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Organized groups[edit]

Corporations, gangs and other groups encountered in the campaign.



The ranks of the Demons are indicated by the jackets they wear. Gang initiates only wear demon's head armbands. Gang members have black jackets with the gang symbol on the back. Officers have red jackets.

Most of the gang members are rather young, and tend to eventually wash out due to violence, getting arrested, or other reasons. Long time members usually get elevated to ranking positions or drafted to the gang leader's cadre of bodyguards.


Stars have a similar rank and age structure to Demons, but different symbols. Their symbol is a star that resembles a caricature of a sheriff's badge. Initiates have pins. Full members carry silver-colored badges and officers have badges of golden color. The gang boss has a white star.

The Stars are a wealthy gang and generally well armed, although their rank and file tend to be less tough in a fight than the more violent Demons. But the internal jockeying for position tends to be cutthroat among the Stars, and their higher ranking members can be dangerous indeed. The leadership of the Stars changes far more often than among the Demons.


A criminal motorcycle gang. The gang members tend to be more mature than those of Demons or Stars. Their headquarters are in Brooklyn, but the gang also owns a roadhouse outside the City.


MC Cyborgs are more of a motorcycle club than a gang. Young people who like motorcycles and gadgets. They wear faux cyberware and dress up as cyborgs as a matter of style and club image.

Death Masks[edit]

A gang of urban terrorists operating in Queens. Death Masks have done a number of public strikes against Hillman's police force. Formerly lead by Long Knife, currently under the control of Jade Mask.

Info on Death Masks

Organized Crime[edit]

Canadian Cartel[edit]

The New York branch of an international crime cartel based in Canada. Their local activities are centered around smuggling and controlled substances. Canadian Cartel has a heavy presence in port area and by the land access through Bronx.

The Donovans[edit]

A strong local group of organized crime, taking its name from the Irish family that runs it. The Donovans run a number of illicit activities from racketeering to large-scale electronics theft. They have been around since the prohibition and are thus quite entrenched.


The youngest notable group of organized crime in New York, based in Brooklyn. They were originally a group of street-level suppliers for the Russian mafia, but after the Storm they rose up against their parent organization and took it over in a swift coup. While Necromancers have been avoiding violent clashes with The Donovans and Canadian Cartel, they have been aggressively expanding by taking over smaller groups. They are also actively recruiting, and the name could be just an advertising trick. It does seem to appeal to younger people.


A group of weapon smugglers based in the port district of Bronx. Ferrymen deal in military-grade weapons, but they do not sell them locally. Instead they bring them in by land and then ship them to customers in Central and South America. Their leader is William Boatman, also known as Bilbo.



SwanBevy transportation company, owned by Henrietta Swann. Mrs. Swann is fond of community projects such as supporting superheroes, which sometimes gets the company involved in activities many other corporations would consider peculiar.


A weapons manufacturer with US military as its biggest customer. Europatech specializes in advanced weapons and vehicle systems, such as energy weapons, drones and even military androids like the TALOS model. Europatech originally built Knight Sky and have since been trying to reclaim him.

Europatech weathered the Storm surprisingly well considering the widespread damage to electrical systems and the rationing of raw materials they use.


Ironsight is listed as a security company, but for all intents and purposes they are mercenaries, effectively a private army. Ironsight used to be a contractor for US Army, but they lost the contract after a scandal involving war crimes in Afghanistan.

Ironsight is not picky about their clients and jobs. It is known that someone in Eurpoatech has contracted them to hunt down Knight Sky.

Ironsight is no longer in operation. After Gray Death killed the owner, Sebastian Palmer, and the Protectors handed Palmer's private archives to the police, exposing Ironsight's illegal activities, most of their executives were arrested or fled the country, and the company facilities were subjected to extensive raids. What will eventually happen to their properties remains to be seen.

People and places Ironsight has insured



Anti-Gang Initiative of Law Enforcement

A soft method approach to gang violence. After a number of studies showed that young people sentenced to lengthy jail terms ended up either returning to their gang upon release or, even worse, getting drafted to larger organized crime units after making contacts in jail, AGILE was created in an effort to break the cycle. It includes police and detention officers, prison authorities and also people of more civilian capacity, such as school and family counselors, psychologists and other medical professionals, and community workers.

AGILE targets primarily first time offenders, providing alternative sentencing, education options and outreach programs in an effort to direct people away from gangs and point them towards other kinds of groups where they can feel to belong, such as sports clubs and community groups. It is not uncommon for people who successfully broke their gang ties to end up joining AGILE themselves, and many former gang members visit schools and youth venues providing a less glorified and more disillusioning view of gang life in an effort to stop people joining gangs in the first place. They may even directly approach gang initiates in an effort to get them to reconsider joining, often working together with school counsilors to this end.

Both gangs and organized crime see AGILE as interfering with their recruiting pool, and people involved with AGILE sometimes have to deal with threats and harassment. They are not often targeted with direct violence, though, since the police officers involved treat attacks on AGILE civilian personnel with almost the same seriousness as attacks on the police, and gangs do not wish that kind of heat on themselves.

Order of the Questing[edit]

Originally an itinerant Catholic monastic order founded by returning crusaders, they had a falling out with the Holy See around the time of the reformation. Always something of a mix between a monastic and a knightly order, after getting expelled, they simply went from a monastic order with knightly trappings to a knightly order with monastic trappings. Although they remain itinerant and still retain some of those monastic trappings, such as dressing in monastic robes when expecting trouble or wishing to hide their identities, strictly speaking the members of the Order of the Questing are knights, not monks.

So far, the only member of the Order of the Questing encountered has been the Inquisitor.


This is not the first time the Storm has hit. It has done so in the past, to a lesser degree, and heroes and monsters emerged. Heroes fought the monsters, but some of them got cocky with their powers and set themselves up to rule over lesser beings. Groups or ordinary people formed to oppose the abuses of the supers. Many were easily dispatched, but some used stealth, guile, superior numbers, and the right weaponry to fight off or even defeat the supers. These people exist to this day, as an organization known as Heroslayers. They have always known that supers would return, and they are ready for it.