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Allies and enemies

The non player characters encountered in the campaign.

[ The Allies] This is the theme music for all the allied characters.




Real Name: Brother Artur

Handle: ManyQuestions@Unknown

Notes on appearance: Buff man with very short hair / a faceless monk in a black habit


Brother Artur is a gruff hard-working itinerant monk-knight without any apparent superpowers

with appreciation to humor, albeit his attempts at cracking jokes usually miss the mark.

Inquisitor is a part of the The Order of the Questing.

Brother Artur Introduction



Notes on appearance: Shoulder-length blonde hair, artificial looks. She really does look like a mannequin.

Often wears a red hoodie, or pretends to be one of the Cyborg bikers.

Mannequin Introduction

Mr. Raccoon


Storm Witch


Real Name: Daryna Kedzierski

Notes on appearance: A brunette in her twenties, with shoulder length hair.

Description: Daryna is a sassy, flirty, spunky, playful but dangerous menace to the Death Masks.

She had waged a guerilla warfare against the Masks and other criminal gangs by herself in Queens

Best quotes:

"I hailed them with a hailstorm"

“Usually when I am offered a place to crash with all expenses paid, the offer comes with a raging hard-on.

And then I say no. Not because I detest raging hard-ons, but because guys who are not up front about their intentions are not to be trusted.”

Storm Witch Introduction

Red Crescent


Real Name: Lilia Alshamandi

Notes on appearance: White overalls. Red gloves, boots, belt and niqab covering her face. And an armored vest colored white, except for a red crescent symbol on the chest. Often hides her superhero outfit by wearing a burqa.

A superheroine from Staten Island, having healing powers and an ability to manifest force fields.




Real name: Sean Wallace

Formerly supervillain Fade, an arms dealer and a teleporter. After getting defeated by the Protectors, Fade returned as the vigilante Siegfried, dressing in heavily armored leather and carrying an arsenal of weapons, with a metal mask over his face. He took the name from Richard Wagner's Der Ring des Nibelungen, where the hero Siegfried uses the power of teleportation granted by the magic helmet Tarnhelm.



Real name: Monica Martin

A muscular black woman in dark jeans, combat boots and a sleeveless top, with a scarf on her head.

A superhumanly strong woman, originally in Fade's employ and later Siegfried's sidekick. Monica does not bother much with costumes and aliases.


Zombie Sam

Zombie Sam is new, so it is not clear yet if he is a hero or what

Samuel Bennett Introduction



Gray Death


Gray Death can laugh to himself, see post 508 on page 50 at IC



Rick Fisher, a martial arts instructor and former trainee officer fired for police brutality. Fisher has an obsessive hatred for sex offenders due to the traumatic fate of his sister, and after gaining superpowers he started using them to murder people he felt to be preying on women.

The Coven

The Iron Witch and The Blood Witch



Ex-soldier and cyborg assassin. Last seen in the employ of Jade Mask.

The Hallowed Mark

The Hallowed Mark (real name Marcus Espositio) was an aspiring artist just beginning to gain success in the New York art scene before the Storm. Since it, and the collapse of the economy, he lived on the streets for months before landing a job creating artwork for an ad agency. Paying too little to live on and requiring churning out dozens of soulless works of commercialization a day, Marcus went more than a little mad and turned to hallucinogens to keep any sense of inspiration and creativity in his life. It was during one of his “sessions” that Marcus attempted to rip the image of a corporate mascot off the page it was written on – and succeeded. Since then, Marcus has used his soulless “Animations” to perform acts of theft and sabotage across the city, but recently he has become obsessed with hunting down the one animation who has slipped his control, searching for her nightly throughout New York and sending his minions by day into the strange interconnected world of Corporate Advertising where he can’t enter himself.

The Abductor

After she gained mind control powers, Dr. Forsberg started abducting women for her experiments to trigger superpowers in other people. The Protectors stopped her and she is currently locked up in Rikers.

Jade Mask


Classically trained voice, likes theatrics. Has a super-pet the Basilisk.

