Alvah revisits her brother

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Amber Bronkhorst
As Alvah closes the trump contact she sighs deeply then looks at Spatchi,
"lets get going, i am rested enough and i wouldn't mind to get some answers.
And as long as we do not run into more family members we will be in Vulsara soon. "
She stretches as she looks around, when Spatchi is ready she nods and raises the sigil as Bleys had explained to her. Searching for where the pattern would seem brightest to go that way.

Michael James Watson
As she comes close she see comes off the way to a long flat field of mow grass nearly a mile square and in the distance the entrances to a major complex, The grounds are immaculate and the epic and large.

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks at the lettering on the arch and jumps a little jump of joy
"did it! Who would have thought. " She girns wide at Spatchi.
"Jeesh with the necessary distractions but made it. So lets see if i can find dearest brother right?"

Michael James Watson
Walking into reception she sees a busy administration center but it all seems fairly organized. The Amber green and white duty uniform mixes with other colors for other duties.
Before she goes to reception a woman with a distinctive elvish look walks up, "Greetings, Lady Alvah.
Can I be of service?"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah smiles and nods
"Yes i would like to see my brother if possible. Is he around?"
She looks at all the people in their uniforms and actually smiles amused feeling herself right in an episode of star trek.

Michael James Watson
"Is the King of Vulsara around? Yes, a message has been sent. He should be here directly. He has places your name on my short list."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods
"Thank you, makes things easier. I will wait here then. "

Michael James Watson
A romulan woman comes out, "I am to escort you to King Vance"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah turns to the romulan woman and inclines her head.
"Thank you, please lead the way. " she smiles to Spatchi
"Shall we?"

Michael James Watson
She walks through the corridors till taking an elevator.
"I hear you have been leaning sorcery with Prince Bleys? His methodology is abstract and dependant on personal intuition and aggression. She you be interested in a more balance set of sorcerous references I would be happy to discuss it at leisure. "

Amber Bronkhorst
"Thank you for the offer, but why i choose Prince Bleys for my first teacher is because his approach of sorcery fits me more. The intuition and agression is usually how i do things."
She pauses a moment then continues
"Maybe later i would want to learn different approaches within sorcery. When it all comes more natural for me.
Then i will ofcourse concider your offer. I can always visit."

Michael James Watson
She nods, "My apologies, I did not mean to suggest your training deficient. Vance has spoke of his time traveling with you and we discussed your magical education. My name is Celakat Saanal, I'm the admiral in charge of the Star Fleet Magical division. Chief sorceress of the Kingdom of Vulsara. Currently Queen Voya's warden. Your arrival has been for, though when it would occur was unknown. We will reach a Green Transporter soon that will take us where the king awaits. Or i can find you quarters. Does your servant attend in the king's presence or can she be sent to tend your quarters under the direction of a Social Services officer?"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah laughs
"Oh no apologies needed. And yes i heard of you Admiral Saanal. Actually i had given it thought to maybe accept Vance his invitation and join here to learn. But i am no starfleet material and wouldn't do Vance or Star fleet proud for that matter."
Alvah looks at Spatchi and frowns.
"She is not my servant. I am sure Sancha can come along. But i think I should see Vance first before seeing quarters. "

Michael James Watson
She walks into a Green colored transporter booth, the technician nodding to her.
She turns, "Then let us dispense with Star Fleet protocols. I am in the inner circle of Vance's intimates. Call me Cela, though i have learned i am called Kat behind my back and I am no fan of cats. I am aware you have an Elite, but many of the blood treat them as servants rather then companions. Technically I am Vance's Elite. Technically Candle is Agrom's elite. We let Random believe his manner of assigning sitters is followed here but we take it differently. No offence meant to Sir Sancha here. Transport; The Green Hall."
Arriving in a great massive hall, high roofed and wide. To the side is a series of comfortable chairs, counters, and kitchen areas and in one stand Vance coming toward the transporter. Behind him is Agrom. Looking to the side at the kitchen area she sees Candle Hyle, in a Hawaiian shirt .
To the other side is the Pattern of Vulsara. It looks much like the Pattern of Amber but somehow angrier, with a irregular glowing fire coming off it.
Vance steps up, "Welcome to Vulsara, sister. Such a surprise to feel you walking here rather then trumping. But its a pleasure.."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah shrugs
"Eh many of the blood do things differently and i find it stuffy and archaic. Well and if this works for you all it works right? "
Arriving in the hall she smiles to her brother
"hey there, thank you. Yes i figured i have to get that down as well so why not walk to a place i at least know people. We had a small intermezzo of some family, and a Bleys freaking out, but otehr then that. We have arrived safely!"
She looks behind Vance to Agrom and then to Candle. Looking him over with the head to toe and back up look grinning seeing the shirt.
Looking back to Vance she says.
"And i have a message from dad for you Vance, and a message to Agrom." She waves to her nephew
"Hey there nephew." She says with a grin.

