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Lady Alvah's Journals



Alvah her journal of her life in shadow

At the age of 4 Delwin has taken Alvah away from Azcala and her family there to be raised in a protected shadow away from the Azcalan customs and her somewhat fanatic mother.

Alvah is a ninja!

Alvah is a ninja!

Alvah fights in school

Alvah fights in school

Alvah's movie night

Alvah's movie night

Alvah has a new ballet teacher

Alvah has a new ballet teacher

Alvah expelled, arrested and mad.

Alvah expelled, arrested and mad.

Alvah returns to school

Alvah loses her friends.

Alvah hunts the hunters

Alvah hunts the hunters

Alvah and the brownies

Alvah and the brownies

Alvah has life cargo

Alvah has life cargo

Alvah's pregnancy scare

Alvah's pregnancy scare

Alvah does a hot dance.

Alvah does a hot dance.

Alvah gets burned.

Alvah gets burned.

Alvah gets in an accident.

Alvah gets in an accident

After this Alvah joins the Marines for a span of 6 years, where she will quit after having broken her commanding officers jaw for having her team killed. She is ofcourse dishonorably discharges.

Alvah feels butterflies

Alvah feels butterflies

Alvah and the Mouse

Alvah and the Mouse

Alvah goes mad, again.

Alvah goes mad, again.

Alvah hangs around

Concidering life choices

Alvah gets flirted with

Alvah gets flirted with

Running Journal.

Starting from the moment Alvah learned there was so much more.

The adventures of Alvah since she learned of Amber and all its glory... and drama.

How it started.

How Alvah found out

Meeting king Random

Alvah meets king Random

Meeting Dame Margot

Meeting Dame Margot.

Visiting the dungeons

Alvah visits Brand

Alvah goes through town.

Alvah and Delwin go drinking.

Running with the Elites

Alvah goes on a morning run

Dwynwen and Alvah moving around

Dwynwen and Alvah teleporting around

Walking the pattern

Alvah walks the pattern

Meeting Vance

Alvah meets her half brother Vance

Dwynwen and Alvah run off

Dwynwen and Alvah run away

Family roadtrip

Family road trip with Vance, Agrom and Alvah

Introduction to the court

Alvah finds a note Me first, king Random

Talking with Vek and Arlo

And boy do they talk

Dinner with the king

Fancy dinner snarky talk.

Thin Whip's

Meeting new people

Talk with Hagalta in sea view gardens

Alvah plays jailer

Dealings with Difuro

Alvah and Jurt dealing with Difuro

Talking with Delwin

getting some answers from dad.

Rasak, the Nasty Place

To hell and back

Adledross, lets head west!

Not done yet with the hell thing

Coming home from Adledross.

Back from Adledross

Helping out in the kitchen

Alvah helps out in the kitchen

Talking to Spatchi

Bonding with Spatchi

Dinner Party

Alvah gets awkward at the dinner party

Thin Whip's again.

Alvah deals with her frustrations...

Uta Thin Whip and Alvah drinking

Meeting Untara

Patchi has a new place

Renovating Spatchi's new place

Bleys teaches Alvah to shadowwalk

Alvah her first real shadowwalk

Intermezzo thanks to stepdad

Alvah meets her stepdad

Arriving at Vulsara

Alvah revisits her brother

Reconnecting with Shaver.

Alvah gets to talk to Candle/Shaver

Visit to the library in VulsaraBase

Alvah and Candle go study

Conversation with Nur about Dufiro

Alvah meets Nur again.

Talk with Xozla

Alvah talks with Xozla with backup

Making plans Saving Delwin

Alvah contacts Delwin and falls through

Conversation with Benedict

Alvah hears Benedict's plans

Lessons Conjuration from Arlo

Conjuration class from Arlo

Alvah on a tripping shadowwalk

Drugged up shadowwalk

Vek helps clean up

Cleaning up the tripping mess

Arlo is Free

Arlo and Alvah talk

Vek and Alvah hanging out

And stealing blue tequilla

Alvah gets burned

And calls mom.
A coyote shape shifts into Random who joins Vance standing under a Big Tree.
The King who was A Coyote says to the Star Warrior. "Well, are we better off or worse off.?"
Vance frowns and says, "Yes"

Talk with Aztilios

Talking with Aztilios in Zaxili

Walk with Aztilios

Walking with Aztilios in the moonlight by the beach

Morning rites with Cihalas

Sacrificing some tomatoes

Vek and Alvah out in Zictla part 1

Getting lunch and watching some sacrificing

Mandor, Vek and Alvah drinking

Letting the blue tequilla flow (Vek's story)

Vek and Alvah out in Zictla part 2

Experiencing the night life of Zictla

Vek and Alvah have a brilliant idea.

