Alvah gets awkward at the dinner party

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Michael James Watson
Arriving at dinner it seems a large affair at first, the large U table with seating on only one side with the king and queen at the front. But as people sit and chat it seems intimate, able to see everyone with room in the center for servants bring plates and taking them away.
The king and queen enter with no fanfare and as people arrive Alvah notes its mostly family with a few people from someplace she has not heard of. So they are being added to a informal dinner

Amber Bronkhorst
Knowing full well there is a seating chart she will not mess things up for Flora. She will sit on the apointed spot.
Smiles sweetly and try not to stand out.

Michael James Watson
As the new face at the royal table, she quickly realizes not standing out will be impossible.
She sees Caine talking to Fiona over by a side board.
Benedict is standing and talking to a distinctly bemused doughty man seeming to be trying to look inconspicuous as well despite being the father of the knightly intended youth. A proper but nervous woman stands beside him.
The chief librarian is there, the one who hates Arlo being in his library all the time. Delwin is speaking to a pompous looking man that she hears in Wyndham Feldane.
She feels a presence step behind her and turning she sees Arlo slip to sit in the chair next to her.
"Back from the war's eh? So lets see the knife?"
He pulls out his own Rasak knife and sets it on the table. She thinks comparing the identical knives might be a common recognition from others who have attended and graduated.

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks around, after that realization of not blending in so she just sits still. As best as she can.
She does let her eyes scan from person to person. Learning the mannerism of family and important people would not be bad to know.
Seeing Arlo she nods with a slight proud smile.
From a slit in her dress she pulls the Rasak knife out. Laying it next to Arlo's on the table.
"So does everyone know i went there? And nice seeing you again."

Michael James Watson
"Everyone? No, there is probably a gardener in Remba who doesn't know but I'll send him a note. The rumor mill in Amber is epic. Dart of hale bring a pitcher of mead to me every morning and we split it over gossip."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah shakes her head
"You would think people have better things to do."
Alvah looks with a sideways glance to her father after his remark about the argument she is a bit more on her toes around him.
"So how have you been doing? "

Michael James Watson
"Fine. Reading mostly. I tried to get Dwy to come tonight, so did Flora and Margot. No luck. She wont leave Satura's side

Amber Bronkhorst
"Hmm, exciting. And i figured Dwy wouldn't want to leave her side. That is okey, give her time. If she didn't even do it for you, that means she really doesn't want to."
A small grin appears on Alvah her face.

Michael James Watson
"There is some chatter from Julian about moving troops but it's all complicated and an internal matter

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods
"Well not going to interfere in that. Complicated sounds.... tedious and more trouble then it is worth. But is he moving his troops towards us?"
Alvah then smiles wider
"And hey i am the new one around anyway so noone expects stuff from me. Which i absolutely don't mind."

Michael James Watson
Suddenly its as if the lights are turned out an a giant wall was moved beside her. Looking up from where she sits is Prince Gerard..
Gerard says, "So, You're Delwin's? Another heir of Harla? "
Arlo stands, smiling wickedly, "Yes, another heir of Harla. Prince Gerard this is Lady Alvah. "
Gerard says, "and fresh from Rasak i hear. That her knife?" Arlo nods, slipping his own in place.
Gerard leans over and puts an identical knife on the table, in the same manner Arlo had, when he set hers beside it. He had been holding Alvah's blade and now hands it back to her and leans a eye toward the table by Gerard's knife.

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks up and is just silent for a moment. Then to not feel to tiny next to Gerard she stands up.
"Hey yes, i'm Alvah and ..." she looks a moment to her father
"Yes Delwin is my father. Recently arrived and also recently returned from Rasak. "
She takes her blade from Arlo and places it next to Gerard his knife.
She then looks up and smiles as friendly as she can
"Nice to meet you"

Michael James Watson
He picks his knife up[ and sheathes it.
"You are small. Agile i bet. Graduate of Rasak. You'll have your pick of postings. Amber is a city by the sea. We guard the se lanes to hundreds of worlds. I can use an ensign on the flagship. You won't get any special treatment, well, except eating at the captains table frequently. Give my regards to Harla. She is the most alive dead person I know other then Oberon.
Looking up, he smiles," Ah.. The boy is here. What say Arlo, you met him, this Acadian prince. He hasn't been to Rasak but the Acadian Collegium is no short sail day trip. He going to piss his pants when he is knighted?"
Arlo looks, "50-50 pick em. He's magically inclined. Older then he looks. He attended Fantalin for Royal Rights and took a Donship in the Sorcerous Scholar School. I hear he has been Mind Blanking. Risky. Militarily he has fought in the Gorge, and with the Acadian forces in Rebsen. I can't remember which Rabsan the Acadians are supporting. Still, a battle mage, and newly knighted in Amber. If he wets himself, he will do it with dignity."
Gerard laughs, "Ah yes, Acadian dignity!"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah too picks up her knife and sheaths it with a quick movement under her dress.
Looking up to Gerard she raises one eyebrow
"Thank you for the offer, but i have my ideas of what i want to do in the foreseeable future. And if i see Harla again, i will."
She then turns her attention the young man. Listening between Gerard en Arlo she shakes her head.
"So classy you two." Alvah stands back then using Gerard his huge being to hide her a bit from view.