Michael James Watson
Agrom nods, "Aunt Alvah. "

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah walks a few steps towards Agrom and smiles
"Arlo contacted me, he asked me if i could ask you... to go to the sea view gardens. He wants to speak to you but does not want to do that by trump."
Alvah shrugs
"Do not ask me why...i do not know i'm a mere messenger."

Michael James Watson
Agrom nods.. "Its the eye. The Carbuncle is clearing.. Arloxedra and Mandor Sawall, a brother of Jurt's are conferring on its development. "

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah blinks and then shrugs
"if you say so, no clue i just passing it through. "
She winks at Agrom
"oh and he said something about a meal and Gok... "
Alvah then turns to Vance again
"Vance.. i think dad is doing something stupid and i'm worried. "

Michael James Watson
Spatchi says, "Carbunkle?"
Agrom runs his hand over an eye revealing a shapeshifted bit of skin covering a gem stone.
Spatchi looks close.."Im not sure if that wicked or disgusting.. How did it happen?"
"In the Abyss. I'm told its an honor"
Spatch leans back, "If you say so"
"delwin doing something stupid doesn't narrow it down. Care to be more specific?"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks at Agrom as he shows the gem she pauses a moment.
She then turns to Vance. Rubbing her neck with a hand
"Okey in short what happened. We were shadowwalking to here, Bleys was instructing and correcting me. At a point a man walked toward us. It was Xozla he was on his way to Amber.
Blah blah we talked and went on. Bleys freakes at a point that Xozla just found me while shadowwalking so called Random and dad. I was like the fuck not that weird if he was looking... dad at a point turned and left without a word.
Random and Bleys left to Cynasure or something.
Then i called dad cause i was worried... yeah i'm a softy i know...
And dad theb explained he was going to Azcala to see his ex wife... aka... my mother. He told me to give you his regards... said to tell you something about shuttles and ...."
Alvah stops at that point and after a pause mutters a few inaudible words.
"So there.. in short stuff happened."

Michael James Watson
"Tie fighters are better then Shuttle Craft?"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah raises an eyebrow.
"Yeah Tie fighter can outfight a shuttlecraft."

Michael James Watson
Vance and Agrom look at each other. Vance turns and walks to Candle who suddenly alert. "Well, Aggie?"
Agrom growls at the nic name, "Clearly i'll jump in to hell for you but does Delwin expect you to do the same for him?"
"Celakat?" She says, "He has chosen single combat. Honor his wishes"
"Candle?" He shrugs, "We've been in a cold war with Azcala for 50 years. They have declined every encounter that might have led to a hot war fom the pinning of the Puma cloaks to the Palace Commons wall to the Battle of Trudana Felik. Do you think they will go bloody red over an assassination attempt?"
He walks over to Alvah, "How about you? you want to see how much trouble he can get himself out of or do you want to go help him. A tie fighter is a single person fighter. A shuttle craft needs a crew"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah does the nosepinch
"Ofcourse i should have known. Well what dad said he had a plan he knows people there that are against Tonacat and would not mind seeing him gone. Rebels and the likes.
Though i do not know who he will assassinate.
I somewhere doubt he will try and assassinate my mother, he told me that Xozla is a loyalist of Tonacat but only because of Cihalas. If she would be out of the picture due to actions of dad i doubt he would be friendly to us. If he is going to take out Cihalas he wouldprobably use the rebels there."
She sighs and leans against a chair.
"I am sure he knows what he is doing. But i know that he can be dramatic as well."
She stands up and starts to pace.
"I would say for now, respect his wishes, let him try. If we don't he might tailspin in crazier plans. Azcala is not closed. And after i finished training i was planning to go there anyway. If no news has come from dad on that point i'll add to the list of looking for him. He does this also because of me. Not that i put him to it. But i think that Xozla could so easily find me hurried his plans."
Alvah looks at each and one of them her eyes lingering maybe a second longer at Candle now his attention is here. Then moving on.
"And besides that, dad also told me to ask you, Vance, to bring me to Talgwir. I now suspect that is to make sure they can't use me against dad and his actions. "
She takes something she has in her pockets (random stolen item) and starts to move it through her fingers.
"To lay some more cards on the table. Dad told me that mom had actually finished 'sacrificing' me. What is called sanctifying and apparently is seen as a sort of baptism. Due to that Tonacat or my mother have a crystal heart of me. That thing holds apparently control over me within proximity. I've actually seen how that works."
Alvah looks up again and let her eyes travel from her brother to Agrom, Spatchi Celakat Candle she then quickly looks down again.
"So even if i want to help. It would mean bringing more danger and complications to dad his plan. "
She looks at Vance.
"So..... what do you think? "