Not THAT brilliant

Party in Untola!

Alvah her first sacrifice

Back in time for the rite

Vek gets sacrificed.

Back in Amber

Back in Amber and fighting in the hallway

Meeting about Azcala

Information about Azcala its history

Going out for lobster

Vek taking out Dwynwen and Alvah for lobster

Studying at Amber Star Fleet.

Spatchi Dwynwen and Alvah study at Vulsara base

Alvah and Spatchi talk about their shadow.
Talks about Jetex

The road to Jetex

Spatchi Dwynwen and Alvah are going to Jetex.

Arriving in Jetex

Spatchi Dwynwen and Alvah arrive in Jetex and set things up

First guests in Jetex

Vek, Maximillian visit the cantina

Talk of sacrificing

Vek and ALvah talk about sacrificing

A plan is forming

Vek, Digan, Nur and Alvah make a plan for the future

Agrom Visits Jetex

Agrom on forced leave in Jetex

Talk with Delwin in Jetex

Delwin and Alvah talk once more

Alvah suicide run to Zunala

An impossible mission with a twist

Encountering Xolotl

Xolotl and his homemade sigil

Arriving in Veksvale

Arriving in Veksvale with a pattern

The pattern from Zunala arrived in Veksvale.
From here Realmer was present as well.

Alvah Vek and Fiona walk the new pattern.

Alvah Vek and Fiona walk the new pattern.

Veksval turning into a camp

Veksvale turning into a camp

Vek and Alvah have a personal talk

Vek and Alvah have a personal talk

Realmer and Alvah talk patterns

Realmer and Alvah talk patterns

A grand event fixing the pattern

A grand event fixing the pattern

At the pattern after party

At the pattern after party

Everybody left except Nur. 
The army of elites stays under lead of Lt. Spatchi 

Vek and Alvah walk around Veksvale

Vek and Alvah walk around Veksvale

Vek and Alvah the morning after

Vek and Alvah the morning after

Vek and Alvah talk shapechanging

Vek and Alvah talk shapechanging

Nur and Alvah talk about the past

Nur and Alvah talk about the past

Vek and Alvah playing Fennec

Vek and Alvah playing Fennec

Spatchi and Alvah talk, and fight

Spatchi and Alvah talk, and fight

Vek summons Craggle

Vek summons Craggle

Vek and Alvah back to business

Vek and Alvah back to business

Nur and Alvah talk dufiro

Nur and Alvah talk dufiro

Vek and Alvah talk

Vek and Alvah talk

Vek takes Alvah to Bajas

Vek takes Alvah to Bajas

Vek takes Alvah to Ang Ri

Vek takes Alvah to Ang Ri

Alvah becomes a warrior and her first bout.

Alvah becomes a warrior and her first bout.

Alvah writes her first song

Alvah's first song

What If....

What if Alvah went left with the sword of woe and glee

Alvah her thoughts of others.


Let’s start with Delwin, you would say that I already met him but that isn't really true is it. He is my father, but I have lived in his house not knowing who he truly was.
Overbearing, overprotective, demanding and can really throw a fit if things go wrong. He really showed his colors when I came to Amber.
When I was about to walk the pattern my father was there cussing and yelling at everyone. Telling me I should not do this that I am not ready and can't make decisions.
There I understood that if I would not actively take distance from my father I would never grow. Never shed this adolescent version of me to become my own.
Dad if you ever see this. I do love you and I am grateful for all you did and do for me, but I need to be my own person and make my own mistakes.


An elegance as painful as fire. A prowess as strong as a tree. But I trust you as far as I can throw both of those things.
So I met you the moment I learned my father had lied to me. The moment my world kind of crumbled maybe that has been part of my negative feelings for you.
Though you were the one telling my father off that if he didn't take me to Amber, you would. That speaks for you and the immense power radiating from your being.