Can turn incorporeal and make people cease to exist



Real name: Sean Wallace

Fade used to be an arms dealer and a teleporter, able to evade checkpoints as he pleased. As a supervillain, he used to dress completely in white, with a mask like a white bag with goggles over his head. After getting defeated by the Protectors, Fade returned as the vigilante Siegfried.

Lieutenant Bolt

Professional. Courteous. Authoritative. Deadly. Ironsight mercenaries prefer to act in the shadows, but when their contracts force them to act in public, Lieutenant Bolt leads. Completely covered with Ironsight tactical gear, only his gray eyes are visible. Uniquely equipped among the mercenaries, Lieutenant Bolt wields a collapsible staff charged with electricity. Technology or superpower? All that can be said for sure is that Lieutenant Bolt does not fear facing androids or those with superpowers. In fact, he relishes the opportunity.

After the Protectors took down Ironsight, Lt. Bolt switched employers. He is currently working for the Coven.


A gigantic octopus with the hunting tentacles of a squid and an array of superpowers. Like Godzilla, Squidtopus rose from the ocean to rampage across New York. But he was just looking for a girlfriend!

Black Hats

Criminals and other opponents without superpowers

Torch and Wrench

A pair of saboteurs for hire, actual identities unknown.


Gang leader of Chain Demons, a sub gang of Demons. Currently serving a lengthy jail term after Chain Demons were broken up by the Protectors and Tank himself trounced by Confessor.

Long Knife

One of Jade Mask's lieutenants. Former leader of Death Masks until Jade Mask took over, and current second in command. Goes around armed with a pair of machetes and a grenade launcher.

Pit Fiend

The current gang leader of Demons, actual name Douglas Pitt. Possibly the oldest member in the entire gang. His actual age is not commonly known but he could be as old as forty. Although no one would dare to call him old to his face. He is highly muscular, scarred, and reputed to be an expert knife fighter. He is always surrounded by several armed bodyguards. Few people in the gang these days remember when he became the leader, but it was likely close to twenty years ago. He has been challenged for the position several times, any gang officer having the right to issue such a challenge, but no one who has has survived.


The current gang leader of Stars, actual name Raymond Gunn. He does not actually have a raygun, but he is known for wielding two pistols with laser sights. Rumor has it that he is an ex-cop from out of state.


The most constant feature of the Stars leadership rank. Her actual name is not commonly known, she always goes by her street name. And likes to go along veiled, even if the rest of her clothing tends towards skimpy. She is the girlfriend of the current gang boss. And was the girlfriend of at least three previous ones. A common joke is that she comes with the position.

William "Bilbo" Boatman

An arms smuggler and the leader of Ferrymen. Boatman is a midget and the name was originally an insult, but he has grown fond of it. He even owns a hobbit-themed Half Portion Restaurant in Bronx. The restaurant is perfectly legitimate and even family friendly, Boatman keeps his other business away from there.

The Law

Members of the police and government agencies.

Chief Davies

Assistant Chief Ronald Davies, the head of Bronx police department. Has an apparent dislike of vigilantes like the Protectors. Recently formed an Anti-Vigilante Task Force.

Captain Angelo


Captain Gianna Angelo. A stern, dark haired woman somewhere in her 40's, with a jigsaw of white scar lines on the left side of her face. Has jurisdiction over large part of Southern Bronx. Unlike Chief Davies, Captain Angelo would prefer for the police to work together with superheroes. She has secretly met with the protectors and unofficially cooperates with them.

Officer Carmichael

Officer Anette Carmichael, together with her partner Pete Bronski, were present at the scene of fire where the Protectors made their first public appearance. Later she met Firehand in Van Cortlandt Park when they both were visiting the scene of a killing committed by Hangman. Officer Carmichael passed a message from the Protectors to Captain Angelo, leading to the meeting between Protectors and the Captain.