Michael James Watson
Vance turns to Celekat, "Well?"
"Sanctified hearts. We have perhaps 1500 of them. They have powers connected but not controlling those they were taken from. Tracking them makes sense. the art assumes the death of the victim. The artifacts have other powers and tracking is not a main one. Delwin must wonder how many times she was sacrificed. " Vance nods, "And Talgwir?"
"It is his personal shadow. No magics from outside can effect you, or I would guess, Alvah. Whatever he plans, he thinks it might attack her. Take her to Talgwir immediately. That's my advice"
Vance nods, "Agrom... Make ready for Talgwir. Alvah, ready for a really fast ride?"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah blinks a couple of times hearing they have so many hearts here.
When Celakat speaks of how many times Alvah is sacrificed she wants to interupt, but then conciders. Dad only found out about one time and then took her away.
When Vance gives the 'orders' she stands and holds up her hands
"Wow wow, wait we don't know that what dad is doing has effect now. I doubt it he first wanted to speak with others there
And Xozla is first going to Amber before he can report back of encountering me. "
Alvah looks around to the others letting her eyes stop on Candle a moment and then continues looking around.
"Are we really in such a rush?"
She looks to Celakat.
"Or do you think time is an issue?"

Michael James Watson
Cellular looks to Vance, who nods.
She comes over and says"Raise the sign of order" she withdraws a crystal heart.
"The woman this heart belongs to is now a Star Fleet officer. Put the heart in the sigil and regard it"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks at Vance witha raised eyebrow then to Celakat. Adjusting her stance to more stable she does as she is told raising the sigil she now knows.
Hesitantly she looks at the heart with the sigil.

Michael James Watson
She sees a shop girl, working in a bakery selling bread to commoners. Day breads; wheats, rye, sour dough. She has a one room apartment high in building. She sees her come in to it with a basket of weird looking breads she couldn't sell. She takes a crock and sits on a bed, pulling a book up to read. A small fluffy white dog leaps into her lap. Alvah senses that she adores the dog and the dog clearly loves her. She reads and dips chunks of bread in the crock of flavored butter. This is the daily meal for her and for the devoted dog. She senses years of this fragile but contented life.
One day as she is walking from work to her garret she sees a obsiden knife flash from a dark attacker. She turns to see feathers and a man dressed as a jaguar.
He expertly removes her heart from her chest. It erupts in fire, becoming crystal.
Her last thought is.; Who will take care of Frufru?

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah just stares at the scenes of the girl.
When the last thought of the girl passes she drops the sigil. Her fists clenching and unclenching a couple of times.
She is clearly fighting the urge to run.
She looks at Spatchi and with one of her smiling grins with which she usually tries to hide things she says
"So plans changed.. to Talgwir?"
She then looks to Vance and nods
"Fine guess there is a time to be stubborn and a time not to. "
Looking at the heart and at Celakat she asks a bit more quiet
"I didn't hurt her with this right? And this wasn't in Azcala was it? "
Alvah then adds
"Look i get they are poweful. But if they can see my past before the sacrificing... not much to see i was a baby. Even i don't remember that time... "

Michael James Watson
"It occurred in the streets of Amber. You didn't hurt her because she is no longer dead nor attached to the stone" Celekat says.

