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This is information for the [[Jeweled Amber]] game and the [[Jeweled Road and the War of Balance]] game.
The Office of Herald over sees the creation and maintenance of Devices and Arms for the kingdom; Royalty and Nobility.  They oversee the Chartering of cities and towns and organizations.
==[[People of Amber]]==
==[[Court of Amber]]==
==Members of the College of Heralds'''==
==='''Aldo Mikhale'''-Master Laurel of Arms===
[[File:Aldo Mikhale.jpg]]
Master Laurel of Arms, [[Amber College of Heralds]]
==='''Allen Dormin-Crown Herald''' ===
==='''[[Aries Colbresi]]'''-Dean of Treasures-Fantalin===
==='''Aubry Du Motier-Chancellor of the Exchequer'''===
==='''Hymal Urien'''- Steward of Amber===
==='''Carmel Urien'''===
==='''Ban Reeth True'''===
==='''Nim Moir Tral''' ===
==='''William Roth'''Royal Counsel===
[[File:William roth.jpg]]
A new member of the College
==='''Carly Castalwie''' King's Trump Secretary===
==='''Cynchild Motius'''===
==='''[[Dame Margot]]''' ===
==='''Dart of Hale'''=== 
==='''Dame Hanith Hale'''===
==='''Droppa Ma Pantz'''-Royal Jester===
==='''Brustos Drent'''===
[[File:Brustos Drent.jpg]]
A soldier of renown, he has also long been a member of the College often involved in the process of clearing Arms fot soldiers of the lower levels that having received the rank of Knight or Lord is entitled to Arms.
A bitter enemy of Aldo Mikhale, having argued with him for centuries over minutia involved in various Arms.  A legal case during the Reign of Eric involved his assault of Aldo.  The ruling cost him a reduction in rank, quickly regained, for backhanding Aldo on front of witnesses.  His defence was "He deserved it the crooked screw and I'll do it again if he doesn't square up!"
==='''Gethrun Norwolf'''===
==='''Humphrey (no last name)'''===
==='''Ivor Venway'''===
==='''Casina Venway'''===
[[File:Casina Venway.jpg]]
==='''[[Ciprian Vitalijus]]''' Chief Librarian===
==='''Lucia Feldane'''===
==='''Cordelia Feldane'''===
==='''Milios Mikhale'''-Chief Scribe===
==='''Ronan Mikhale'''===
==='''Paris Ashlurian'''===
==='''Elspie Kesht'''===
==='''Shrike Hag'''===
Kingdom Herbologist and Preeminent witch.
Lives in the North Riding Harbor District in a small apartment compund with an interior herb garden. Holder of a [[Mal at Riess]]
==='''Duchess Solange Charenton'''===
==='''[[Tyler Smials]]'''===
[[File:Tyler smails.jpg]]
==='''Vielle of Amber'''===
Queen of Amber. Once the representative to the College of Heralds from Rebma.
==='''[[Lady Ain Breakwithe-Smythe]]'''===
- Deputy Crown Herald

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