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Schools out 11 am on Thursday

Jason Stenhouse

Who are still left at school: Mark Stenhouse, Smart kid. Has a bad boy reputation, the band and the drama club has asked him several times to join up. And he might have helped out now and then (leave that up to you Michael.)

He seems also to be one of the boys mentioned when girls are asked about their secret and not so secret crushes. Loretta Smythe, known as a bit of a dramatic but very social young lady. Very creative, especially in the music department, hangs around most with the theatre kids in school Some of Loretta her theatre clique are still present as well. Loretta and Mark might know each other from music classes, or theatre etc. Kent McCormic, At first glance one would say a typical jock. Though some of you might know that if you get bullied or picked on staying near Kent makes it less likely. This mellow boy seems to have less with the other boasting jocks at school and seems more of the big brother type especially for those less prone to defend themselves. Kent scores high on the girls crush lists as well. Though some find him to sweet and more of a brother type. Kyle, Known as a very active kid. He is always busy with an activity he is a fantastic Chess and Bridge player. Not to bad at sports either he can be found there as well. He has usually a group of friends with him who are called “the Shower” three of them are still at school as well as his younger brother Mark.

Brian de Winter, He is one of those that transferred later to this school. There are rumors going that he has been kicked out of several other schools. And even the wild story that he might have blown up a whole school. But that is always met with the skepticism that something like that would have been on the news. Smart kid, but seems to have a little trouble with making friends. He is smart and some of the jocks do tend to pressure him in “helping” them with getting better grades.

And some others from your class who will come up if needed. Teachers currently present: Chemistry teacher : Mr. DuChat. Music Teacher: Mrs. Glessner (Also known to hit the diaphragm with a hard left punch) Biology teacher: Mrs Dewitt Dean: Mr Brenmark (He is known to want to get to the board. )

Tríocha ceathair 5pm to 10 pm Thursday

Tancred Hawksman

Siege of Bunny Free 11 am Friday and afterward slot

My Name is Ryan Savage 11 am on Saturday

Ryan Savage

Prisoner of Oberon 5pm to 10 pm Saturday


Invitation to a coup 5pm to 10 Sunday

Dame Margot-Coup