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah actually looks confused...
"Yeah, was she dead then? Usually they use hearts of those that survive....and attached to...what, a stone. Like a rock? "
Alvah groans rubs her head
"I need a drink... like a bottle. Or two..."
She quickly looks up to Vance, as if struck with an idea
"Before we go can i make a call? Cause i'm sure it wouldn't be smart if i go to Talgwir to hide that i start calling people when i am there. Just to get some stuff."
Alvah looks around thinking her eyes resting on Candle
"Okey and before this goes unanswered, what is with the hawaiian shirt? New Star Fleet uniform? Must say looks dashing on, uhm.. Candle, right? But also quite the fashion statement.

Michael James Watson
Celekat says,"She was dead for many years. She survived because her dog Frufru found his way to Dame Margot. And in the course of thing was adopted by a necromancer of the blood of Amber who figured out the connection between the dog's love, his previous owner, the crystal heart, and what the priests of Azcala use the hearts for. He found the stone, and found a way to redirect her."
Vance says,"Relmopator raised her here. It technically wasn't resurrection because she was only mostly dead as long as the stone survived "

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah smiles
"That is actually really sweet. Being brought back partially because of the love of such a friend. "
Alvah looks at Cicero....
"Would you do that?"
Alvah looks at Vance
"I've heard of Relmopator, brother of Dwynwen... works with Julian alot in Adagalasck... right?"
With a slight worried look she looks at Celakat,
"You seem to know more of this, what is the biggest risk, or danger, i face in concideration with the crystal heart or hearts they have of me? "

Michael James Watson
Vance says, "Son of Hagalta and Satura, grandson of Dworkin and Verna-The Primal Adask. He ranks as a cousin to the elders. He came to Amber as a recovering necromance and spent the better part of 50 years living in the dungeons of Amber, learning their secrets and mostly avoiding the rest of us. A lot like Lewella, he was dramatically differant racially from most of the rest of us. He is mostly Adask with strong Fey connections. He's a friend."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods
"I am sure he is a friend, noone i heard who did talk about him, spoke bad. "
Alvah flicks another object with her fingers from side to side.
"So Celakat, what is the worst they could do to me with the heart they have? And what do you expect them to do, as the reason why dad wants me in Talgwir a.s.a.p.?"
She turns to Vance.
"If you are okey with it i like to make two calls before going to Talgwir. Don't know how fast we are leaving. "
She then stands
"What kind of shadow is Talgwir, concidering, age, tech, and such?"

Michael James Watson
Celekat looks to Vance , who nods, "She needs to know more then anyone else in the family so far. "
Cel says, "Fiona, Brand, and I have lead the research into Azcalan magic. The Azcalan sacrifices do a number of things.
“A normal heart gives the sacrificing priest temporarily higher psyche. A tiny portion is channeled to the top of the pyramid to Tonacat, Zictalas, Zentalas, Mixcoatl, Xozla, and Cihalas, Presumably to the three dead or missing Azcalan Elders too. It also apparently funnels to Quetzecatl, Xoxotl, Acoza, Alcona, Aztilios, and Untara. Tiny amounts, but they sacrifice millions daily so the volume of available psyche is pretty huge. So split among 15 recipients it still gives them each quite a lot of magical energy to draw on.”
Vance says, “16.” Celakat nods, “16”
She goes on, “ Beyond the mystic a normal sacrifice also provides ritual to a ritually indoctrinated people and it provides food and drink. “
“The red diamond hearts have multiple powers. They are created by the sacrifice of people with high psychic armamentarium. Only an infinitesimally small number of hearts transform upon sacrifice. When one does the victim is take quickly to chambers in the pyramid and an attempt to sustain them is done, with an eye on being able to sacrifice them repeatedly. Eventually the horror of repeated sacrifice spoils the power and they reject healing again. Then they are..salvaged for dietary use.”
“However, certain great-souled individuals, particularly those of the blood of Amber, great houses of Chaos, Azcala, other squiggles, and those with natural healing powers, can be repeatedly sacrificed without the risk of rejection. These beings create diamond hearts every sacrifice. You see the advantage. “Once the hearts are created they have many functions.
“The diamond heart of a normal sacrifice retains a life memory, or the soul, of the sacrifice until the psyche from it is drained. Then the stone becomes a mere diamond heart. There are presumably millions of used hearts scattered across Azcala and are objects of veneration. As we saw, Lord Relmopator figured out a way using necromancy and Star Fleet technology to resurrect the sacrifice. However we have no indications this is done in Azcala.
“The heartstones of great-souled victims become power focuses. They act like Mandalay stones, multiplying the psyche power of the user. They can be used to shadow trail the victim. It can be used to bypass many protections the victim might have. They can be used to spy into the thinking of the victim. We think they can be used to control the victim. The victim could not, on their own, block out these attempt to spy on them or control them. “
Vance says, “This last is why Delwin suggests going to Talgwir. You would be safe from controlling magic there. I don't think Delwin is going to assassinate anyone. I think he is going to find out how many times you were sacrificed before he found out. And if possible, seize those hearts.”