Michael James Watson
Arlo says,"Well, we get jaded. The Acadians are sort of like Ambers sour cousins in spirit. We love them and they emulate us and sometimes its embarrassing. this one has spent most his time in shadow and this is his first attendance at court. Rest assured we will be the souls of politeness when we great him and sincerely we do applaud his accolade."
Gerard snickers, "Yes, but i have to get used to this young adventurer. He comes to my ship tomorrow as an ensign. Service to Amber his father assures me is the boy's goal."
Looking to the young man something about him strikes Alvah like a hammer. He is taller, more sure, sterner looking, but his general appearance, bearing, stance and his voice are so familiar.. It can't be.. It can't really be.... Random stands and shakes his hands, "Prince Merril. Welcome to Amber. You father has said you wish to ask a boon of me?"
He says "Thank you your majesty, my studies and my service have led me to your gates and I come to serve the greater realm. I beg of you the accolade of Knight of Amber, Fourth Class, that i may serve the navy as an ensign."


Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks at Arlo and shrugs
"Well can't say where i will be standing when i'm old and grumpy like you, or my father."
Alvah stays a bit against the table as she watches the whole ordeal unfold. Hoping that this will be done and over soon.
When taking a peek from behind Gerard she just stands still. For maybe the first time in her life her jaw drops slightly. News about her mom fine, sacrifices sure, seeing her one love again, this was a new feeling.
A soft "what the..... " escapes her before she quickly shuts up.
Hoping no-one had noticed she quickly moves to the background again. She then glances to her father if he had recognized him as well or not. Although he might not remember Merrill that intimately.
Alvah can't help but keep staring at Merrill... is that... relly him?

Michael James Watson
When she looks to Delwin he is staring at her.
Random says, "Well Met, Merril, you have done your kingdom good service and your parents are almost cheerful with pride. In recognition of your enterance into the officer corps of the Kingdom of Amber I grant you the title Knight of Amber. Take a knee."
He kneels.
Random asks, "Which sword would you be dubbed with?"
He says, "The sword of my father, King Marlin of Acadia."
The doughty man steps forward, showing his age, Hands a sword to the king, "King Random, my blade, made by Oberon in the fires of Kolvir. I pass the blade to my son in the hope he lives in honorable service as my final years are upon me."
Random show the fine longsword and leans over to say, " I believe your final years have been on you for several hundred years but its a good sword."
He dubs one shoulder, "Be just, Be calm, be loyal."
He dubs the other, "Defend the weak, Stand strong on ship or stone."
He dubs his brow, "Let no creature call you foul and never let your spurs be hacked off in disgrace. Arise Sir Merril of Acadia. " He rises his hand, holds it. His mother puts a belt around his waist and the king slides the sword into the sheath.
Holding his hand he says, "May this be the last blow you take unanswered." He slaps his face with his off hand, hard., Merril flinches and shakes as if staggered.
She notice Arlo and Gerard lean in looking intently. She notices Caine and Random do the same.
Gerard whispers, " owe me a gold wing. Dry as desert sands" Arlo grumbles and smiles while passing a goldwing over.
Random says,"Well Sir Merril, sit on my left and let us talk of many things. In the morning Prince Gereard with start cutting your skin off in strips!" There is general laughter and people start moving to seats.

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah watches first her father then she looks back at Merrill and when the ordeal of knighting is done she steps a bit away from behind Gerard and Arlo.
Not wanting to draw full attention to herself just move enough into sight.
Just a step closer to see him more clearly if it is really Merrill or not. Or maybe someone who just really looks like him.
She tries to avoid her fathers look by now as he had already clearly stated before that he did not really like Merrill.
As the rest goes to their seats Alvah does the same thing.
Trying not to stare.

Michael James Watson
As he and Random talk, clearly an awkward looking conversation Merril might like to get out of the meal is served. appetizers with white wine.
Fish in cream sauce with a good red. desert with of cherry tarts in chocolate sauce with a fruity blueberry wine.

