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*Possess a Greater Stair
*Possess a Greater Stair
===='''Tiny Island'''====
===='''Lasgalan (tiny island)'''====
*Located nearly in the middle of the South Wind Political Region, off the northwest shores of the Island of Schon in the South Sea
*Located nearly in the middle of the South Wind Political Region, off the northwest shores of the Island of Schon in the South Sea
*Possess a Greater Stair
*Possess a Greater Stair

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An extremely powerful squiggle representing nearly half a primal Pattern when the attempt unraveled. In the Jeweled Amber Multiverse

Adagalasck.jpg Adagalasckmap2.jpg

History and Creation

Tradition has it the the Attempt failed when someone involved in the creation of the pattern tried raising the Sign of the unfinished work. It was created after Amber and in the shadow realms. Who created it in not public knowledge but that it was created using the Jewel of Judgment is strongly believed.

The Closure of the realm of Adagalasck

Access to the realm from outside of it, to the greater realms of shadow, was always tenuous. Shadow was not known of in the legends of the realm beyond a belief that they existed in some form elsewhere.

At some point a ruling queen, Triniasa, became pregnant, giving birth to the future Archmages Ninarsa and Emilisa. The father was unknown though in time it was discovered that it was King Oberon of amber. Soon after the birth of the children she died and the two daughters disappeared. This caused the failure of the Four winds line and caused the Battle of the Four Winds.

The two daughters of the Four Winds line returned just as suddenly as they left and became embroiled in the Battle of the Four Wind. Unknown to anyone the realm was sealed against anyone entering it from Shadow or leaving the realm out into Shadow. The realm was sealed from intrusion or escape by King Oberon of Amber. There were ways to come and go but they were extremely difficult and specific.

Coming of the Jeweled Road and the Opening of the realm

When the Jeweled Road was created a tiny foot path entered the Sealed Realm. Its arrival was noted and a small conflict arose at the entrance with rival factions of the Adask and Wildgrass Clans holding Pas de Arms at the entrance.

While there was a small amount of coming and going after the Jeweled Road was opened, the Primal Realm was technically sealed from the Great Powers from using it to escape the Sealing by King Oberon... he had a specific event that was required to fully open the Realm; one of his line needed to enter from outside the Realm. The first person to cross the Jeweled Road threshold was Lord Relmopator, thought technically not of Oberon's Line, it was sufficient to fulfill the requirements, and after that the Powers of the Multiverse became aware of the Opening, and even the existence of the Realm.

Topography and Cosmology.

  • This massive realm is a sphere with a wide variety of habitable areas spotted with cities and towns. Each town becomes a sanctified place when one of its great staircases becomes a Stair of Shadows. These stair appears different and are not originally magical. Cities often make great efforts to create ornate stairs in hopes of gaining "Sanctification." Each Stair has many landings, each opening to a different shadow. A city having a Sanctified Stair gives it respect and reputation and a degree of permanance. The Mayor of the City becomes a player in the politics of the world.
  • The main realm is at a 10 to 1 in Amber time ratio. Vales may have wildly different time rates, technological values, and magical limitations.
  • There are many "Stairs" that lead to Vales and various other shadows. A "Walker" is needed to enter a Stair. Each Stair has a master but also has many "Walkers" in their service.
  • Adagalasck is somehow connected to the Primal realm of Calmir and the Primal Beast of the Phoenix.


Many races exist within the realms but the majority are Human, Dwarven, Elven, Adask, and Fey. The many shadows have variations of many races. Diversity of appearance is a common theme.

Entrance: The Great Arch

Entrance into the Primal Realm was highly blockaded. Only a bearer of Mark of Adagalasck, could Open the Way to enter.

There is a spur of the Jeweled Road that leads into the Primal Realm, however, the Entrance was still blocked and a small city had developed at the place on both sides of the Great Arch, the Sealed Entrance to Adagalasck.

After Relmopator of Amber broke the Seal on the Entrance and Opened the Realm, the 'blockade' on either side eventually became Outposts to protect the Great Arch and the Entrance into Adagalasck.