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah listens intently.
"16? Who is number 16 and don't the black obsidian knives have something to do with that?"
Alvah nods
"Ofcourse so that is a possible way how Xozla found me. Right?"
Alvah looks to Vance and nods
"Yeah probably, right after i suggested the possibility of being tracked with the heart dad left. And Cihalas would have done the sacrifing as my mother. So that is why he goes to her."
She then looks at all in the room.
"So just a question. How many people are of the blood of Amber AND Azcala? And does that matter in the quality of hearts? "

Michael James Watson
Vance says, "Talgwir is sort of a Steampunk world where a high technology based on steam and clockwork technologies developed in Renaissance England. Imagine a Court of Queen Elizabeth with a fully developed science of clockwork and steam power driving the rise of the British empire to world domination. It that British empire is the Kingdom of Talgwir, with its center in Chicago. It rules most of the North American continent in the name of Queen Elizabeth. Delwin is king there, technically a client king. I am a Prince born of Talgwir. However, as an Amberite, its his shadow, with a collection of defenses against scrying, entrance, and more."
Vance looks at Alvah sadly. "I assume you can guess who the 16th person able to access the vast pool of deathly collected psyche happens to be. Can't you?"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks at Vance for a moment with a look that speaks of, pain, sadness and an anger that is welling up.
A moment she just keeps silent staring at the floor clenching and unclenching her jaws to bite the anger away.
Inhaling deep and letting it go she nods.
"Fine, just.. fine... "
She keeps her eyes low to the floor
"So when are we going? The faster i can find a way to temporarily forget this shit."
She then snaps up angrily
"You know i hate not having a hand in this. I am so out of control of this. But if i want to do anything i have to go there... and then they will be able to control me. "

Michael James Watson
Vance says, "I think there are ways to block it. We just don't know. You are the first person who has had it done to them we have had access to. Untara has been extremely unwilling to allow me, Celekat, Fiona or Brand near her. She seems uncontroled. We think she must have a way to block it. "
Celekat says, "The hearts we have seen and tested show that they are not overwhelming magic. I hold a Mal at Reiss imprint and an imprint for Alamond and I can make greater objects then them. They are fragile, no stronger then a regular diamond. And if cut, they lose all powers. I theorize that the victim would feel how many hearts of theirs exist if the hearts are used in some way. You were probably tracked and didn't know that a slight upset stomach or head ache was a sign of its use. Talgwir might block effects, but Untara might be able to tell you more. She won't even be in the same room as the rest of us."
Vance steps up and takes her hands in his. "I see why Delwin didn't want you off his planet. I am willing to bet the world you grew up in is covered in the best protections he can forge. He has a great many powers even i don't know. Fiona considers him a formidable sorcerer. If you want to take this in hand, i'll help however I can. "

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods while looking down again. Concidering so many things.
She holds Vance his hand tighter after what he said.
"Vance, be honest with me. You went one day to the Oracle of Night, you said that you saw something that related to me or my existance. You were not alone there... Benedict was there to... i want to know. What did you learn there? And why did Benedict put blood in my forging wine?"
She looks Vance directly in the eyes
"I think i should know now. I think i can not run away anymore."