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah eats dinner calmly and as silent as she can. But she does now and hten look up to Merrill hoping to catch his eye.
She is certain that if she could look him in the eye she would know if it is really him or not. Maybe he is just a shadow double or something. Arlo did talk about that once.
Now and then Alvah shoots a quick look to her father. Hoping he will let her figure things out herself thought the chance is small.

Michael James Watson
Merril answers the kings question but is clearly out of his depth. As dinner concludes and people start laving the two Kings and queens leave together, followed by the ever present Galvar.
Arlo says, "Alvah, I am heading to the library to get some sleep but if you need me feel free to wake me."
She sees Gerard put a big hand on Merril's shoulder and lead him from the room. At the last minute he turns and catches Alvah's eyes. She thinks it can't be him till he smiles, raises an eyebrow, and runs a hand through his hair, a gesture too familiar to not be him.
Gerard is talking about the Sea as they leave the room

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah just stands perhaps a bit defeated at first till she sees the gesture.
She had only half answered Arlo with a wave and a good night.
Seeing the gesture her first instinct is to go after him since tomorrow they would be leaving.
After a few steps she then looks at her father measuring where he is before going after the only man who she loved so intensly and who had also hurt her so by dissappearing.

Michael James Watson
Delwin walks up and puts a hand on her shoulder, "I'm sorry. I'd never met Merril here. And to be fair, the man who just walked out with Gerard is only partly the one on our world.. I knew when you were with him there was something strange about him but i couldn't figure out what. It wasn't till I saw him here that i put it together.. He Mind Blanked. Dangerous.. I've never done it. It takes a great deal of skill and a support crew of fellow sorcerers. I didn't know much about the Acadians to be honest. I only met a few. They rarely were in court when Sand and I were here. More common under Random. Go run for awhile.. Come by my apartments if you want to talk."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah stands still as she feels her fathers hand on her shoulder.
Repeating his words slowly.
"Mind Blanked....."
Standing still for a few Alvah lets out a deep breath which she was holding.
With his hand on Alvah her shoulder he might feel the change, her muscles tense, her skin thightens. Something cold goes over her.
She looks at her father, her eyes distant cold, that little bit of hope clearly shattered.
"Yes, i'll be going." Her voice soft and cold.
Alvah adds "i'm leaving tomorrow with Spatchi."
She then just walks not shrugging her fathers hand off just walking as if it wasn't there.
In the hallway she picks up her skirt ripping it lengthwise on the seams creating big splits on the sides. She is not bothering to change clothing. From the hallway she picks up the pace quickly starting to run.
At first she had no goal. But her feet carry her to where she knows she can forget for a bit.

Michael James Watson
Several hours later she feels a trump contact. ITs a strange feeling, one new to her, like pressure in her head asking for recoginition

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah stops with what she is doing. She conciders kittens in a blender but her night was already so much fun so it possibly couldn't get worse.
She allows the contact to take place.

Michael James Watson
Arlo's Face appears." Alvah. I spoke to Delwin awhile ago and he just left. He told me what happened and asked me to investigate it a bit. If you want to talk, i can come to you."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks at him and shakes her head.
"I am fine, i'm running and going to have some fun. Probably getting drunk... "
Alvah has a look on her face in a mix of pain and ice cold serenity.
"Just was a good lesson to not get hung up on a guy."
She tries to close the contact after that.

Michael James Watson
She feels Arlo's tap her contact to remain open, "I'll hate getting in the middle of this but its tricky.. How about i bring some of the good Whiskey of Amber and ill tell you what your friend did?"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah just glares at Arlo for keeping the contact open.
She then mutters
"Need to get more powerful. "
She throws her hands up.
"Fine! We'll talk but i first have to get back to the castle "
Alvah looks around herself to orient a bit better where she is.
Her plan was ofcourse Thin Whip's but she knew Arlo or her father would not let this go.
"Unless you have Azcalan Tequila i'm fine with Whiskey. "

Michael James Watson
"I do have Azcalan Tequila. I keep it at Thin Whip's"

Amber Bronkhorst
"Great i was going there anyway."
Alvah looks expectingly at Arlo. "So you coming?"

Michael James Watson
He steps across the trump to stand beside her. He carries a roman sword in his hand that quickly shifts to a cane. His attire shifts to a bit more rough.
"I know the way...."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods to Arlo, she fixes her own dress which is slightly more revealing now. But who cares at Thin Whip's.
She loosens her hair and walks next to Arlo.