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(Kung Fu: Iron Dragon Form)
(Kung Fu: Iron Dragon Form)
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|'''Iron Body, Iron Mind '''
|'''Iron Body, Iron Mind '''
|+2 bonus to create an advantages relating to resisting or coping with pain, intimidation, or fear.
|'''Flesh Breaks on Iron'''
|'''Flesh Breaks on Iron'''

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Name: Steel Eyed Doe
High Concept: Wandering Sword Princess
Trouble: My families are always on my Trail
Aspect: Charmingly Naive
Aspect: Steel in her hand, Steel in her soul
Aspect: I am no puppet, but they hold my strings
Player: WightMutt
Refresh: 2

The women who'd become known as Steel Eyed Doe wanted for nothing while growing up, her family held important posts in their city and where thus well connected and rich. Her life was and endless parade of parties and luxuries despite that she couldn't help but notice that she treated a bit differently from the rest of her siblings, she was kept more isolated and protected, rarely allowed out of the almost cloying presence of her guardians.

It was during a party when she'd temporarily managed to slip her guardians, that she noticed that while the nobles of the city lived a life of endless luxury the common folk around them suffered, short of all the things she took for granted. She thought about it and decided that surely it was an anomaly, that her life and that of her family couldn't be built on the suffering of others. She then made it a point to more regularly escape from her guardians and move among the common folk trying to under stand the truth, her Charmingly Naive nature meant that many people would trust her and speak to her, but a few times it got her into trouble when she was taken advantage of by unscrupulous individuals.

These adventures led her to decide that something had to be done so she began to take actions to correct some of the injustices that she saw flashing blade in hand. It was during this time she earned the name Steel Eyed Doe, when thugs and villains she fought against commented that the Steel in her hand, matched the Steel in her soul she would not be brought or slowed when she set her mind on a task, no matter the odds or difficulties she saw.

Eventually her family learned of her escapades and sought to stop her, for unknown to her father was not the man she called father, but an imperial spymaster who had been her mothers lover at one time. They were terrified that her father would learn of her existence and that his wrath would be visited upon them.

The restrictions placed upon her, led Steel Eyed Doe, to decide to run away but almost from the beginning she realised that her Family was her trail but that unknown to her others had an interest in her as well.


+4 Will
+3 Fight Rapport
+2 Empathy investigation Notice
+1 Athletics Deceive Provoke Stealth


Physical [1] [2] [3]

Mental [1] [2] [3]



Doe has +2 to Defend against Provoke attacks using Intimidate or Fear


Doe can inore a Mild/Moderate consequence for a scene but it comes back at the end of the scene one step worse.

Dragon Crescent Glaive

This heavy halbard weapon is a family heirloom, when combined with Steel Eyed Doe's fighting style it allows her to attach the Off-Balance aspect with a free invoke, to an enemy when she succeeds on a defend action against fight with style.

Kung Fu: Iron Dragon Form

Iron Body, Iron Mind ToDo
Flesh Breaks on Iron When you defend against a Fight attack with style, you may inflict 2 shift hit instead of taking a boost on your attacker.
Dragon Sleeps in Mist When you succeed with style on a defense, you may reduce the result by 1 to gain 2 Armor Rating against the next attack in the scene that strikes you in addition to the normal boost

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