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An extremely powerful [[squiggle]] representing nearly half a primal Pattern when the attempt unraveled.  In the [[Jeweled Amber]] Multiverse
[[File:Adagalasck.jpg]]  [[File:Adagalasckmap1.jpg]]
==History and Creation==
Tradition has it the the Attempt failed when someone involved in the creation of the pattern tried raising the Sign of the unfinished work. It was created after Amber and in the shadow realms.  Who created it in not public knowledge but that it was created using the Jewel of Judgment is strongly believed.
==Topography and Cosmology.==
*This massive realm is a sphere with a wide variety of habitable areas spotted with cities and towns.  Each town becomes a ''sanctified place'' when one of its great staircases becomes a Stair of Shadows. These stair appears different and are not originally magical. Cities often make great efforts to create ornate stairs in hopes of gaining "Sanctification."  Each ''Stair'' has many landings, each opening to a different shadow.  A city having a Sanctified Stair gives it respect and reputation and a degree of permanance.  The Mayor of the City becomes a player in the politics of the world.
*The main realm is at a 10 to 1 in Amber time ratio.  Vales may have wildly different time rates, technological values, and magical limitations.
*There are many "Stairs" that lead to Vales and various other shadows.  A "Walker" is needed to enter a Stair.  Each Stair has a master but also has many "Walkers" in their service.
*Adagalasck is somehow connected to the Primal realm of [[Calmir]] and the [[Primal Beast]] of the Phoenix.
Many races exist within the realms but the majority are Human, Dwarven, Elven, [[Adask]], and [[Fey]]. The many shadows have variations of many races. Diversity of appearance is a common theme.
Entrance into the realm is highly blockaded.  Only a wearer of Mark of Adaga can open the way to enter.
There is a spur of [[the Jeweled Road]] that leads into the realm but entrance is still blocked.  A small city has developed at the place on both side of a sealed entrance.
==Battle of the Winds==
Queen Relasa, the last ruling Queen of The Four Winds, was descended of a line of Royalty that had long been in control of Adagalasck.
When she suffered a magical sickness she passed away without a clear heir.
The war that followed was brutal and took many years but in the end solidified into a 4 part rulership of the realms.
There were many forces that battled to claim the Spirals of the Four Winds.  The complex history of intrigue, warfare, betrayals, and politics would take volumes to detail.
In the end the four spirals were claimed by 4 factions each of which had enough of a following to stabilize the conflict. The four spirals were claimed by two sisters, allied in each others defense, Clan Odaraxta (An Adask Banner), and the Clan of the Wild grasses.
In the 2200 years since the Battle of the Wind the West and the South have passed through many hands of the Odaraxta and the Wild Grasses.  The other two have been firmly in the hands of the two Archmages.  They have not attempted to take the other wnds since it would lead to their own followers taking the battle to each other.
==Spiral of the Four Winds==
The Spiral of the Four Winds is a manifestation of the Squiggle.  Channeling power from it is a common practice among Adagalasck sorcerers.
Each "Wind" has a primary ruler or Master.
*High King Julian of Amber, Master of the West Wind and Mater of Stone.
*Archmage Ninaaratres-Also known as Nina, Daughter of Oberon.  Lady of Water. Mistress of the cold wind of the north.
*Archmage Emiliesa, also known as Emilie, Daughter of Oberon. Mistress of the  South Wind and the Lady of Fire.
*Horse Lord Trualta of the Wild Grasses.  Master of the  East Wind and Lord of the Air.
Recently ousted Spiral Lord.
*Clan War Chief Hagalta, Master of the West Wind and Master of Stone
*Embassy of Amber
**Ambassador: Lord Relmopator of Amber
==Notables of Adagalasck==
===Archmage Ninaaratres===
Also known as Nina, Daughter of Oberon[[https://wiki.rpg.net/index.php/Heirs_and_spares#Nina]]
Lady of Water. Mistress of the cold wind of the north.
Racially Nina is Adask
===Archmage Emiliesa===
also known as Emilie, Daughter of Oberon[[https://wiki.rpg.net/index.php/Heirs_and_spares#Emilie]]. Mistress of the South Wind and the Lady of Fire.
Emilie is racially an Fey.  She is known as a shapeshifter able to morph into any of the Fey Races.  The Fey are extremely devoted to her.
[[Odaraxta]] Clan Kalota War Chief.  Racially a [[Adask]]
BondMate to Satura and Uxtrasa.  Father of Dwynwen, Xorax, and Drixtra  Step-father of Relmopator
The former [[Adagalasck]] Master of the West Wind and Master of Stone.  Revealed as a child of the line of Dworkin, though not of the lineage of Oberon.  Engged in battle with elements of Amber and allied with Azcala.  Current whereabouts unknown. 
[[Odaraxta]] Clan Shaxta War Chief.
War God of Rot
[[Odaraxta]] Clan Trixta War Chief.
===Horse Lord Trualta of the Wild Grasses===
Master of the East Wind and Lord of the Air.
===Stair Lord Walker Damales===
Master of the East Stair
Racially Human
===Book Lord Walker Dane===
Master of the West Stair.
Coinage is based on gem coins.
*1 blue= 10 Purple
*1 purple= 10 Yellow
*1 yellow= 10 Red
*1 Red= 10 Green
*1 Green= 10 white
*1 White = 10 Black
===High Order===
Imprint of the Squiggle
*''30 pip Basic Imprint.  Frame can hold 8 Minor Spells and 4 Major Spell
*''60 pip Advanced Imprint. Frame can hold 12 Minor Spells and 6 Major Spell
*''120 pip Lord's Imprint.  Frame can hold 16 Minor Spells and 9 Major Spell
*The imprint of Adagalasck makes one a "Rover" able to enter stairs and lead others onto them.
*The imprint of Adagalasck does not create Trumps in a normal manner.  A ritual is performed to create a holographic image in a glass ball the size of a golf ball.  Contact can be made and transfers occur.
===Low Order===
*3 pips Basic Concord.  Up to 20th lvl of Warlock Magic. 
**Ability to use Tomes of the Stairs.
**Ability to call Winds of one Force; Cold & the north Wind, Fire and the East, Stone and the South Wind, Air and the West Wind.
*6 pips Advanced Concord.  21st to 60th lvl Warlock Magic
** Call two Winds of Force
*12 Pips

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