Agents of Empress Wu:Spring Morning Mist

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Spring Morning Mist

Jianghu Rank: 1

Refresh: 2



High Concept: Ex-Resplendent Phoenix Society reject

Trouble: Ill-tempered delinquent who lacks feminine graces

Phase One: The girls who cannot be graceful phoenixes

Phase Two: Fox Spirit Song

Phase Three: The Court is Another Battlefield


Great (+4) Fight

Good (+3) Athletics, Decieve

Fair (+2) Chi, Stealth, Will

Average (+1) Rapport, Music, Notice, Physique


Physical O O O

Mental O O O


Mild [2]: _________________________

Moderate [4]: _____________________

Severe [6]: _______________________

Kung Fu:

Flowing Universe

Form Aspect: Water can take the shape of everything it is held in. It can flow around or over obstacles. Be like the flowing water and change along with your opponent. When this style encounters resistance, it uses soft, circular motions to retreat or flow aside, but never meets it head on. It's a subtle, mercurial style that relies as much on intuition as it does on physical motion.


Contained Water Sphere (Basic): Any Boost you receive from a Defend action can be converted into a full Advantage with a free invoke.

Dragging Currents: If you Succeed with Style on a Defend action, you get a +2 to Attack the same opponent the next turn. This is in addition to the Boost you'd earn with the Success with Style.


Lashing Black Silk Wires: Spring Morning Mist can channel her chi into her hair, making it as strong as steel yet retaining its suppleness, and use it as a weapon or to grab opponents or objects. Having it in twin tails means she's effectively dual weilding, and she sometimes weaves weights or blades into it to make it even deadlier. I Won't Do What You Tell Me: Get a +2 to Will when resisting someone trying to Overcome you or Create an Advantage on you with Rapport.


First Phase: The Girls Who Cannot Be Graceful Phoenixes

Second Phase: Fox Spirit Song

All warriors rely on a certain sixth sense to aid them in their fights. Awareness of chi lets them sense their enemies and reveal their intentions and power. The hulijing laughs at such abilities! Just as the eye and ear can be fooled, so can chi awareness. Through fine control over your own powers, you present deceptions to confound those who stand against you.

Third Phase: The Court Is Another Battlefield

Those who grew up amongst the politics of the Imperial Court know that the battles there can be just as intense and deadly as those among the wulin. Even though Spring Morning Mist is estranged from the Resplendent Phoenix Society, she spent her formative years knowing how to fight such battles, and has allies and enemies there.

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