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Who's Who in Chancel Amyra[edit]

This is a list of the characters shown or referenced in the Chancel Amyra game. Currently up through Session 172.


Qualities, Sessions referenced
Full(er) description


Aaron the Third
Mortal, 114-
The king retrieved from hell.
Absolute Faction of the Light
Group, 50
The ones who favor a guaranteed survival for humanity at some cost, over a more pleasant and preferable sort of survival with a risk of failure.
Acorn, 165-
During the fight with the Warmain Shards attacking the Estate of Roads, Acorn was instrumental in Dante's Lash of Spirits attack two times. At Kudzu's request, Acorn was planted near Maple.
human, 140
Deputy administrator of the hospital. Late thirties, ethnically a mix of caucasian and arabic. In a business suit, wearing rather unflattering glasses. ID card clipped to the front of her jacket. Helped us with the transmogrifier.
Admiral Sinclair
Mortal, 161
Represented Amyra's navy during the meeting between Theresa and other Amyran military representatives.
Group, 21-
An organization created fifty years ago by Luc Guinneas, supplying skilled mortal assistants to Nobles. Similar in some ways to the Cammorae, but newer, less devious, and without the capacity to be used as a loophole in Entropy's Law. Source of Samuel and William.
mortal, 106-
Herb's Ninja (q.v.)
Allen the Tree
transformed human, 122-
Human turned into a tree as a result of the enChanceling.
(?), 98-
May or may not be the original James' fetch. Created in the factory kiln from thrown-up bricks. Eaten by Kudzu Session 99.
alt-Noble, 127-
Shadows' fetch from outside Creation. a/k/a/ "Lord of the Garden of Silver and Black".
Noble, 51-
Noble. Came to the party. Introduced as "Gene of Epistemological Doubt". A rather preppy college-age guy in a polo shirt and jeans.
Aniseed Shard
Shard, deceased, 17-20
Shard found in Aniseed, attacking Numbers. Used Ice powers and the Lie. Killed, became Ick/Charnelman. Later determined to have observed the Power of Freezing and stolen her powers.
human, 134
Met in New York, along with Haukr. Lost her husband to the Valde Bellum. Needed our help to get him declared legally dead.
Noble, deceased, 134
Killed by Haukr. Husband of Anne. Power of the God of Harlequins.
Angel, 93
Former Angel of Weapons, until they were taken. Father of the giant. Spoke to him over the phone via a ritual.
Noble, 172
Power of Destruction, serving Lord Entropy.
Imperator, Angel, 12-
Imperator, Angel, formerly Fallen. Has six wings and numerous eyes. Rules over Jupiter. Source of the angel feather. Trying to stave off the upcoming devastation of the turning of the Age; formerly wanted to kill Ananda, currently wants to have Attaris executed. Imperator of Duty, Shadows, Consequences, and Eclipses.
Mortal, 158-
Suffered dementia animus after excessive exposure to Ftisk. He also seemed to utter prophesy, presumably inspired by Jan ben Jan. He is currently in worldview counseling.
Mortal, 116-
NIckname for the female leader of the hell-souls
Blue Shock
Noble, Dionyl, 51-
Dionyl Noble from Locus Senhar. Came to the party.
BoMHQ Electrician
mortal, 70
Somewhat grease-stained woman with toolbelt. Good with machines. Maintains the Bureau's transmogrifier.
BoMHQ receptionist
mortal, 70-
College-age girl manning the door of the BoMHQ. Hopes to get a raise, not flinch when seeing Lesson, get something good for her resume and get the attention of the Nobles.
Noble, 141
Met with us in the Diplomacy Grove, as a way to get them to meet Luc Ginneis
PC, Current, Noble, 1-
Power of Numbers. Played by Lazarus. (See separate page)
Bureau of Monstrosities
Group, 23-
Group of 'altered' humans, led by Lesson, acting as a paranormal vigilance committee.
Group, 2-
Has an office in downtown Kaerkoven. Currently owe us a medium favor. Rank apparently designated by color of flowers worn.
Carrie Winters
Ex-PC, Noble, 1-88
Power of Hope. Played by Etheric. American, 16 years old. (See separate page)
zombie, 20-
see Ick.
Chase, the
Noble, 132-
One of Ofaniel's Nobles, an enNobled demon. Heard about Lesson.
Noble, 164
His Anchor gave information to Ken Duncan on the whereabouts of a group of Excrucians
Noble, 48
Walter Reverite. He follows the Diabolical Code, and is a Noble of the Fallen Angel Sikiel.
Noble, PC, 145-
Power of Assembly, played by Verithe (see separate page).
Excrucian, Deceiver, 100
The Excrucian that sent the Shard from the first attack in Aniseed, identified by a divination on Ick. Title "Lord".
Claw Shard
Shard, deceased, 61*
First shard encountered in Mexico. Attacked local priest, then Theresa. Killed.
Conceptual Tint
Noble, Dionyl, 51-
Dionyl Noble from Locus Senhar. Came to the party.
Concessions Made to an Enemy
Noble, 110-111
Traded us the hell-souls in exchange for Entropy's blood (through an anchor)
Shard, Warmain, deceased, 165
One of the group of Warmain Shards who were planning to attack the Estate of Roads. After we killed him, Ftisk tempered Conrad as an experiment (166). The tempering was a success. Conrad displayed the ability to transform into a dragon which breathes molten silver.
Noble, 3-
Power of Consequences, part of Barakiel's familia, ally to PCs. Sigil: Larchblossom