Officer Stone

Officer Rune Stone. A motor officer the Protectors rescued from a bad encounter with Chain Demons. Rune is a Thai woman's name, Stone a compact translation of the original family name that her grandparents changed when they moved to United States.

Officer Stone prefers to use her Muay Thai skills before her sidearm. She is a close friend with two other motor officers, Staci Loughton and Edward Pine. The trio occasionally eavesdrops on the captain's office for juicy gossip. Which is how she knew to warn Protectors about Chief Davies after the Chain Demon incident.

Detective Branch

Detective Tyrone Branch from Central Investigation. Nearing 50, black and bald, with a stocky build. Detective Branch was investigating the Gray Death killings until the case was suddenly reassigned to the FBI. He has kept unofficially looking into the matter, and has also been involved with some other incidents involving superpowers.

Detective Waterman

Detective Christopher Waterman, partner to Detective Branch. In his 20s, with a curly blonde hair. Detective Waterman comes from a rich family. He is the son of Raymond Waterman, the owner of Ocean Pharmaceuticals, but chose a police career over a paper pushing job in his father's company.

Director Cavarai

Director Nisha Cavarai from the Defense Intelligence Agency, the head of agency's New York office. A middle aged Indian lady. More precisely, she is Tamil. Slight of build and not very tall. Some younger agents nevertheless seem to find her intimidating.


The ordinary people, both opponents, allies and neutral people.

Bernard Goodman

The current Mayor. Late 50s, balding. A career politician, somewhat authoritarian, ran on "tough on crime" platform. Not particularly liked, but without any major scandals or blunders.

Simon King

The borough president of Bronx, an energetic man in his early 50s. He is a somewhat controversial figure. The position is largely ceremonial, and as a PR person for his borough, King has been quite successful. He attends and hosts various events to attract new business to the borough and sponsors artists and exhibitions. On the other hand, "The King of Bronx" is something of a playboy with an extravagant lifestyle. He has also been accused of accepting "gifts" from corporations to use his influence on their behalf. Twice he has been investigated for corruption, although nothing was found in either investigation.

Michele Harrison

The borough president of Manhattan: A former actress and a socialite. Late 40s, blonde and quite attractive. Despite being relatively new in politics she still managed to run a very close campaign against her pro big business opponent thanks to her celebrity status. Then her opponent was caught on video referring to her as a bimbo, and that may have been what settled the election in her favour. She has several times mentioned in her speeches how the largely restored Manhattan now stands ready to help the rest of the city back to the former glory, which has made her a liked figure in some other boroughs as well, although in truth she has little say in the restoration process. And not everyone likes the fact that she sees nothing wrong with the heavy level of surveillance in the borough.

Martin Ackerman

The borough president of Brooklyn: An overweight white man in mid 50s, a former banker. Ackerman is not a very visible figure. While he attends all the important events and gives interviews, he is a highly conservative person and a firm believer in status quo and not rocking the boat, so he rarely says or does anything particularly meaningful. On the other hand, he is careful never to say or do anything offensive either, and many voters see him as a figure of stability and a safe candidate. His main interest is in supporting the growing business in Brooklyn, but any negotiations he does to that end is largely done out of public view, and since he rarely takes either credit or blame, it is hard to say anything about his success rate.

Paul Woodward

The borough president of Queens: A black man nearing 60, a former dentist. A vocal opponent of the increased police presence and powers in the borough. Due to the lack of official power his position has, he has largely been restricted to making speeches and trying to keep the spirits of the population up. But his presence at various demonstrations and his constant scrutiny of Hillman's actions has most likely forced Hillman to show at least some restraint.

John Howe

The borough president of Staten Island: Early 50s. Prematurely graying, but likes to keep his hair dyed black. A populist who based his campaign on the unhappiness many people felt at the neglected status of the borough. He has indeed been very vocal in demanding additional resources for Staten Island, although this has so far had little effect. He has supported his demands by arranging demonstrations, but the harsh language he uses in his speeches has often threatened to turn the demonstrations into riots. He has been criticized for not limiting his bile to the Restoration Project and City Administration, but also stirring up hatred even towards the people living in more better off boroughs.

