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The Innocent Sinners[edit]

Descended from a branch of Forest Dragons, the Jungle Dragons exist in the vast unnamed tropical rainforests that lie to the southwest of the Heart Forest.

While still recognisably sharing a common ancestry, Jungle Dragons have changed over the ages into a distinct sub-breed, with a mindset and culture that is entirely alien to the dragons of the Heart Forest.

Character Creation: Game Rules[edit]

The above rules and background details apply to the sub-breed of "Jungle Dragons".

The progenitor breed of Forest Dragons are covered separately, as are the corrupted Jade Dragons.

Sphere Ratings[edit]

  • Soma 6
  • Sophia 2
  • Pneuma 6

Jungle Dragons are mentally deficient by draconic standards, but combine physical power and arcane might, making them true masters of their jungle homes.


Freedom of Fertility - Jungle Dragons do not suffer the birthing sickness as other dragons do.

Rapid Maturity - Neonate Jungle Dragons mature twice as fast as other dragon breeds.

Breed Weakness[edit]

Brief, Bloody Lives - Jungle Dragons do not grow more powerful as they age, instead aging and dying like mortal animals. At 90+3D6 years of age they lose -1 from Pneuma, Soma and Sophis, and lose a further -1 each 2d6 years afterwards. When any score hits zero, they die of old age. In senescence, a Jungle Dragon ceases to be fertile.

Physical Appearance[edit]

Jungle Dragons are superficially similar to their parent breed, but have far darker green colouration, are more heavily built, and oftem have thin red and yellow bands running along their torso. Their eyes, while still a pale yellow colour, stand out far more sharply in contrast against their darker skin.

Society and Culture[edit]

Jungle Dragons lack true society and culture, instead existing somewhat like intelligent animals. Alpha males of the breed dominate their small family groups and claim sole breeding rights with the females in their packs. There is an inherent assumption amongst Jungle Dragons that females are useful only as breeding stock, and it is not uncommon for female hatchlings to be deliberately declawed and detoothed at birth so that they can be more easily controlled when they are older. Lesser males are either kept in line until they're old enough to challenge for leadership (a battle to the death, naturally). Dragons from other packs are either there to be captured (and thereafter brought into the pack) or killed and eaten (as to a Jungle dragon meat is just meat, regardless of source).

Despite possessing some intelligence (less than a human, but more than most animals) they tend to be happy in their atavistic state. Language is kept to a minimum, they have no appreciation of civilisation or technology, and have no over-arching cultural myths. Most have not even heard of the Mother Goddess, and instead are more concerned with day to day animal existence.

Their way of life and their lack of education means that their brutal existence is perpetuated, generation after generation. Because their jungle domains are so far from the rest of the Realm (at least good month's flight from the area of Heart Forest where their parent breed lie) they remain uninfluenced by the ways of the other draconic peoples.

A small number of Jungle Dragons have in the past been relocated from their environment by well-meaning Forest Dragons. Inevitably this has met with failure - the Jungle Dragons seem unwilling or unable to adapt to more civilised behaviour.

Lifepaths and the Jungle Dragons[edit]

Without even trying, almost all Jungle Dragons will follow the path of the Beast Unbound. In their homelands, they simply have no other options available.


Meat Chewer, Alpha of his Pack talks about the various visitors he's had to the jungles. he doesn't often bother with words and language, so listen up!

  • Pure Dragons - "White dragon came see me once. Good soft flesh. Went down to stomach easy."
  • Argent Dragons - "Break off his metal shell first. Then ate."
  • Solar Dragons - "Looked like white one, except yellow, and make more noise dying."
  • Hunter Dragons - "Not met one. Or ate one. Heh. They sound too bony anyway."
  • Forest Dragons - "Look bit like us. Scared of us though. Watch out for magic ones."
  • Storm Dragons - "One of them lives in big sea that way. We talk sometimes. Flies underwater. Weird guy."
  • Ashen Dragons - "Not seen one. Do they taste good?"
  • Velvet Dragons - "Pretty dragon you say? Bring her here, add to my pack."
  • Chimerical Dragons - "Scales like rainbow? Grandad told me about them. Sound odd."
  • Ghost Dragons - "No, never seen one. What is ghost?"
  • Blood Dragons - "Grandad told me once one came here trying to be Alpha of whole jungle, with big pack of dead man-things. He said it taste bad."
  • Sable Dragons - "They come in black too now? Hmm, hope they taste as good as white ones."