D'Arcy Eberhardt
mortal, background
Dante's sister. Chased by an it-from-heck summoned by Attaris (Sessions 85-87)
Noble, 134
One of the Powers of the God of Harlequins.
Dante Eberhardt
PC, Current, Noble, 1-
Power of Courage and Blades. PC, played by Knockwood. (see separate page)
Dean of Admissions
mortal, 23
Dean of Admissions of Kaerkoven U. Some duties taken over by Carrie, session 23.
construct, 144-
'Toy' version of Ophaniel, created by Shadows at Ftisk's request. Since Shadows was drunk at the time, it has a mess-with-Ftisk gift. Got sentience and Bathory's attitude, session 149.
Dr. Frank Winters
Anchor, 12-
Carrie's father. Anchored around Session 11 or 12.
Dr. Coatrack
Aide, 160
See Dr. Nobody
mortal, 95
Aniseed cultist taken back to Amyra to probe his dream with a Realm DIv. May or may not be John Somers; lost his name at some point.
Dr. John Jenik
Human, 159-160
An Amyran psychiatrist called in to counsel a bartender with dementia animus until an expert Dionyl could arrive.
Dr. Nobody
Aide, 160
A rural dionyl Aide hired to counsel an Amyran bartender with dementia animus.
Noble, 3
formerly Immanuel Kant. Part of Barakiel's familia.
Noble, 51-
Noble. Came to the party. Couldn't be described.
Electricity and Copper
Noble, 12-
In conflict with Consequences. Spied on us when we picked up the angel feather via a pigeon. Tried to cover his tracks by turning the pigeon's blood to copper. Serves the Ymera Indra. Sigil: Lily
Shard, Warmain, 165-166
The robed Warmain Shard which appeared to be leading the group planning an attack on the Estate of Roads. After a parley, we agreed to a one-month truce.
Escaped Prisoners
Noble, 132
Mentioned by the Chase as a enNobled demon. Dark.
Ex-PC, Noble, 69-73, 79
Alternate form of Hope.
mortals, 103-
Mortal inhabitants of Chancel Jeris. Evacuated to our ocean, Session 103.
mortal, 102-
Herbert's assistant. Has an office in or near the tower.
mortal dog, 170
A dog living in London who did not forget the rule of dogs referring to Mike Cook.
Noble, 101
Noble impersonated by the Aniseed Shard. Been a Noble for less than a year. Lives in California, outside of her Chancel for some reason.
food, 77
food taken out of the world by Excrucians. Consequences misses it.
Ftiskaaaahk Sn'Gnok
Noble, PC, 120-
Power of Data and Machinery. Usual form is a metal snail. Imperator: Vulcan


