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White Snake[edit]


Background and Description[edit]

Meilin and her twin sister Lian are the daughters of Bai Xiang, better known as Dragon, supervillain head of the New York Triads. From the moment of their birth, it was clear that fortune had favoured her sister; while her mother was capable of shifting between human and dragon forms, Meilin's appearance was a hybrid of the two, born with scales and a tail and the beginnings of horns.

Meilin was raised largely in secret in the family home, her existence only known to members of the Triad inner circle and teachers sworn to silence. She threw herself into learning and training, but never manifested the kinds of powers her bloodline was known for, at best managing to hide her inhuman appearance and take brief visits to the outside world, albeit under close guard. Meanwhile Lian quickly mastered water-elemental magic, and when she came of age manifested a true dragon form. On the day Dragon named Lian as her successor, Meilin swiped a stash of stolen money and went on the run.

On her own, experiencing life in the city for the first time, it didn't take long to realise that there were a lot of bad people out there, preying on the vulnerable, and the 'family' she'd grown up with were some of the worst. But she also came to realise that the little power she had, the skills and abilities that had never been good enough for her mother, was enough to make a difference. When she first put on the costume, she thought that maybe she could at least defend one neighbourhood against organised crime. But soon she ended up part of something bigger...

Note: Bai Meilin is her real name, but she doesn't publicise it due to the Dragon connection. Li Ji is the name on her fake ID. As a rule, she goes by May.


Motivation: Acceptance
Motivation: Doing Good
Prejudice: Appearance
Relationship: Mother
Rivalry: Sister

Character Sheet[edit]


Strength 5
Stamina 5
Agility 5
Dexterity 0
Fighting 5
Intellect 0
Awareness 5
Presence 0


Dodge: 7
Parry: 7
Fortitude: 5
Toughness: 0
Will: 5


Insight +5
Perception +5
Athletics +5
Acrobatics +5
Deception +5
Intimidation +5
Stealth +5
Expertise: Crime +5
Expertise: Magic +5
Expertise: Streetwise +5


Close Attack 5 [5pts]
Diehard [1pt]
Agile Feint [1pt]
Favoured Foe (Triads) [1pt]
Benefit (alternate identity) [1pt]
Benefit (cipher) [1pt]
Languages 2 [2pts]
Evasion 2 [2pts]
Improved Initiative [1pt]
Improved Trip [1pt]
Power Attack [1pt]
Uncanny Dodge [1pt]
Quick Change [1pt]
Hide In Plain Sight [1pt]


Protection 3 [3pts]
Regeneration 1 (persistent) [2pts]
Damage 5 (strength-based) [5pts]
Immunity (drowning, cold environments) [2pts]
Environmental Adaptation (underwater) [2pts]
Swimming 5 [5pts]
Alt: Leaping 5 [1pt]
Darkvision [2pts]
Awareness (magic) [1pt]
Morph 1 [5pts]
Alt: Concealment 5 (blending) [all visual, normal hearing] [1pt]
Extra Limb (reach) [2pts]



Background and Description[edit]

In the being currently known as Continnum's life there have been three major phases. The first lasted for a indeterminable amount of time. Literally indeterminable, for how can one measure time if one is the only consciousness there is, a sentient pocket universe in which only primordial energy and matter exists? It could have been mere months or eons beyond imagining. There is no way to tell.

Then in one moment this state of monotonous being was suddenly shattered, as perturbations from Outside were felt. Till that point, the living dimension was only barely aware of the concept of something external to itself. Now its attention was drawn across the Void between realities to Elsewhere.

Focusing on the source of the sensations, it discovered their cause. Within the Elsewhere it discovered Others, not-selves that possessed thought and will just as it did. Some of these beings, humans, had recently been granted extraordinary abilities from an event called The Storm, and one of the abilities some had gained was that of teleportation. It was the vibrations in the dimensional fabric caused by such powers that the entity had felt across the gulf of universes.

