Alcohols of Amber

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On the Issue of Potentcy

Amber is not known as an industrial nation but in some areas it produces well. Fish and alcohol among them.

When one considers the alcohol produced in Amber, and some nearby shadows and Shades one needs to consider the one influence on an alcohol that can rarely be added to alcohols across shadow; Proximity to the Pattern. Patterns, Marks, even most Squiggles, give a realm a certain sense of potency. This carries over to the raw material used in making alcohol.

Many people say that certain breads in Amber are better. These breads are made from local grain. Grains are the main ingredient in making most alcohols. The unique qualities of the grains in Amber have lead to the produce of alcohols using it to be considered superiors to shadow alcohols despite often having the same alcohol content.

Connoisseur may be sticklers over vintage, origin, and methodology in making alcohols, but even a casual drinker can tell the difference between breads and alcohols made in Amber and close shadows and those made further out.

With this in mind, many of the alcohols are no more potent then their shadow cousins, but because of their proximity to a High Order construct, can effect people more powerfully and effect those with a higher endurance or constitution.


By far the most famous of Amber's Alcohol is the Bayle brand of wines. He is famous for the incredible red wines they produce. His less accomplished white wines are generally better then most white wines in shadow but the bar for alcohol in Amber is high. "Bayle's Piss" is a quaffing wine found commonly through the kingdom of Amber and denigrated because how poorly it compares to the fine reds. The insult is lost on travelers who often find Bayle's white wines among the finest in shadow. They produce a wide range of other wines both in Amber and in places throughout the Golden Circle. They have a well-regarded Rose'. They have a Mead made in Kashfra that is traded across many worlds. They have a Thelusian Orange Wine that is ubiquitous in Thelusian homes.

Bayle wines are the only wines used in Unicorn Church services in Amber and in better churches across the Golden Circle.


Amber has many brews and nearly all taverns brew their own to some degree.


The Bayle Family produces the finest wines in Amber and provides wine to the Calyias Family to produce superior brandy. The family also makes excellent Ports and Sangrias.


Green Gin

Another product of the Distillers of the Royal Family of Amber, situated in the High country north of Yal where plentiful Junipers grow. The grain mash is distilled and the juniper essences added and mellowed. The process was perfected by Oberon in the earliest ages of the kingdom and was long one of the only exports. The royal family is known to have vast quantities in storage in a nearby shadow.

Old Mink

See Old Mink for more information.

Old Mink is a 170 proof alcohol made from corn & mushrooms with incredibly concentrated quantities of Psilocybin. It is cut with ginger, jalapeños, and concentrated sugars. It is usually aged in fruit barrels with burned interiors. Apple, Orange, Lemon, Lime, and grapefruit woods are used. Often cut halves of these fruits are left in the barrels to age.


Whiskey of Amber

Created by the Distillers of the Royal Family of Amber in chambers deep in the dungeon's of the Castle. It quadruple distilled.

  • The Whiskey of Amber is a sweet and potent single malt whiskey. It is 184 proof, a whopping 92% alcohol, designed for drinkers with heroic constitutions.
    • It is similar to Bruichladdich X4 Quadrupled Whisky. A Scottish whisky based on the seventeenth-century method of quadruple distilling and is slated as the most alcoholic single malt ever made, containing 92 percent alcohol.