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This is a wiki for After The Storm, a Villains and Vigilantes 3.0 play by post campaign set in near-future New York.

Heroic vigilantes in dystopian New York of near future. Low power level, in the scale of Batman / Daredevil / Arrow. Extraordinarily skilled humans, high tech gadgetry, or superhumans with minor powers.

It is now 2028. Six years after The Storm.

In-Character Thread This is where the game is run

Out-of-Character Thread This is where all discussion behind the scenes is happening

Development Thread This is where the character creation & background info was before this wiki

Player Characters

Descriptions, Backgrounds and Character Sheets of PCs

Non Player Characters

List of non player characters

Groups and Organizations

List of groups and organizations

Open Plot Points

Open Plot Points

Places of Importance

 Atlas Cyber Cafe & Bar An Internet cafe and bar in the heart of Bronx. An information hub and Hydra's working place
 No-kill cat shelter The working place of Ms.Elsewhere, owned by Mrs Henrietta Swann

Game System Related

Villains & Vigilantes 3.0 Rulebook PDF

About pacing, hit pools, and the like

About Character Creation

Background Concepts and Fluffs

Gamma Storm Satellite Image - Original by NASA

Originally posted on the Development thread, page 1

The Storm Hits

Background Info: Right After the Storm

Background Info: New York's Five-Stage Restoration Plan

Theme Music

After the Storm

New York Main Theme





Staten Island


Grey Death

The Coven

Iron Witch

Blood Witch


Sasha Zima alias Winter Witch

The Abductor

Ms. White





Storm Witch

Zombie Sam

Wolf King

Red Crescent




The GM

Potted Plant is a decades-practiced-GM, well-adjusted, forbearing, London-metro-map-scheming-ancient-supervill... eh... shrewd planner, with 10 year old twins, a boy and a girl

Description by Cattrina