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The Old Guard has left, and so have New York’s most powerful supervillains, but New York is far from empty. Rikers holds several supervillains and their lieutenants. Countersuper Marshals stand ready to support The Protectors. And not all of the old heroes and villains are gone. Here are listed some of the notable individuals in New York.

Mr. Raccoon

There is something in Van Cortlandt Park. Something only children can see. By childish descriptions and drawings, it is a child sized raccoon. But Mr. Raccoon is not a figment of imagination. Several Protectors have conversed with him, although to them Mr. Raccoon has been only a disembodied voice. While not one of The Protectors, he is something of a protector of the park, helping people – especially children – who have gotten lost or in trouble. In one occasion, he warned all the children to take their parents home just before New York was struck by an unnatural ice storm.


Decades ago, Rick Fisher was the supervillain Hangman. A serial killer who hunted and killed sex offenders, until The Protectors apprehended him and he got sent to Rikers. He was among the several who were released after the Rikers Raid. The former supervillain has turned his back to his murderous past. He is still swift to step up when he sees someone being harassed, but has not killed anyone since his release. These days he has a family and works as a self defense instructor. Including private sessions for supers who need a trainer or sparring partner.


The Dragon Head of New York’s Triad is the supervillain Dragon, Bai Xiang, who is able to turn into the oriental version of one. Back before she ascended to the position of Dragon Head, she clashed with the Old Guard of The Protectors, but these days it is rare for her to take direct action personally.



Bai Lian, daughter of the Dragon and her nominated successor. In her human form she uses water and weather manipulation powers. Able to adopt a dragon form like her mother; wingless flight, claws and scales, spits lightning.


Prophet’s People are a semi-religious, ultra-conservative cult. Considered domestic terrorists, they have been a problem ever since The Storm first hit. Numerous rank and file members have been arrested for attacks against various minorities and political groups by both the police and The Protectors, but their leader, Prophet, has never been caught. He is believed to be a Super because of his ability to evade capture.


The sentient android who acts as the main jailer and last line of defense for Rikers. Whether inside or outside a nullifier field, the humorless android is seriously tough. During the Rikers Raid, it took The Protectors piling up on them to bring them down.

Dr. Forsberg alias Abductor


Better known to the public as the supervillain Abductor, Dr. Forsberg is a mind controller and a mad scientist obsessed with finding a way to trigger superpowers. Her dream is to give superpowers to everyone and uplift humanity to a transhuman state. Although no closer to that goal than she was when she was arrested, her enthusiasm has not diminished.

Thanks to her brilliant mind and the decades of research she has been allowed to do in Rikers, under close supervision, she is one of the leading experts in the field of superpowers. The Protectors often consult her. But despite her helpfulness and the fact that she has been a model prisoner, Dr. Forsberg might be the most dangerous supervillain in rikers. If there is one thing that has given the Old Guard nightmares, it has been the possibility of the Abductor escaping.

Mayor White

Janice White made her name as the Chief Executive Administrator of New York’s restoration project. Even back then, she had the Mayor of the time on a leash. Now she is the Mayor.
Always white haired, years show only in her skin, otherwise she remains as fit as ever.

What is not widely known is that Mayor White is also the Commander of Heroslayers. The semi-secret organization dedicated to curtailing abuses of superpowers. By any means necessary.
Ever since the Rikers Raid, Heroslayers have worked together with The Protectors. A large number of Countersuper Marshals are their rank and file. If different decisions had been made in the past, things could have gone differently.

Story vignette: Mayor White

Police Commissioner Angelo


Back when she was still Police Captain Angelo, she was the first ranking member of law enforcement to ally with The Protectors, although back then she had to do so in secret. Since then she has risen through the ranks and now commands New York’s police force. She remains a staunch ally of The Protectors. She is also honorable and ramrod straight in strictness, and has zero tolerance for needless violence or abuses of authority, whether among the police force or among The Protectors.


Originally the name of an advanced submersible designed and built by captain and inventor Nelson Montagne - or Captain Nemo, as he is better known among supers. Nemo designed the vehicle as a fully automated passenger submersible that only needed a captain, but had a holographic crew for the convenience of the passengers. The vehicle had a highly sophisticated autopilot to handle both the systems and direct the holograms. During the first Storm, the autopilot gained sentience.

