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Chaos in its infinite arrogance and its belief in the perpetual might had defeated every threat to it over the uncountable eons. Paragon existed for millions of years and eventually fell before the forces of Chaos. Calmir lasted as long and was defeated. Even the great beast Entropy was defeated and entombed. The Lords of Chaos felt invincible.

When the forces of Chaos aided a cabal of renegades of Amber to foment a war they expected the defeat of Amber to lead to its destruction and the humiliation of it creator Dworkin Bariman, a Prince of Chaos of the ruling line.

Instead, led by Prince Benedict, with the efforts of King Oberon, and most of the Amber Royal Family, the Black Road War headed by the Houses of Hendrake, Helgram, Sawall, Channicut among others, led to a resounding defeat first at the Foot of Kolvir, then down the length of the Blackr Road and finally at Zilla on the edge of the Abyss of Chaos.

The battle was a conclusive victory for Amber with all Chaos houses that participated losing large amounts of troops as well as many members of their leadership.

Amber Cults

The populace of Chaos was shocked beyond belief at their defeat. They began to admire the virtues and histories of various Amberites. Admiration eventually turned to idolization and reverence. The reverence and veneration offended others in the Courts of Chaos and eventually the High Lord of Chaos, Swayvil, declared them anathema and illegal.

Functions of the powers of Chaos acting on the Great Fane of Zila [[1]] caused a great Nave of Zila to the veneration of the members of the royal family of Amber. This enraged the Swayvil but eventually it was clear no amount of force would stope the forces that sustain Zila from offering space to the growing Amber Cults. The High Lord legalized the cults but they remain an object of suspicion and derision as well as passionate enthusiasm.

Popular Cults


Seen as the Victor of Black Road War and the conqueror of Chaos. By far the most popular Cult as well as the most visible and the most publicly accepted. Hendrake is known to be largely Benedictine Cultists.






Borlak's cult also venerates the tiger which is considered sacrilegious according the the Church of the Serpent. Many of those interestind in the Borlak Cult believe he will one day bring Amber to its ruin.



The Finndo Cult is a curious one. There is some belief and some evidence that it may have existed millennia before most the others. The following was sort of a fan club started while Finndo was King of Amber and was rolled into the general Amber Cult after Patternfall. Suhay himself is known to have once been a member.


A small cult started because it has a large water feature in the Fane of Zila. Visitors to the fane enjoy the water feature and the illusion of a frolicking mermaid that represents Orsolla. The illusion swims with those who swim in the fountain.



Corwin Cultists tend to be musicians and performers. The have a strong military edge and and enjoy heroic tales. There has also been a supposed channel for Corwin Cultists to filter into Avalon, changing their allegiances.









The Bleys Cult is one of the most visible one. It sponsors many theaters across Black Zone worlds. They have a very serious military presence with a standing military that is respectable among Chaosian warbands. They have a segment that venerates his magical powers based on magical duels held in Chaos.

  • The Chrexttrl Toall: A massive theater in the world of Gutsedvem [[2]]. It plays ony the plays of Bleys of Amber. It seats 12,000 with remote locations for another 150,000 viewers.
  • The Red Corp: A cadre of warriors. The cardes are comprised of 20 warrior groups. One leader with a 3 person bodyguard, 2 seconds each with 7 followers. This format is similar to military structures in armies Bleys has run.
  • The Bleyian: the Bleyian are a small group of travelers that have begun traveling the Jeweled Road. They


The Brand cult is a strange one. It is mostly based on the belief that he is the main villain that caused the fall of Chaos's forces.











The Vander Cult is most likely a very new one; it would have formed in earnest after his visit to the Fane of Zilla when an Alcove bearing his image was magically created within the Shrine of his father, the late King Eric of Amber.

Members of the Vander Cult would be Warriors as well as Healers; champions of the downtrodden and those who are too weak or helpless to defend themselves.

Typical members would include Soldiers and Mercenaries fighting for good causes or protecting the weak, Physicians and Healers of all types; usually those helping in war torn areas, and especially Warrior Priests, Clerics and Paladins.









The Relmopator Cult, IF such a thing exists, would be tiny and secret; most likely a single Coven of Sorcerers. And IF such a cult to Relmopator does exist, its members would never refer to him as Realmer; only Relmopator, out of reverence and respect to 'He who Delves in Dark Places'.

The members of this cult would be interested in the Darker Arts, such as Necromancy and Blood Magic, and the Study of Anatomy, Herbs, Roots and Fungi, as well as Medicine and Chemistry if available. They would not, however, be limited to or knowledgeable solely of these Magics and fields of study. At least one of the members of the Coven will be an Artificer and one a Master of Combat Magics.

Followers of Relmopator would more likely use their powers and knowledge to combat 'evil' users of and uses of Dark Magics and against Undead; both intelligent and mindless. They would also be prone to long periods of study and research and would grow most of their own organic 'components' if possible.