Oh my dear dear friend. At first, I did not know what to think of you. But very quick I learned you are funny witty and a lovely person. Be it broken but the best are.
You showed me the first steps of shapeshifting. You saved me when my hair fell out, because of my attempt of shapeshifting.
And if I need to run away, I call on you. Thank you, that I can call you friend and that you are my companion in mischief.
You traveled with me to my personal shadow together with you and Spatchi we build up something nice. It was maybe not the nicest thing of me to leave you and Spatchi there.

King Random

Oh how I have issues with authority. Not perse you just anyone who can say that I have to do stuff.
We had a good talk. And what I can see and heard from you and how you defied my father, I really respect you.
I may even say I like you as a person. But just that whole authority thing stands in the way of fully liking you.
Though if I have to follow a ruler, a king, then I do not mind following you.


Jeesh man, my eyes burn when I come near you in the library. But I won’t complain about any question I have I can go to you.
And I even find it now amusing to just walk up ask a semi elaborate question and listen to you spew off a complete encyclopedia worth of knowledge.
I actually do appreciate that and that without judging, or so far you have shown none, you take time and answer any question you know the answer to.


How pissy I would like to be about Flora, but it is true when she enters an area people look, she is a like a fresh breeze of the sea combined with the sweet smell of an evening flower and a cold sparkly drink.
I can only respect her the way she is on top of things. And how I expected her to be. She is not. She is actually kind and showed me kindness from the first moment I stepped into Amber.
She offered me to teach me parsletongue still have to take her up on that.

Dame Margot

Thank you so much for making me feel at home, to take the time to talk to me, for the lovely cup of tea.
I actually got a motherly vibe from you and I like that. People sometimes talk so tough and want to avoid you, but really why.
I loved it that you showed me how to cook. I should have learned that before, ask my father. His kitchen has seen horrors


Had to see you by order of King Random, so I went by your cell brought a basket of goodie from Dame Margot.
We talked, you I don’t get yet. But that is okey you are not going anywhere soon really. Maybe at a point I will visit you again.
See if we can talk. Except for that you tried to end everything you don’t seem a bad guy.


Well aint you a big guy, had to make dealings with you to make sure Dwynwen was released from your bond.
So now I’m one of your jailers. And I can take you out to enjoy a meal. We had a talk which kind of escalated but that only proves to me you are a person.
That you do feel. I’m sure we will see eachother again. Jailer and all.


I’ve met you during the parkour run of the elites. You complimented me that I joined in and it was great fun.
Later you explained a few things to me about how things work. About sorcery, about elites. And you were honest with me about intent. That was very welcome.
Later in the patternchamber you were a royal ass. But hey can’t hold that against you my father was throwing a tantrum. Perhaps I’ll see you again, go to your theater, or see you on a run.
So i can also call you my teacher now, and damn can you party. You taught me Sorcery and gave me my first lesson in shadowwalking. I'm really liking you uncle Bleys. hah, but i know there is always an ulterior motive.


Okey I have not yet had the pleasure to talk to you.
The only thing we exchanged were the “welcome to Amber.” You told me after you shot Hagalta and the ‘I am watching you’ look you gave me when I had taken Hagalta out for food to the sea side garden.
You kind of scare me, okey maybe not scare me but more I am very, very cautious around you. Perhaps we will be able to have a conversation once.


Alright, you, Vek I just can’t put my finger on. Who you exactly are. But so far you don’t seem like a bad guy.
Bit out there, playful but smart. And you have the same thing as Arlo. I can ask a question and you will tell me the answer.
You will explain to me where the answer came from and more. And I love that. I can actually enjoy sitting in the library listening to you or Arlo roll of theories and hypotheses.


What can I say, I feel sorry foryou that you were appointed as my elite. Although I am sure I am not the worst to watch.
And you are awesome! All I can say. And the offer still stands point me in the right direction I’ll help you proof stuff.


Queen Harla.jpg
Well I put you in this list to. Eventho you are not among us in the traditional sense I have met you, talked to you, and thank you for that.
You were a warm greeting, like a comfortable hug to show how family can be as well. Hope to see you again.


