include:
Charge Lattice: Once per battle, you may deal lightning damage with one of your spells instead of the elemental damage that it normally inflicts. You may add the Escalation Die's current rating to the damage inflicted.
Storm Coils: Once per turn, when your natural attack roll with a spell that hits is 18+, you may deal twice your level in lightning damage to a single nearby enemy.
Adventurer Feat: You gain Resistance (Lightning) 12.


Storm Reactor (A) - You gain Resistance (Lightning) 12

Lightning Scourge (A) - When you critically hit with lightning scourge, you may roll a new attack with the spell against another enemy that is nearby to the first target.

[New Feat] - [New 3rd level Adventurer Feat]

Powers and Spells


  • Alarm
  • Arcane Mark
  • Ghost Sound
  • Knock
  • Light
  • Mage Hand
  • Mending
  • Prestidigitation
  • Spark

1st level spells

  • Colour Spray (Cyclic)
  • Lightning Scourge (At-will)
  • Magic Missile (At-will)
  • Shield (Recharge 11+)
  • Voltaic Chains (Daily)

3rd level spells




Other Equipment:

Magic Items:

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