After The Storm: NonPlayerCharacters Introductions: The Coven

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Originally posted on IC thread, page 60, post 592


Valeriya woke to the persistent sound of a door buzzer. Sighing with annoyance, she stood up in bed. Had she forgotten to disconnect the front door buzzer for the night? The guards at the lobby were supposed to handle any late visitors and call her in case of an emergency of some kind. Waking up a bit more, she realized that the buzzer was not that of the front door but that of her apartment door. And there was only one person who could pass by the security and show up behind her door unannounced.

Her hook up also stood up in bed. Valeriya tried to recall if his name was Tom or Tim but then decided that she did not really care. "It's not your husband, isn't it?" He asked.

"I am not married and a husband would have the key," Valeriya replied, getting up and picking her shirt up from the floor. Putting it on and buttoning it up she thought that while the man was decent enough in bed, he was quite dumb. Not one to keep for more than a night. "That can only be my sister," she continued.

"Your sister?" the man asked. "Can I meet her?" The tone of his voice was asking: "Threesome?" Oh yes, he would definitely be out the door first thing in the morning.

"No," Valeriya said. "Stay here. I will see what she wants." Not bothering to put on more than her shirt, which was long enough to cover her private areas, she walked through her apartment and opened the door. As expected, it was her sister Svitlana. Dressed in a form fitting red dress and grinning in a way that told that she felt she had something good to say.

"I have company, so make it quick," Valeriya said.

Svitlana said nothing. Instead, she presented a necklace chain that had a blood red glass orb hanging from it.

Valeriya focused on the orb, her company forgotten. She extended a forefinger and her nail grew and changed texture until it resembled a talon of iron. Valeriya touched the orb with her nail and withdrew it. A red drop glistened at the end of the nail. "The amulet is sweating," She said. "I feel a touch of metal."

Svitlana leaned forward and licked the drop from her sister's talon. "And I taste pain. A sign, sister. After years of uncertainty we know that she is still in the City."

"And she has been injured. Not a scrape, but something serious enough for the amulet to react. A bleeding wound, caused by metal. A weapon, most likely. Can you locate her?"

"No. Otherwise I would have brought her with me. The connection is too tenuous. Just a little bit of old blood."

"Then we will find her the hard way, now that we know that there is something to find," Valeriya said. "Come in. We will start making calls. Send our people to look for her. If she has been injured, she will seek treatment. We will scour the hospital, free clinics, even street quacks if we have to. I will throw the man in my bed out and we can get started."

"Can I play with him first?" Svitlana asked with a wicked grin. Valeriya thought that it might be entertaining to give Tom or Tim the threesome he wanted and let her sister have her way with him. But that might result in both figurative and literal mess to clean up, and it would not be worth such a bother.

"No," Valeriya answered. "We have work to do. Wait in the kitchen while I get rid of him."

Svitlana stepped in and Valeriya closed the door. As her sister started walking towards the kitchen, Valeriya called after her: "Oh, and Svitlana. You are not to go after her alone. When she is found, we will go together, and with some of our people accompanying us. Inviting screw ups is out of the question. She must not get away or be badly hurt. She must become one with us."

For once, Svitlana did not argue. "The Coven must be complete," she nodded.

"The Coven will be complete," Valeriya nodded as well. "And the city will fall under our spell. Let the upstarts play their petty conspiracies and fumble with their sciences in a vain attempt to understand what was not meant to be understood. The old ways will triumph. Your preparations go well I hope?"

"Ahead of schedule," Svitlana grinned. "I enlisted the services of someone. A scientist. When people are desperate for answers, they are easily swayed by those who claim to have them.

Valeriya smiled approvingly in return. Then she went to the bedroom to kick her hook up out while her sister headed to the kitchen.