Adagalask winds map.jpg

The ancient line of the Four wind was founded at the creation of the realm and while it had its own dynastic issues had remained mostly within the family of the royal line of the Four Winds till the Battle of the Winds

Battle of the Winds

Queen Triniasa, the last ruling Queen of The Four Winds, was descended of the line of Royalty that had long been in control of Adagalasck. She unexpectedly gave birth two two daughters, Ninarsa and Emilisa, and died in childbirth. The two daughters were raised till their 17ths year by a council of regents.

On their 18th birthday they disappeared.

Lacking an heir various cadet branches and other powerful factions across the realm went to war. The war that followed was brutal and took many years but in the end solidified into a 4 separate kingdoms in the realm.

There were many forces that battled to claim the Spirals of the Four Winds. The complex history of intrigue, warfare, betrayals, and politics would take volumes to detail.

After 40 years of constant conflict the two daughters returned suddenly and claimed by conquest two of the Spirals and their winds.

In the end the four spirals were claimed by 4 factions each of which had enough of a following to stabilize the conflict if not connected to the original royal line. The four spirals were claimed by two sisters, Ninarsa & Emilisa born of the Four Winds royal line, allied in each others defense, Clan Odaraxta (An Adask Banner), and the Clan of the Wild grasses.

In the 2200 years since the Battle of the Wind the West and the South have passed through many hands of the Odaraxta and the Wild Grasses. The other two have been firmly in the hands of the two Archmages. They have not attempted to take the other winds since it would lead to their own followers taking the battle to each other.

The Opening of the Realm and the Reign of King Julian

Spiral of the Four Winds

The Spiral of the Four Winds is a manifestation of the Squiggle. Channeling power from it is a common practice among Adagalasck sorcerers.

Each "Wind" has a primary Master or Ruler (Lord or Lady). Mastery of a Wind Spiral confers Rulership of a great Region known as a 'Wind'

  • High King Julian of Amber, Lord of the West Wind & Master of Stone
  • Archmage Ninaaratres (also known as Nina, Daughter of Oberon), Lady of the cold Wind of the North & Mistress of Water
  • Horse Lord Trualta of the Wild Grasses, Lord of the East Wind & Master of Air
  • Lord Relmopator of Amber, Lord of the South Wind & Master of Fire

Recently ousted Spiral Lords.

  • Clan War Chief Hagalta, Lord of the West Wind and Master of Stone
  • Archmage Emiliesa (also known as Emilie, Daughter of Oberon), Lady of the South Wind & the Mistress of Fire.


Stairs are magical construct intimately connected to the powers of the Squiggle, though separate from the Winds and of a lesser power, having no jurisdiction to the rulership of the realm.

There are 15 Stairs.

The stairs contain many separate realms connected to each step. These shadows have many different environments and many are inhabited by cities and peoples and nations. Each Step may have a number of defiant entrances.

A Stair Lord can funnel the powers of the Squiggle and acess powers from the residents in the stairs. They may also trans


The West Wind


  • Thone of Adagalasck
  • Location of the West Wind Spiral
  • Possesses a Greater Stair
    • First Step Contains the 5 Great Halls of the Odaraxta


  • Possess a Greater Stair


  • Possess a Greater Stair

The North Wind


  • Location of the North Wind Spiral
  • Possesses a Greater Stair
  • Houses the Embassy of Amber
    • Ambassador: Lord William Roth

The South Wind


  • Located on the Main Continent of the South Wind Political Region
  • Location of the South Wind Spiral; the Seat of Power for the South Wind Political Region
    • Current Lord of the South Wind & Master of Fire: Lord Relmopator Barimen of Amber
  • Possesses a Greater Stair: South Stair of Codupia
    • Current Stair Master: Lord Relmopator of Amber
  • New Home of the Odaraxta Clans of the Adask
  • Part of Three Corners Sub-Region


  • Located on the Main Continent of the South Wind Political Region
  • Possesses a Greater Stair
  • Possesses a Major Battle Stadium
  • Part of Three Corners Sub-Region


  • Located on the Main Continent of the South Wind Political Region
  • Possesses a minor Battle Stadium
  • Home of the Drixti Clans of the Adask
  • Part of Three Corners Sub-Region


