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The Adask are a humanoid race in the Adagalasck regions and in many nearby shadow realms.


Blue, gray, white, and black skinned with occasional green members. They are a strong race ranging from mid-Human/Chaos rank to mid Chaos/Amber Rank. Many of the strongest of their race are of Amber rank or stronger. They are fast runners, with even the most indolent being reasonably athletic. While the majority of the race is heavily muscled, there is a common line that is elven in general appearance being thin and willowy. the Thin frame ones often have a stronger connection to magical forces then is common. Primarily Gray and red eyed with occasional green and black. Hair colors vary wildly. They generally are between 6' and 8' They occasionally appear orcish and there is a common belief that in the ancient lands.


Adask have a strong connection to magic and are excellent practitioners. There are practitioners of high order sorcery though the base for it is not public knowledge.

Adask are strong users of ritual magic and practice sentient sacrifice to attain powers and memories.

There is some connection between the Adask and races in Azcala. There is a line of elven influenced adask.

Adasks have a dichotomous temperament. Some of the races are calm and almost placid, while being careful and cautious, even studious. Some are volatile, prone to violence and rash behavior characterized by acting without careful planning.

Adasks are known to bear grudges for generations.

Clan rivalry is rampant, and Adask followers tend to become rabid loyalists once they place their loyalty regardless of events.


Its is a belief among the Adask that there are a limited number of Adask souls.

That reincarnation is a common experience for the race. It is unknown if there are a limited number of souls but what has been proven is that adask do often reincarnate. Children of a very young age might suddenly remember a previous life, even to the point of remembering magical skills and battle knowledge. The new body will have a different set of initial controls and the previous life will not generally come back in a form able to dominate or assume the new body's control. However, a few instances have occurred where just that happened.

While the mechanics of reincarnation are unknown and the occurrences have been proven, not every slain adask reincarnates. Also, many that have may transfer very little information and might only manifest in minimal elements like mannerisms, food preferences, and other subliminal influences on the younger adask.