Fascinated with Elsewhere, Earth, and the beings that dwelled within it, the entity spent all of its time focusing its perceptions on the reality. For many of Earth's years the entity watched and listened, first the teleporters who first caught its attentions, then also their fellow supers and humanity as a whole.

The entity would have been content to simply watch for eternity if it wasn't for one fateful incident. One day, during the approach of a Second Storm to Earth, the spacefaring hero Cosmos was sent to investigate it. During the course of his mission his abilities were temporarily super-charged by the Storm, causing him to burst through the Universe's boundaries entirely. He ended up crossing the dimensional void and finding himself within the living universe had been observing Earth for more than three decades.

Instantly realizing where his unexpected visitor came from, the entity rewound time to undo any damage caused by his violently abrupt arrival. It then created an island of Earthlike environment and a humanish avatar to explain their situation to him.

Once Cosmos understood his current circumstances the hero attempted to return to Earth. But the abyss between actualities was too wide for Cosmos, whose power had returned to normal levels. The entity realized he would require its help to return home, so it combined its natural power to manipulate the dimensional fabric with the hero's abilities to do just that.

The effort was a success that not only returned Cosmos to Earth bur took the entity's avatar along as well. The being was thrilled with this new and unanticipated state of affairs. Not only could he experience the fascinating world of humanity from a whole new perspective but he could interact with it as well.

Cosmos, for his part, was a little wary of just letting an alien entity of undetermined power explore Earth without supervision. Deciding the best plan would be to get him to cooperate with the authorities, he persuaded the being the most interesting way to spend its time would be to be a superhero like him and quickly made arrangements to introduce it to the appropriate agencies. The newly minted superhero dubbed itself Continuum, for that is what he was, a living space-time continuum projecting its consciousness into a humanoid form.


Motivations: Thrills
Fame: He's the first publicly known alien. That fact alone draws an immense amount of renown.
Focus of The Fringe: While the majority of people have positive opinions about Continuum and believe what he's shared about his background, there are some individuals and groups scattered throughout the population who harbor a variety of erroneous beliefs and theories about the entity.

Some think he's responsible for the Bermuda Triangle, while others believe he caused The Storms. At least one cult think he's the alien tyrant who in a previous age had people's past incarnations executed in volcanoes, while a number of conspiracy theorists suspect his activities as a hero is part of a secret attempt to subvert human institutions in order to rule the world.

These false beliefs usually don't cause Continuum any difficulties but they can occasionally inconvenience him, especially if they're held by someone in a position of authority or who happens to possess things like major resources or superpowers.

Character Sheet[edit]


Strength 0
Stamina 3
Agility 0
Dexterity 0
Fighting 0
Intellect 5
Awareness 5
Presence 2


Dodge: 10
Parry: 10
Fortitude: 8
Toughness: 10 (7 from Protection)
Will: 12


Expertise: Supers 2 (7)
Investigation 4 (9)
Perception 4 (9)