Janice White

Restoration Project Manager. In her 40s, stern, octagonal glasses. Liked or hated, depending on where you live. She is ultimately the one who assigns the resources of the Five-Stage Restoration Plan.

Joanna "John" Wayne

The county sheriff of staten island. Late 30s, but looks about a decade younger. Guite a charismatic person, she has managed to keep an angry demonstration from turning into a riot just by addressing the crowd. Her nickname of "John Wayne" comes from her early years in the department. Quite a crackshot, she was known to pull off movie-like stunts such as shooting the gun from a perp's hand.

Arnold Hillman

The chief of police in Queens. Less than affectionately known as Hitler-Hillman, he runs his department more like a paramilitary group than a police force. This habit has only gotten worse since he was assigned additional forces and genuine paramilitary gear as a part of the Five-Stage Restoration Plan. The situation has reached the point where many people especially in poorer regions are reluctant to call the police. In some neighbourhoods people have tried to form neighbourhood watches in an attempt to keep the peace themselves, but Hillman takes a particularly dim view of what he sees as vigilantism, and cracks down on these watches as much as he cracks down on actual crime.

Hillman is a political appointee. A former small town sheriff who gained reputation by brutally cracking down on the smuggling activities of cartels in his area and got the attention of some far right wing politicians who lobbied him for his current position.

Henrietta Swann


The major shareholder of SwanBevy transportation company. On her senior years. In her youth, she was a former miss New York, Henrietta Bell. She married and then inherited Henry Swann, the owner of the company. Originally thought by many to be a bimbo and a gold digger. A mistake that she and her husband exploited ruthlessly. She is in fact highly intelligent and shrewd, although prone to eccentricities like keeping a tiger and a superheroine around. Owner of the no-kill cat shelter Elsa works to


Harry Swann

Son of Henrietta and Henry Swann and heir to the SwanBevy transportation company. A bit of a wayward son. He inherited the looks of his parents but unfortunately not their business acumen.

Kenji Nakahara


Independent journalist and a local YouTube celebrity. Has a news blog and a YouTube channel publishing commentary on news and local happenings along with the results of his own investigative journalism. Has published videos about the exploits of the Protectors, so far in a positive light.


Sallali Thahoyane

A Cherokee high school girl with a talent for incorporating electronics into fashion design. In the form of a necklace with a hidden spy camera, and a high output power source that looks like a pretty belt with Native American style ornaments. Romantically involved with Corona, Firehand’s sister.

Dr. Agatha Odd


A neurosurgeon and wife of Henry Odd. She is currently researching new ways to treat neural damage by using cybernetic implants. Dr. Odd has her laboratory in the basement of a windowless building in Brooklyn, where she experiments on brains, accompanied by her assistant Igor.

Dr. Henry Odd

A surgeon and husband of Agatha odd. He is currently performing research, trying to develop a regenerative serum for ER departments and paramedics to use in order to save people suffering from physical trauma. Dr. Odd has his laboratory in an otherwise abandoned building in Queens, where he does his experiments surrounded by his masked, mute orderlies. Former patients suffering from a particular syndrome that renders then speechless.


Igor Strugatski. A giant of a man, close to seven feet in height and built like a brick wall. formerly a boxer, currently Agatha Odd's assistant and Prankenstein Monster. After Igor fell to coma due to multiple head injuries suffered during his career and was written off as a lost case by most doctors, Dr. Odd managed to revive him through experimental surgery involving neural implants.

Igor still has not fully recovered, but Dr. Odd has continued trying to help him get better through further and more advanced implants. At the same time Igor has been working as her lab assistant and the two of them have become good friends, although Igor's habit of pulling pranks on visitors to her lab often exasperates the doctor. One thing that did not suffer from Igor's brain injuries was his wicked sense of humor, and the notorious practical joker takes full advantage of his lumbering huge looks and multiple surgery scars on his bald head.