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Allies and enemies

The non player characters encountered in the campaign.




Storm Witch

Mr. Raccoon


Gray Death


Jade Mask



Black Hats

Criminals and other opponents without superpowers

Torch and Wrench


Long Knife


The ordinary people, both opponents, allies and neutral people.

Bernard Goodman

The current Mayor. Late 50s, balding. A career politician, somewhat authoritarian, ran on "tough on crime" platform. Not particularly liked, but without any major scandals or blunders.

Simon King

The borough president of Bronx, an energetic man in his early 50s. He is a somewhat controversial figure. The position is largely ceremonial, and as a PR person for his borough, King has been quite successful. He attends and hosts various events to attract new business to the borough and sponsors artists and exhibitions. On the other hand, "The King of Bronx" is something of a playboy with an extravagant lifestyle. He has also been accused of accepting "gifts" from corporations to use his influence on their behalf. Twice he has been investigated for corruption, although nothing was found in either investigation.

Michele Harrison

The borough president of Manhattan: A former actress and a socialite. Late 40s, blonde and quite attractive. Despite being relatively new in politics she still managed to run a very close campaign against her pro big business opponent thanks to her celebrity status. Then her opponent was caught on video referring to her as a bimbo, and that may have been what settled the election in her favour. She has several times mentioned in her speeches how the largely restored Manhattan now stands ready to help the rest of the city back to the former glory, which has made her a liked figure in some other boroughs as well, although in truth she has little say in the restoration process. And not everyone likes the fact that she sees nothing wrong with the heavy level of surveillance in the borough.

Martin Ackerman

The borough president of Brooklyn: An overweight white man in mid 50s, a former banker. Ackerman is not a very visible figure. While he attends all the important events and gives interviews, he is a highly conservative person and a firm believer in status quo and not rocking the boat, so he rarely says or does anything particularly meaningful. On the other hand, he is careful never to say or do anything offensive either, and many voters see him as a figure of stability and a safe candidate. His main interest is in supporting the growing business in Brooklyn, but any negotiations he does to that end is largely done out of public view, and since he rarely takes either credit or blame, it is hard to say anything about his success rate.

Paul Woodward

The borough president of Queens: A black man nearing 60, a former dentist. A vocal opponent of the increased police presence and powers in the borough. Due to the lack of official power his position has, he has largely been restricted to making speeches and trying to keep the spirits of the population up. But his presence at various demonstrations and his constant scrutiny of Hillman's actions has most likely forced Hillman to show at least some restraint.

John Howe

The borough president of Staten Island: Early 50s. Prematurely graying, but likes to keep his hair dyed black. A populist who based his campaign on the unhappiness many people felt at the neglected status of the borough. He has indeed been very vocal in demanding additional resources for Staten Island, although this has so far had little effect. He has supported his demands by arranging demonstrations, but the harsh language he uses in his speeches has often threatened to turn the demonstrations into riots. He has been criticized for not limiting his bile to the Restoration Project and City Administration, but also stirring up hatred even towards the people living in more better off boroughs.

Janice White

Restoration Project Manager. In her 40s, stern, octagonal glasses. Liked or hated, depending on where you live. She is ultimately the one who assigns the resources of the Five-Stage Restoration Plan.

Joanna "John" Wayne

The county sheriff of staten island. Late 30s, but looks about a decade younger. Guite a charismatic person, she has managed to keep an angry demonstration from turning into a riot just by addressing the crowd. Her nickname of "John Wayne" comes from her early years in the department. Quite a crackshot, she was known to pull off movie-like stunts such as shooting the gun from a perp's hand.

Arnold Hillman

The chief of police in Queens. Less than affectionately known as Hitler-Hillman, he runs his department more like a paramilitary group than a police force. This habit has only gotten worse since he was assigned additional forces and genuine paramilitary gear as a part of the Five-Stage Restoration Plan. The situation has reached the point where many people especially in poorer regions are reluctant to call the police. In some neighbourhoods people have tried to form neighbourhood watches in an attempt to keep the peace themselves, but Hillman takes a particularly dim view of what he sees as vigilantism, and cracks down on these watches as much as he cracks down on actual crime.

Hillman is a political appointee. A former small town sheriff who gained reputation by brutally cracking down on the smuggling activities of cartels in his area and got the attention of some far right wing politicians who lobbied him for his current position.

Henrietta Swann

The major shareholder of SwanBevy transportation company. On her senior years. In her youth, she was a former miss New York, Henrietta Bell. She married and then inherited Henry Swann, the owner of the company. Originally thought by many to be a bimbo and a gold digger. A mistake that she and her husband exploited ruthlessly. She is in fact highly intelligent and shrewd, although prone to eccentricities like keeping a tiger and a superheroeine around.

Harry Swann

Son of Henrietta and Henry Swann and heir to the SwanBevy transportation company. A bit of a wayward son. He inherited the looks of his parents but unfortunately not their business acumen.