Eidetic Memory
Speed of Thought


Avatar of an Extradimensional Entity...
Immortality 8 - Innate (Flat 1), Side Effect (Affliction 8 Resisted By Will - Dazed, Stunned, Incapacitated; Always Occurs -2) [5]
Immunity 3 (Aging, Disease, Need to Sleep) - Innate (Flat 1)
Protection 7 - Innate (Flat 1)
Feature 1 (Temporal Inertia) - Innate (Flat 1)
Dimensional Awareness - Senses 8 (Detect Things Occupying Space, Ranged, Acute, Analytical, Accurate, Awareness: Dimensional Distortions, Radius)
Dimensional Manipulation (40 point Array + 12 Alternate Effects): Short Range Displacement: Teleport 12, Accurate (+1), Change Direction (Flat 1), Change Velocity (Flat 1) Increased Mass (200 lbs; Flat 2)
Long Range Displacement: Teleport 12, Accurate (+1), Change Direction (Flat 1), Change Velocity (Flat 1), Extended (+1),Increased Mass (200 lbs; Flat 2), Limited to Extended (-1)
Displace Subject: Teleport 7, Accurate (+1), Attack (+0), Change Direction (Flat 1), Change Velocity (Flat 1), Increased Range (Perception; +2)
Short Range Portal: Teleport 8, Accurate (+1), Portal (+2)
Long Range Portal: Teleport 6, Accurate (+1), Easy (+1), Extended (+1), Limited to Extended (-1), Portal (+2)
Offensive Portal: Damage 11, Increased Range (Perception; +2), Indirect 4 (Flat 4), Precise (Flat 1), Variable Descriptor (Any Environmental Descriptor; Flat 2)
Wide Offensive Portal: Damage 8, Area - Line (+1), Increased Range (Perception; +2), Indirect 4 (Flat 4), Precise (Flat 1), Variable Descriptor (Any Environmental Descriptor; Flat 2)
Defensive Portal: Deflect 9, Indirect 4 (Flat 4), Increased Range (Perception; +1), Reflect (+1), Redirect (+1)
Recursive Trap Door Portal: Affliction 9 (Resisted and Overcome by Agility; Hindered & Vulnerable, Defenseless & Immobile), Affects Insubstantial (Full Effect; Flat 2), Alternate Resistance (Agility; +0), Extra Condition (+1), Increased Range (Perception; +2), Limited (Not flyers, teleporters or others who can automatically stop falling in midair; -1), Limited Degree (-1), Progressive (+2) Reversible (Flat 1)
Temporal Dilation Attack: Affliction 9 (Resisted and Overcome by Will; Hindered & Vulnerable, Defenseless & Stunned), Affects Insubstantial (Full Effect; Flat 2), Cumulative (+1), Extra Condition (+1), Increased Range (Perception; +2), Limited Degree (-1), Reversible (Flat 1)
Restorative Retcon: Healing 6, Energizing (+1), Increased Range (Perception; +2), Limited (Others; -1), Linked (to Immunity to Fatigue Effects; +0), Persistent (Flat 1), Restorative (+1), Resurrection (+1), Stabilize (Flat 1) + Immunity 5 (Fatigue Effects), Limited (Only Fatigue Effects imposed by using Restorative Retcon)
Repairative Retcon: Healing 9, Affects Objects (+1), Increased Range (Perception; +2), Limited (Objects Only; -1), Persistent (Flat 1)
Self Restorative Retcon: Healing 12, Energizing (+1), Limited (Self Only;-1), Linked (to Immunity to Fatigue Effects; +0), Persistent (Flat 1), Restorative (+1), Stabilize (Flat 1) + Immunity 5 (Fatigue Effects), Limited (Only Fatigue Effects imposed by using Self Restorative Retcon)

Sky aka Kimberly Park[edit]


Background and Description[edit]

Kim's family was among the people saved from the tenement fire by the original Protectors, and a young Kim was stunned by the sight of these amazing heroes! A short time thereafter, she discovered her own superpower! Her path was clear! She would become a hero herself!

...but her power was flight. Only flight. She was a very fast flier, agile, quiet, able to flit across the city in an instant... but that was all.

And that was fine.

She trained herself relentlessly, pushing her body as hard as she could, training in martial arts, acrobatics, first aid, tactics... she was determined. She had the powers. It was her duty.

She was going to step up, and do her part.

And save the day. No matter what.


Motivation: Responsibility
Secret Identity
Relationship: Roommate. Kim's roomate, Hana, works as an EMT and they cross paths frequently; Kim doesn't realize that Hana actually knows her secret identity.

