Alex Taylor

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Alex is a PC in St. Jude's Monsterhearts

Alex Taylor

  • Look: eclectic, tempting eyes
  • Origin: Foster child


  • Hot 1
  • Cold 1
  • Volatile 0
  • Dark -1


  • Feathers

Your magic lets you pass as the person whose clothes you're wearing. When you're seen wearing someone else's clothes, but aren't yet passing, roll with hot. On a 10 up, you're passing as them - you'd fool their mother and their favorite hookup. Mark the outfit you're wearing below. On a 7-9, same as above, but choose one:

    • the magic will dissipate if you kiss or get kissed,
    • the magic will dissipate if you lash out at anyone.

While you're passing as someone, give social Conditions you receive to them instead. This won't let you avoid physical Conditions, though.

  • Shredding the Looking Glass

When someone suspects you're not who you appear to be, read them this: "If the enchantment were to be broken, the edges would be very sharp. You momentarily notice a gap in my magic. Choose one:

    • tear my magic away - my identity ms revealed and the clothes are in tatters, but you get scratched up in the process and take 1 harm,
    • or, shake your head to clear it - it was nothing."
  • A Little Bird Told Me

When you blab vicious lies about someone behind their back, roll with cold. On a 10 up, give them a Condition. • On a 7-9, give them a Condition, but some people don't believe you, so gain the Condition liar.

Other Moves

Sex Move

Once you've had sex with someone, add 1 to your rolls for passing as them. (List them here, and also add +1's to your outfit list.) People you've slept with:

Darkest Self

Somebody is a hack at playing themselves in their own life. It grates on you. It's time for you, the understudy, to take that place in the spotlight; you portray them so much better than they do. It's time to take them out of the picture, using whatever means necessary. Replace them. You escape your Darkest Self when something they do surprises you, or someone shows a genuine care for them, or you succeed.


  • Robyn
  • Conor
  • Yoanna : a windbreaker
  • Seth : A school jacket
  • The nurse : A cardigan


He's on the school rolls as a male and wears the boys' uniform, but that's the extent to which he bows to societal convention. He's blond and green-eyed, and keeps his hair as long as the rules will let him get away with; he wears earrings and a necklace with a yin-yang pendant under his uniform, occasionally a bit of eyeliner or lip-gloss. On weekends and holidays he dresses even more androgynously, if anything (at least, when he's not passing as someone else).

He's a foster child, living with the Owens, a poor family supplementing a meager income with foster care payments, living in that block of the catchment that the borough council wants to knock down but can't seem to really get rid of. The Owens are also quite religious, and they and all their foster brood (4 including Alex, the oldest, but none of their own) attend services every Sunday, as well as insisting on religious assembly; they send their kids to St. Jude's because of Church, not the academics.

He's in year 11, taking a music elective -- he's a musician, and plays the flute (he has a tarnished old one that he was given by a previous foster family) quite well -- in addition to the required courses. He's smart but skates by on the minimum requirements, doing homework cursorily if at all, and his foster parents don't really care too much.