Nemo and AYA were originally pressured to work for Jade Mask, who threatened Nemo's family, but in the final confrontation between Protectors and Jade Mask with his minions, they assisted the Protectors against the villain. Turned out that AYA's hologram crew is perfectly combat capable, their energy matrices capable of delivering a powerful shock. She just cannot project them far from the submersible.

These days, AYA works as the dispatcher for Super Marshals. The sentient AI's extreme processing and multitasking capacity makes her highly suitable for the role, as AYA can hold a conversation with multiple Protectors at the same time, and monitor radio frequencies and traffic cameras while doing that.

AYA identifies as female, and is fascinated with human form. Her hologram crew tend to appear dressed in somewhat revealing clothes.

Black Hat


A young man who looks like a wild west gunslinger - or at least the Hollywood version of one. Dressed all in black, except for decorative silver embroidery in the clothes. Black cowboy hat, black scarf over the face, and a pair of pistols on his hips that look like they might be actual Colt Peacemakers.

Black Hat is fond of duels, and it seems that he never misses. He does not fire ordinary bullets either, his bullets are ghostly. And he is not only hyper accurate, he has supersenses.

Dark Palms

A pair of high tech hitwomen. They wear armor that is compact, and made from material that is black in color and has an almost glassy surface. Reflective face plates, and attached weapons that are carbine sized and connected to small backpack with an armored cable. There is a symbol or an insignia on the shoulders of the armors. It looks like a black palm tree on red background.

Dark Palms specialize in hits against supers. They use microwave weapons, and the armor is supposedly tough enough to stop a high explosive detonation.


A familiar figure from the past, the cyborg assassin that fought the Original Protectors has grown old. His hair is now completely grey. But he does not move like an old person. Even standing still, he looks like a coiled spring, ready for action. In a job, he likes to wear urban combat fatigues.

Age has just made Crowley go for increasingly extensive augmentations, and today most of his body is cybernetic. He has no physical weaknesses due to age, just decades of combat experience.
And his augments are highly discreet, one might mistake him for an ordinary elderly man.


A cyborg assassin working for the Canadial Cartel, using a railgun as a weapon. He has far more obvious augments than Crowley. All of his limbs seem cybernetic, and even his armor seems to be a part of him.
What skin is visible, mainly from the neck up, is heavily scarred. He lacks Crowley's skill though, which is why the Protectors took him out easily.

Ground Control


A Canadian Cartel super with extreme martial arts skills and control over Earth and Healing powers. Managed to beat Cat Maiden, but lost handily to Air Maiden.

A black man with a beard on his chin. Likes to dress in a red shirt, black trousers and suspenders.


A super powered hacker and technology specialist working for the Canadian Cartel. Dresses in a very high tech looking outfit. It looks a bit like modern body armor, but one that has had various displays and sensors attached.

Atom Smasher

A Canadian Cartel supervillain with control over nuclear forces. Apparently he gets more powerful when he absorbs radiation.

Black Lion


Black Cat's son. A vigilante rather than a Protector. He did not join the law because he had issues about police brutality towards black people, and defends the City as a private person.

Officer Viper

Matt Wiper. NYPD officer with a superpower of transfixing gaze. When he turns his power on, his eyes turn into those of a snake. He is a man in his twenties, with short dark hair and slightly dark complexion.

Ghost Twins

Ash and Ashley Copperton. Brother Ghost and Sister Ghost. The adopted children of first generation supers Corona and Sallali. They are a pale skinned and platinum blonde pair of twins working as private investigators in Swann Investigations. As superheroes, they dress in ghostly white outfits that somewhat look like burial shrouds. And just like ghosts, they can turn invisible and insubstantial.



Murderous psychopath pretending to be a vigilante. Kills criminals for kicks. Looks like a scarecrow wielding a scythe.


Looks like a robotic android in a hoodie, but those are just mask and gauntlets. He has a minor machine control power and robs ATMs.


Super fast purse snatcher. Wears a light gray windbreaker with an image of a broken stop sign on chest and a collar that can be pulled over the lower part of the face.

Ghost Hand

Likes to dress all in black otherwise, except for a white mask and gloves. He can push his hands through storefront windows to grab items on display.