  • Located on the Main Continent of the South Wind Political Region


  • Located on the Main Continent of the South Wind Political Region


  • Located on the Main Continent of the South Wind Political Region


  • Located on the Main Continent of the South Wind Political Region


  • Located on the Island Continent in the western part of the South Wind Political Region
  • Possess a Greater Stair

Lasgalan (tiny island)

  • Located nearly in the middle of the South Wind Political Region, off the northwest shores of the Island of Schon in the South Sea
  • Possess a Greater Stair

The East Wind


  • Possess a Greater Stair

Quin Guo

  • Possess a Greater Stair


  • Possess a Greater Stair


  • Possess a Greater Stair


Zubin Guo

Taih Guo


  • Possess a Greater Stair

Notables of Adagalasck

King Julian Bariman


The vaguaries of Politics that caused the opening of Adagalask and the removal of Oberon's lock on the realm lead Princes Julian and Caine to abandon Amber for their ancient wives Nina and Emile. Doing so gained the support of two wind mistresses. War between Hagalta and the West wind agasint everyone else as well as Amber gained the brothers of Amber the support of Horse Lord trualta and the East Wind. defeating Hagalta in battle it was Julian who claimed the West Wind and the Mastery of Stone. He was then declared King of Adagalask, mostly to deal with outside forces.

King Julian rules from the West Wind and the West Stair in Henexunmia

Archmage Ninaaratres


Also known as Nina, Daughter of Oberon[[1]]

Lady of Water. Mistress of the cold wind of the north. Titular Queen of Adagalask.

Racially Nina is Adask

Archmage Emiliesa


Also known as Emilie, Daughter of Oberon[[2]]. Former Lady of the South Wind and the Mistress of Fire.

Emilie is racially a Fey of the Adagalasck variety. The Adask have some ancient racial connection to the Fey . She is known as a shapeshifter able to morph into any of the Fey Races. The Fey are extremely devoted to her. She is called Titania by the Fey and claim she is the bride and daughter of her husband Oberon. That she has a new husband confused them at first but they have begun calling Caine Oberon.



Prince of Amber.

Husband of Emile. Technically he has permanent role. Acts as a Minister Without Portfolio.

UPDATE: Recently returned to Amber and swore off all titles and positions in Adagalasck to Relmopator.



Lord of the South Wind & Master of Fire, Odaraxta War Chief of Clan Kalota

  • Half Amberite, half Adask Fey. Grandson of Dworkin of Amber and Verna the Primal Adask. Son of Satura and Hagalta; children of Dworkin and Verna. Opener of the Primal Realm of Adagalasck. Former Ambassador of Amber to the Primal Realm of Adagalasck. A Person of Importance known throughout most of the Main Realm. A known supporter of his Amber Kin in Adagalasck; King Julian, Queen Ninaaratres and Emiliesa. Also a known supporter of Lord Trualta of the Grasslands and Lord Xorit of the Trixta and his Claim as Bannerlord of the Odaraxta. Already known as a Sorcerer and Archmage of great power he is now becoming known as a Warlord in the making. Realmer claimed the Kalota Clan Blade and Leadership of the Clan in the hopes he could repair some of the damage his father, Hagalta, did while War Chief, including stealing the Leadership from the rightful family... he intends to give the Clan Blade and Clan Leadership over to the Rightful Family, in time. He also recently Claimed the South Wind and the South Stair and Rulership over the Lands of the South Wind when his Cousin Emilisa was stripped of her Imprints by Dworkin; he did this to fill the Power Void and keep those with darker agendas from claiming power and rulership over the South and further destabilizing Adagalasck. Lord Relmopator craves power, but is not overly ambitious... though he does have his own agendas, as do most who have power, or crave it. He treats most people fairly and treats his followers well; they are loyal and he tends to over reward them. He intends to treat his new followers the same way he treats his current followers and reward them with knowledge and power for generations to come.



Odaraxta Former Clan Kalota War Chief.