Character Sheet[edit]


Strength 2
Stamina 4
Agility 13
Dexterity 0
Fighting 0
Intellect 0
Awareness 6
Presence 0


Dodge: 0/+13
Parry: 13/+13
Fortitude: 4/+8
Toughness: */+7
Will: 6/+12


Athletics 6/+8
Acrobatics 3/+16
Close Combat (Unarmed) 14/+14
Insight 4/+10
Investigation 4/+4
Perception 4/+10
Persuasion 4/+4
Stealth 1/+14
Treatment 4/+4


Luck 3
Takedown 2
Move-By Action
Evasion 2
Agile Feint
Improved Defense
Uncanny Dodge
Power Attack
Instant Up
Improved Critical (Unarmed) 5
Equipment 2


Flight 11, Subtle 1 [23]
Velocity Punch: Damage 4 (Str-Based), Multiattack 6 [10]

India "Blue Blur" Berringer[edit]


Background and Description[edit]

India was born as the third child of five to police officer Zack Berringer and nurse Deanna Berringer. Her brothers Todd, Sam, Aaron, and Will are all police officers (Sam is a detective in vice, Todd works as a liaison with the Protectors) like their father.

After the first storm, her mother exhibited light powers, but not at sufficient levels that she would ever think about fighting crime with them. Her minor light shows do allow her to entertain children in the pediatric ward of the hospital where she works.

India is the only child of Deanna that manifested powers. She followed in her mothers footsteps at first, eschewing fighting crime with her powers, working as a CSI for the NYPD. But with the second storm, she can no longer sit on the sidelines. She's answered the call to become the next generation of Protectors.

India wears a blue and white costume when works as the Blue Blur.

Gender: Female Age: 25
Eyes: Blue Hair: Honey Blond
Height: 5' 9" Weight:135 lb.

Size: Normal size ~6 ft.
Leaping: 1 mile at 500 miles/hour in 12 seconds
Walking: 2,000 miles/hour; 4 miles/round; Running: 4,000 miles/hour; 8 miles/round
Swimming: 1/2 mile/hour; 6 feet/round
Throwing Distances: 200 lbs. up to 6 ft, 50 lbs. up to 30 ft, 12 lbs. up to 120 ft


Disability: After all this time, India has not gotten use to hearing at high speeds. Everyone seems tooo taaaalk reeeeal-lllyyyyyy slooooowlyyyyyy. She sometimes has trouble remaining focused on what people are saying.
Motivation: Justice
Weakness: Vulnerable to Cold descriptor effects

Character Sheet[edit]


Strength 0
Stamina 5
Agility 0
Dexterity 0
Fighting 0
Intellect 4
Awareness 0
Presence 0


Dodge: 15
Parry: 15
Fortitude: 10
Toughness: 5
Will: 10


Athletics +0
Deception +0
Expertise: CSI +5 (1r)
Expertise: Known Supers +5 (1r)
Insight +0
Intimidation +0
Investigation +12 (8r)
Perception +8 (8r)
Persuasion +0
Stealth +0
Technology +5 (1r)
Treatment +5 (1r)




Initiative: +0; Close: +0; Ranged: +0

Grab: +0 (Special DC 10) Range: Close
Running around hitting stuff: Burst Area Damage 10: (Parry DC 25) Range: 30 feet radius sphere, dc 20
Snare: Cumulative Burst Area Affliction 10: (Dodge, overcome by Damage or Sleight of Hand DC 20) Range: 30 feet radius sphere, dc 20
Stuff appears to move on its own: Burst Area Move Object 8: (DC 23) Range: 200/400/800 ft.
Throw: +0 (DC 15)
Unarmed: +0 (DC 15) Range: Close