Michael James Watson
"You are as safe as I can make you. Probably as safe as Talgwir. My vision at the Oracle centered on Bursain and the Rosagarra; the Rock Guard. It focused on the Bursain Deck. I acquired one soon after. Its changed recently to match the people in my visions. I saw a lot i didn't remember and the vison keeps unfolding. Its one of the reasons Random was willing to keep Brand rather then execute him. To my knowledge Brand and Bleys have both sat it twice, receiving different visions. Fiona, Benedict, Random, Maylon, Grace, and Vek have sat it once. Each of us had different reactions. Random demanded Bleys, Benedict, and I attend him Bleys, Fiona, and Brand sat it and it made them power made and led to the trying to destroy Amber. Why Maylon, Grace, and Vek sat it and what they saw is anyone's guess
" The Red Sword is being held by the primal squirrel of all things. Not entirely sure why. I saw you wielding the Rock Guard in battle. Random and I both saw evidence that someone can hold the blade and not claim its full powers. I saw Vek, wield it. Maylon wield it and being frustrated to not be able to claim it. Benedict saw information and wars concerning the First Brood. Have you been told about them?"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks at Vance her anger melting abit away.
"Thank you, i am really happy to have you as my brother. So it is about the Rock Guard that thing keeps popping up in conversations i am having. I know Azcala wants to claim it to change their squiggle being to a full on realm status. "
Alvah lets go of Vance his hand and lays her hand on his shoulder.
"So i am the first of Azcalan blood who has been sacrificed and of royal blood who is not completely bat-shit-crazy."
She chuckles
"If it can help the situation with Azcala and strengthen the knowledge for Amber.... i am willing to help where i can." She holds ip her finger in front of Vance his nose.
"But! I am not a guinneapig. I am your sister, at least half. And i would like to continue learning...."
She taps Vance his nose with her finger.
"Okey? And no i have not heard of the first brood i think... but i heard alot in my short time in Amber... Arlo and Vek don't stop talking."

Michael James Watson
Candle laughs, "Ya, its hard to shut Arlo up. Vek, just needs to be shown a musical instrument and he gets lost for hours."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah smiles to Candle
"Good to know. But i like listening to them... also dad when he starts to talk.. he keeps going to."
Alvah smiles genuinely for a moment to Candle just remembering the awesome and exhausting night they had. She then looks at her brother.
"So... i stay here then instead of Talgwir? I don't mind either way. Just like i said. I would like to continue my training. Not done yet."
She then nods
"So First Brood? Whats that?"

Michael James Watson
Vance says, "The long answer about the First Brood is a really long one. This is the short. Depending who you talk to, and don't talk to Benedict about it, Oberon has had 4 Broods. One when he was young and no more powerful then many of us though of great connections. THe second are the generally accepted Elders of Amber, the Third are the Amberites he did not bring or want in Amber, the 4th are children he had little to say or deal with in their youth, mostly recent ones. The First Brood include Fleece, Adrian, Cymnea, Av Reet the Djinn, Eater of the Dead, Vox the Dragon, Nalshik the spider queen, Hinirak the necromancer. And most importantly Cymnea of Thelusia who he married and father Osric, Finndo, Benedict, Borlak. He also fathered Orsolla & Elfwine at that time. Orsola with a Rebman Queen and Elwine with the Fey Queen Titiana. The Second is Eric, Corwin, down to Random. The third are the children he kept away from Amber; Hamilton, Evelyn, Nina and Emilie, Kobar, Giovanni, Mirelle Depending who you talk to Sand & Delwin are either Second or Thrid Brood. Fourth are people he had little or no control over; Coral, Phillipe, Piearre, Evelar, Evankla, Dalt. Overall Oberon had 47 children."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah opens her mouth to speak and then closes it again.
After a bit longer.
"Right, and this First Brood, what does it have to do with the rock guard and this whole situation? "
She then raises an eyebrow and slightly scowl pull of her lip.
"Not planning to talk to Benedict, don't worry."

Michael James Watson
"YOu are welcome to stay as long as you like. Oh... you asked earlier, Candle."
He walks over and Vance says, "This is Candle Hyle, my number two around here. He is wearing what we call Candle Casual attire.. He asked and got permission to wear anything he likes unless on specific duty or the circumstance requires. Candle, Show her to Quarters. Cel and I need to make some calls."
Candle says, "This way. Private quarters at this level will keep you out of the general rush of the rest of the place."