BondMate to Satura and Uxtrasa. Father of Dwynwen, Xorax, and Drixtra Step-father of Relmopator

The former Adagalasck Master of the West Wind and Master of Stone. Revealed as a child of the line of Dworkin, though not of the lineage of Oberon. Engaged in battle with elements of Amber and allied with Azcala. Defeated in one on one combat with prince julian, badly injured, he was spirited away to Azcala where the rumor is that he is deeply out of favor with Tonacat of Azcala.





Odaraxta Clan Shaxta War Chief.

War God of Rot



Bannerlord of the Odaraxta.

Clan Trixta War Chief

Strong supporter to the New Lord of the South Wind; Relmopator

Horse Lord Trualta of the Wild Grasses


Lord of the East Wind and Master of the Air

Bannerlord(?) of the Wild Grass Clans

Stair Lord Walker Damales

Master of the East Stair. Rules in Qion Guo

Racially Human

Book Lord Walker Dane

Master of the West Stair in Lubia.

Paper Lord Larga Dane

Mistress of the East Stair at Ciampia.


The Coinage System is based on Gem Coins, with 7 different colored and valued Gem Coins with a Base 10 Exchange Rate between color/values. Blue being the most valuable (and rarest), followed by Purple then Yellow, Red, Green, White and finally Black being the least valuable and most common.

  • 1 Blue = 10 Purple
  • 1 Purple = 10 Yellow
  • 1 Yellow = 10 Red
  • 1 Red = 10 Green
  • 1 Green = 10 white
  • 1 White = 10 Black

Example: a single Blue Gem Coin is as valuable as ten (10) Purple, one hundred (100) Yellow, one thousand (1,000) Red, ten thousand (10,000) Green, one hundred thousand (100,000) White or one million (1,000,000) Black Gem Coins.

Though the Coin System is simple and there are larger variety of 'Coins' compared to precious metal coin systems, most inhabitants seem little concerned for the accumulation of wealth and are very trusting about letting the buyer decide what a fair price is and even more trusting that the buyer will pay the amount loosely agreed upon. Many merchants leave their wares out a bowl filled with Coins laying out nearby in plain sight and allow their buyers to pay in the bowl... and they rarely seem to worry about someone stealing their wares or their gems.


High Order

Imprint of the Squiggle, called the Spiral of the Four Winds

  • The imprint of Adagalasck makes one a "Rover" able to enter Stairs and lead others onto them.
  • The imprint of Adagalasck does not create Trumps in a normal manner, so a Ritual is performed to create a holographic image in a glass sphere the size of a golf ball. Contact can be made both within and without the Realms of Adagalasck but Transports can only occur within the Realms of Adagalasck.
  • 30 pip Basic Imprint
    • Includes one Basic Concord
      • Low Order Magic: Magery (Warlock) Up to 20th level
      • Ability to use Tomes of the Stairs
      • Ability to Call a Wind of Force
    • Framework can hold 4 Major Spells and 8 Minor Spells
    • Ability to enter Stairs and lead others on them
    • Ability to create holographic Trump Images with a glass sphere
  • 60 pip Advanced Imprint
    • Includes two Basic Concords or one Advanced Concord
    • Framework can hold 6 Major Spell and 12 Minor Spells
    • Includes all other listed Powers and Abilities of the Basic Imprint
  • 120 pip Lord's Imprint
    • Includes all four Basic Concords, two Advanced Concords, or one Lord's Accord
    • Frame can hold 9 Major Spells and 16 Minor Spells
    • Includes all other listed Powers and Abilities of the Basic Imprint and Advanced Imprint

Low Order

  • 3 pips Basic Concord
    • Ability to use Low Order Magic: Magery (Warlock) Up to 20th level.
    • Ability to use Tomes of the Stairs.
    • Ability to call Winds of one Force
      • Cold Wind of the North, Hot Wind of the South, Warm Wind of the West, ? Wind of the East
  • 6 pips Advanced Concord
    • Advancement of Low Order Magic: Magery (Warlock) 21st to 60th level
    • Ability to Call two Winds of Force
  • 12 Pips Lord's Accord
    • Advancement of Low Order Magic: Magery (Warlock) 61st to 200th level
    • Ability to Call all four Winds of Force