Blur: Concealment 2 - Sense - Sight; Flaws: Partial
Did we mention she's fast: Quickness 7 Perform routine tasks in -7 time ranks
Don't catch fire: Immunity 10 - Common Descriptor: Heat/Friction
Lifting: Enhanced Strength 4 +4 STR - Ability: Strength; Flaws: Limited to Lifting
Speed Effects
Running around hitting stuff: Burst Area Damage 10 - Extras: Alternate Resistance (no cost): Parry, Area (Burst) (30 feet radius sphere, dc 20), Selective
Snare: Cumulative Burst Area Affliction 10 - 1st degree: Hindered and Vulnerable, 2nd degree: Defenseless and Immobilized, Resisted by: Dodge, overcome by Damage or Sleight of Hand; Extras: Area (Burst) (30 feet radius sphere, dc 20), Cumulative, Customize, Extra Condition, Selective, Sleep; Flaws: Limited Degree, Limited: Requires materials "on hand" for restraining targets
Stuff appears from nowhere: Burst Area Create 10 Volume: 1000 cft. - Extras: Area (Burst) (30 feet radius sphere, dc 20), Movable, Precise, Subtle (Look natural); Flaws: Limited: Objects must already exist within say a mile of the target location
Stuff appears to move on its own: Burst Area Move Object 8 6 tons - Extras: Area (Burst) (30 feet radius sphere, dc 18), Damaging, Precise
Speed: Speed 10 Speed: 2000 miles/hour, 4 miles/round
Alt: Leaping: Leaping 10 Leap 1 mile at 250 miles/hour in 12 seconds
Zipping up walls: Movement 3 - Wall-crawling 2 (Full speed), Water Walking 1 (You sink if you are prone)

Day Dreamer AKA Henry Johns[edit]


Creator of astral contracts to save the day, Creator of fantastic worlds to entertain

Background and Description[edit]

Henry Johns was a day dreamer as a kid always imagining cool adventures, cool ability's, awesome vistas and interesting plots. This lead him to attempt a career in writing, and he had modest success, common review where brilliant imagery fantastic descriptions, weak character and poor pacing. The his storm powers activated and he gained a small package of psychic senses and the ability to create physical astral forms of what he could imagine. Creating an armour suit and weapons, he became the Day Dreamer.

Henry Johns is 31 years old, Caucasian and looks slightly older then his age. Currently Living with his mother in a large apartment due to them both enjoying each other company as flat mates and a complex relationship with his publicist,

Day Dreamer astral armour is constantly changing like the logic of a dream and to fit Day dreams current fancy mostly sticking along major themes rather then fixed static forms. His two main forms of his astral armour is the Virtuous Knight and The Mask Cowboy.


Astralium is what Day dreamer calls the material he calls from the astral realms psycho-reactive it reacts to his thoughts and to the thoughts to those he gives control over. It's physical properties seem to shift with needs being everything from super hard material to light floating air but the main consistent property, the stronger, more solid the form astralium takes the slower the shifting colours shift, ranging from molasses at the slowest to shifting smoke at the weakest and a noticeable but not illuminating glow. Colour is weird as while the colour scheme is semi-constant when the an astral construct is given to another the Astralium gains streaks of colours that suit the new wielder.

Day Dreamer wonders what more he can learn about it's nature, properties and potential mysteries but knows he lacks the skills to do more.


Motivation: Thrills (As much as he want's to say its doing good, it really is the chance to live out his power fantasys)

Fame: Henry a published author and has gone on a couple of book tours

Relationship: Mum/Barbra, His mother supported his efforts to become an author even when it looked like he would never be published, now he's made it and has good income and owns a much better home then what he grew up in, she accepted his invitation to keep living with him. Doesn't know about his hero-ing. More a house mate then a guardian or responsibility but very much near the firing line.

Relationship: Richard Cohen, His publicist and now friend, Knows he's a hero, says as long as Henry make his 3rd deadlines he doesn't care better then the ones that don't write due to drinking. Both had on and off again crushes on each other but neither so far have acted as they both have unspokenly decided it would be unprofessional

Mundane form: while his esp abilities work all the time to access his enhanced physique requires him to done his armour which while takes little time in itself takes some time a a little privacy

External sheet[edit]

Due to Multiple forms Day dream is stored on a different page

Day Dreamer AKA Henry Johns