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Adam | Son of Flora | Looks Mid 20s


Like his brother Bax, Adam is blonde and blue-eyed with movie star looks. His attire is composed of a striking blend of styles from various Shadows that he somehow manages to make work aesthetically. He's the younger of the two siblings but by how much is a mystery to many. Unlike some of his cousins he spent his formative years on Shadow Earth rather than Amber, with his first visit to the True Realm occurring when he was ready to walk the Pattern. His older brother shouldering the majority of the duties and errands their mother needs doing left Adam with the freedom to engage in his own pursuits. Shortly after gaining the power to transverse Shadow Adam began indulging in the Amberite equivalent of adventure tourism, traveling to various worlds which possessed exotic locales and colorful personalities. Believing the best way to appreciate a Shadow is to "go native," he got involved in various activities alongside the locals, from delving into dungeons to pulling off heists to thwarting the schemes of villainous masterminds.

Tourism is how Adam spends the majority of his time to this very day, seeing the sights, soaking in the culture, engaging in revelry and occasionally stumbling into adventures. He's a connoisseur of stories and experiences. He rarely visits Amber but when he does he's happy to socialize with his relatives. Friendly and easygoing, he always delighted to have a good drink and some interesting conversation. If asked about what he's been up to he'll enthusiastically talk about his latest exploits and even share pictures (if cameras or other methods of instantly capturing images happened to function where he's been).

Publicly Known Incidents[edit]

Adam and Bax have a drinking contest, Adam pulls ahead in the end as Bax knocks out first.

Adam once arrived in a shadow and, quite by chance, found Trevian buried under a rockslide—never mind how that happened, it's embarrassing and unimportant. The point is, Trevian could have died there, but Adam casually tossed aside about a ton of boulders, loaded Trevian onto a travois and pulled him out of the jungle to the nearest hospital. Fighting aside, Adam's good at lifting and carrying.

There was that blowout party in Gheresh, which may or may not have been the old home of the Moonriders - could have been a Shadow for all we know. All the women, all the drugs, all the food and booze. Ryan was still going strong after Adam and Bax clocked out.

During one of Adam’s “must see” trips to an “adventuring Shadow”, Flora’s son, Ryan an Ambrose had to contend with three giants. While dispatching his foe with a ballista, Ambrose noticed Adam dealt with his giant as easily as Ryan, who, supposedly, was the strongest of the three.

While Cara was incognito in a Shadow bar, she saw Adam there. Despite looking right at her, he didn't twig to her disguise.


What is your character's favourite game that's from Amber (the city or the broader world according to those in the city)?

Thrones, a card game similar to Illuminati [1] except in place of the Illuminati Groups are the various Elder Princes and Princesses of Amber. Like the Shadow Earth game it resembles, Thrones is humorous and tongue-in-cheek in tone. No one knows for sure who actually created it but theories include one of the younger generation of Royals, Corwin, King Random and Dworkin.

What elder member of the family would you want training from right away if offered? What price do you fear paying for that training?

Adam would accept training from any of them, but not at the price of diminishing his independence. He likes his freedom.

What was your character's worst hellride accident? What were they seeking when it happened?

One time Adam decided to experiment by moving through shadow while piloting a sailplane, to see if he could get all the way to Amber by air. He accidentally ended up in the middle of a hurricane. Fortunately he was able to Trump out before his craft crashed or was torn apart by the winds.

If your character was in a band, what instrument would they play?

He's been in a band where he played guitar, as well sang lead vocals. He can also play piano but that's mostly a solo thing.