Age Of Dragons: Hatchery Overview

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Character generation can be broken down into three steps. This is something worth spending time on - typically an hour or so in total.

  • Conceptualise the Dragon
  • Note Birthrights and Flaws.
  • Build the Core Framweork
  • Determine Lifepath, Lifepath Arete and record Edges.

Characterisation: Creating your Dragon Concept

In overview the process is as follows:

  • Select Breed
  • Name Your Dragon
  • Aesthetic Detailing
  • Describe Personality
  • Create History
  • Establish Character Relationships
  • Set Agenda
  • Consolidate Character

Birthrights and Flaws

In overview this step is as follows:

  • Record Universal Birthrights and Flaws
  • Record Breed Birthrights and Flaws

The Core Framework

In overview the process is as follows:

  • Breed Ratings: Record your Pneuma, Soma and Sophia as determined by breed.
  • Variations: Add +1 to one Sphere, and deduct -1 from one Sphere.
  • Energy Pools: Record Soul, Physical and Mental energy

Lifepath, Lifepath Arete and Edges

In overview the process is as follows:

  • Lifepaths: Select your Lifepath or Lifepaths.
  • Determine Arete: Determine your Arete in each Lifepath you have.
  • Determine Edges: Select and record the Edges that your Lifepath has given you.