After The Storm: NonPlayerCharacters Introductions: Inquisitor

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Originally posted on the IC thread, page 7 post 62

   Having finished the book she took along for the train journey a while ago, Carolyn Chase attempted to spend time looking out of the window. But it was already dark and there was not much to see, so after a while she turned away. Glancing at the apparently thirtysomething man with very short hair and a crucifix hanging from his neck sitting next to her, who had after a short greeting remained quiet for the entire journey, she noticed that he was still sitting quietly, eyes closed as if asleep, but his lips were moving. Carolyn looked for a moment and then asked: "Pardon the interruption, but is that Latin?"
   The man opened his eyes. "Sorry, I did not realize I was speaking out loud."
   "You weren't. But my father is mute, so I can not only converse in sign language but read lips as well."
   "Ah, I see," the man nodded. "And you speak Latin as well?"
   "Not really, at least not yet. I am studying biology and know some scientific Latin. But that was some sort of prayer, wasn't it?"
   "I have a degree in psychology myself. And another in history. And yes, it was a prayer. I repeat it when meditating. Translated, it would go: 'Give me the wisdom to tell good apart from evil, the strength to do what is right, and the insight to see through the lies of the Adversary.'"
   "That is a nice prayer, is it Catholic?"
   "I am Catholic, it is true, but as far as I know, that prayer is specific to my order." Extending his hand in greeting, the man introduced himself. "Brother Artur. Polish version of Arthur."
   "Carolyn Chase," Carolyn said, grasping the man's hand in greeting. Noticing his strong grip, she glanced at his rather powerful looking arm and asked: "You're a monk? You seem rather buff for a monk. I thought that monks wore habits and remained in monasteries."
   "A healthy mind in a healthy body," Brother Artur said with a smile. "And I am an itinerant monk. Rather than living in a monastery wearing a habit, I travel around wearing normal clothes, going where I am needed. So I get plenty of exercise."
   "Oh. So what is a buff Polish itinerant monk with degrees in psychology and history going to New York for?"
   "To do the Lord's work."
   "Some kind of charity work? Counseling?"
   "That is indeed what I can do, among other things."
   "You said you belong to an order. Does it have a name?"
   "It does. The Order of the Questing."
   "Questing?" Carolyn smiled. "So you are like a Questing Knight. Only you are a monk, not a knight."
   Brother Artur smiled back. "Something like that."
   Concentrating on the conversation, Carolyn did not pay much attention to the crucifix hanging from Brother Artur's neck. After all, at a casual glance it looked like just another crucifix.
   But on closer inspection, it was not actually a cross.
   It was a sword.
   Enter The Inquisitor