I have a brother! How awesome after so long thinking I was only child I learn to have an older brother, who can ride, who can dance and who taught me tricks to use against dad.
You taught me the first real tricks. Thank you for making me feel welcome and to be immediately such a big brother to me.


I have a nephew! And he is already so big! Nah joking ofcourse he is. I am tiny and he is older. So weird time and age in our family.
But those details beside as that is not important. You are funny you are sweet. You have banged my friend. But no hard feelings we were on a road trip and things happen.
You showed me to fight taught me some weapons and we had plenty of laughs. See you soon nephew.

Maylon Hendrake

Do not know you yet, you have talked to me while in court with king Random, invited me and I will take you up on that so we can talk and I can get a clearer view of who you are.
But I will be cautious around you. You just give off that type of vibe.


I knew you as Ryba when growing up in shadow. You thaught me so many things. The art of the trade. The rules of the trade.
You were a strict but good teacher. And to be honest I went more to you for advice that dad. Hope we can find the time to talk.


Elayne deFlorimel.jpg
So I see you and Arlo, and I understand now. Of you I already had an opinion ready. But I am woman enough to change that opinion about you.
I will not only go by hearsay. Okey we have had not great conversations but we had a pleasant exchange, I’m sure we will see eachother again here or there.


We were seated next to eachother at a dinner but I think I have been kind of bitchy to you.
You said you were an admirer of my father and that kind of hit me wrong.
Yeah I am pissy like that. But I did enjoy sitting next to you. Was nice to watch you.
What you can look as long as you don’t touch right?

Thin Whip/Jurt

Alright you are my kind of fun! Your club is awesome and I will certainly return. And the talk was nice and playful in the right ways.
Really enjoyed talking to you, and even now you are still helping me. Got wrapped up within my trouble and mysteries and here you are trying to figure it out with me. Thank you!


Yeah so we met, sort off, you asked me if i was sure to do some training, i said yes, and you stabbed me in the chest.
I'm sure we will have a moment to talk at a point. I am not going anywhere anyway.
And we still need to talk about a matter of blood.
So we talked by now. And i believe others saying you are a dangerous man. We'll see how things will keep going. But for now things are okey.


So met you at an informal dinner, you offered me a job as ensign on your flagship. Thank you but don't know if i can handle being on the sea for that long. Perhaps later. But so far you seem like a nice guy.

Candle Hyle/Shaver

Candle Hyle.jpg
You are getting a spot here to, cause, damn... just really hope to see you again.
Well did see you again. And I guess we are dating now.
So there is that, well we didn't really date yet just alot of in quarters activities.


29 Untara-1.jpg
Well hello sister, half sister that is. You are truly batshit crazy, but i like you. We share the same mother but not the same upbringing. Happy for that.


Farooq ak Trata.jpg
Met you while fixing up Spatchi her place. You helped me on my first shadowwalk to find some suitable rocks. And we made some bear friends. Was all good fun. You are a nice guy Farooq


So you are my stepdad basically. Though i do not know if we accepted eachother as family as of yet. You are a part of the family i am very cautious towards. You found me on my shadowwalk, freaked Bleys right out.
But perhaps we will see eachother again and we might be able to talk. In a friendly manner.
So the talk happened, still not comfortable that you call me daughter. so lets keep it name based okey. We will see how things evolve from here.


So young family member. My first impression of you, that you are sweet and perhaps a bit shy. Which you should really watch out with. It is not a healthy thing to have.
But like i said you can always call me. I'm happy to help, give advice. Lets keep in contact.

Celakat Saanal

Direct, to the point, a good friend of my brother. And better yet, you don't like cats either! So that works. When there would be more time i would love to talk to you about your approach in sorcery and other magic related things.
But not now.... later....

Nur al Din El musifar

So we finally met. Apparently you were a part in my youth and upbringing. But that is sadly enough mostly forgotten due to workings of dad. We had a good conversation till you heard something you were not agreeing with.
Please be careful. I would really want to see you again.


We finally met. And now i know from who i get my temper and my heavy drinking. I know you might have been a tad manipulative the moment we talked.
But yes i followed you to Azcala, just show me they are wrong about you.


18 Aztalios.jpg
Nice to meet you half brother, i really had trouble getting you... but i think i do now.
You truly are a momma's boy and you know it. But you are happy that way and who am i to judge.