White Tiger

A buff guy dressed all in white, with a tiger mask. Can grow claws and uses them to rob stores by scaring the store owners. He is going after black store owners especially, so most likely some white supremacist.


Targets local celebrities. Takes something from their house and leaves a handmade mask in its place. No one has ever seen Stalker.


A man wearing a vintage racer outfit. Steals cars, races them on the streets invisibly, and posts a video on social media.

Wolf Pack

A pack of enormous wolves are prowling upstate.

Jade Mask

Jade Mask is back...

Sean Donovan


This 26 year old, well dressed, athletic red haired man with a beard trimmed short is the one who gets called when the organized crime family of Donovans needs brains more than muscle.
Then again, the Krav Maga trained former New York State Champion at 50 meter pistol, can muscle if necessary, even if he prefers brains over brawn.

The Maidens

The next generation of Coven. Coven has been highly secretive of their offspring, and only two of them are adults, but most likely several more are waiting in the shadows...

Air Maiden

Pamela Kedzierski, the daughter of Storm Witch. The blonde young woman is the eldest of the Maidens, and highly protective towards the others. And much more serious about her capacity for violence than her playful mother. Unlike her weather controlling mother, Air Maiden's powers are limited to controlling air - but she is much more powerful in that field than her mother, and anyone who has seen a tornado knows that Air is not something you want to play with.

Cat Maiden

Catherine Kishka, the daughter of Cat Witch. She has inherited her mother's superhuman physique, and possibly even the shapechanging abilities.
She is nowhere near as skilled a martial artist as her mother, but she is learning fast.

Blood Maiden

Blood Witch was the most murderous, and possibly even the most deadliest of the Coven, with perhaps only her twin sister Iron Witch surpassing her. But what is her brunette daughter, Babette Voloshyn like...

Fire Maiden


The fiery red 16 year old has been groomed to be the next leader of the Coven. Along with her twin sister, she has been raised to lead the Coven's next generation. Unfortunately, Iron Witch made the mistake of assuming that the centuries old evil haunting her family would go for the Voloshyn kids, and focused on protecting the children of her and her sister.

Wood Maiden

Traditionally, the Coven has been led by twins. The Leader and the Champion. Wood Maiden fulfills the latter role. A witch with her hair dyed green, she is extremely deadly...

Iron Maiden

Diana Voloshyn. An athletic teen girl with a blonde ponytail. And the daughter of Iron Witch, who has inherited her mother's unbelievable toughness. But while Iron Witch is a coldly scheming mastermind, Iron Maiden is an impulsive 14 year old teenager who cannot be stopped by anything short of anti-tank weapons.

Great Uncle Vlad

One should not mention the Maidens without also mentioning Vladimir Voloshyn. This mysterious European nobleman is a recent arrival to New York. He has also proven himself fast - but is he also immortal, and one of the first supers from centuries ago, which would make him one of the most powerful supers on the planet.

Vlad looks like he is in his late 40s or early 50s, with a mixed ethnicity that hints at both Asian and Caucasian ethnicity. Likes to dress in a smart, dark suit.

The Order of the Questing

Once a crusading fraternity of knights turned monks, after a falling out with the Holy See over matters of ethics during the era of the inquisition, they went from being a monastic order with knightly trappings
back to a knightly order with monastic trappings.

They are not anachronistic though. The Order of the Questing has kept up with the modern times in their training and gear. Many of their members are former soldiers, and the Spectra Plate the knights wear under
their habits might be the best body armor in existence. And, thanks to their more progressive Grand Master Inquisitor [1] they have finally gotten up to date in other respects as well and are accepting female knights
into the order.

Sister Deyani


Questing Knight Deyani Thahoyane is one of the first female knights of the Order. And the very first Native American one! Deyani is distantly related to some Original Protectors. She is the daughter of Sallali's cousin, a Cherokee Park Ranger the Protectors met in a few occasions. Growing up with tales of heroes and villains, she never wanted to be a princess when she was young, she wanted to be a knight - so when Inquisitor became the Grand Master of the Order and started his reforms, Corona and Sallali put her name forward as one of the first female initiates. And now she is back in her home city as a full knight of the Order.