Imperator, Domaination, 125-
Name taken by Sakharoth (q.v.).
Imperator, deceased, 112
The Imperator tempered by Heruli. Magister of the Light.
mortal (?), 91-
Giant human, son of Azrael. Discovered in a factory in Aniseed, and rescued. Has no name.
Giant jackal-man
changed human, 37-38
He's about twenty-five feet tall. He has the look of some sort of bipedal canine made out of unnaturally large bones that were shaped into the form of a giant werewolf and partially melted and fused.The bones of the face and hands are the smallest and have the finest detail, whereas the body and limbs are cruder. Former European Lit professor at Kaerkoven U. Changed back to human sometime after Session 38.
mortal dog, 170
A dog living in London. One of the dogs who forgot the rule of dogs which refers to Mike Cook.
mortal, 27
Farmer, with property near Kaerkoven; traded cows for Red for some fruit trees from Theresa
construct, 127-
Robotic construct created by Ftisk for the cross-wall communication experiment. Ftisk's anchor.
God of Harlequins
Imperator, True God, 134
Imperator of Anne's husband, Aristocracy. Not helping her claim his insurance for some reason.
human, shadow, 145-
Chief assistant to Ja Phon. Guided us around when we visited him.
Warmain shard, 134
Met in New York.
Hearth Flame
Noble, 134
Hestia's successor. We encountered his Anchor in New York, after meeting with Haukr.
mortal (?), 3
SO of the Power of Consequences, only seen briefly
Helen Winters
Anchor, 12-
Carrie's mother. Anchored around Session 11 or 12.
Herb's Ninja
mortal, 106-
Created by Herbert. Goes by 'Akane'. Has a supply of duct tape.
Noble, ex-PC, 102-118
Power of Urbanization, played by Harold.
Excrucian, 112
The Excrucian behind the attack in Mexico. Tempered Kudzu's friend Gebi. Kudzu knows him. He still looks like Gebi, if he wore armor and had stars in his eyes. Armor a little more baroque than most Warmains, humanlike body under it."
Anchor, 63?-
Horse ridden by Knight-Shard, Anchored by Snow after the battle. Has a kill-all-nearby miracle attached. Currently in the Big Room (where Monty used to be, hooked to the 2nd floor of the Tower)
zombie, 20-
a/k/a Charnelman. Creature created (by Kudzu) from the body of the Aniseed Shard and the debris left behind.
Immanuel Kant
Noble, 3
see Duty
imp, 114-
Imp 'bought' along with the hell-souls
Imperator, 12
Divine Imperator. True God, very old. Ymera of Electricity, Weather, Glory in Battle, and Spears


Ex-PC, Noble, 1-
Power of Urbanization. Formerly a gargoyle on top of the clock tower. Played by vbh70s, then Rylenor (session 37) Presumably 'eaten' before Session 59. (See separate page)
Mortal, 119
Formar lackey to 'Bathory'; turned on her after Dante's encouragement.
Ja Phon
Imperator, 142-
formerly Ja Reh Phon. Magister of the Light, formerly a major leader in the Colonial faction of the Light. Was crippled in an attempt to explore outside the Weirding Wall, lost the Estate of Terapses while he was out there.
?, 127-
Shadows' majordomo. Originally from outside Creation. Looks like a centipede-snake. Communicates via pictures appearing over his head.
human, 149
Lesson's assistant. Interviewed Theresa, and met us. Have a blog.
Human, 158
Nurse's assistant. Message appears to have a crush on her.
Aaron's Serpent, 103-
Imperator of the Chancel attacked in Chapter 12. Got help from us via the Cammorrae.
Anchor, 18-
Professor of the college in Aniseed. Was the source of an attack on Numbers (Chapter 2). Anchored by Brian once the attack was averted, session 19.
Joe Angel
Unknown, 55- (Name first appears in 158)
See Message
human, 140
Human who lost his legs and was zapped with the hospital transmogrifier to get them back. Had a sloth-spirit sitting on him until he regained his legs.
Katherine Tarpe
Mortal, 161
Deputy Marshal of Amyra's airforce. Met with Theresa and other Amyran military leaders.
Kathleen Cook, nee Rudd
Mortal, 169
Mike Cook's ex-wife. Never met; only mentioned.
Ken Duncan
Mortal, 164-166
A human who, while very drunk, managed to mimic the mythical Odin's sacrifice and obtain some comparable powers. He hosted the hunt when Ftisk wished to temper a Warmain. When the Nobles of Kudzu and Vulcan first met him, they assumed Ken to be a Noble. He has an ability which permits him to know the name of a Noble or Imperator.
King John XXXVII
mortal, 36-
current King of Amyra. Was offered Nobility (presumably by Kudzu) but turned it down. Guardian of the Johannite Treasures; takes that job very seriously.
Shard, deceased, 62
Shard encountered in Mexico. Attacked Dante with Negative Gift. Was riding a horse that became Horse. Admitted he was 'hired' by Kudzu. Got his head eaten by Snow.
Imperator, 1-
Imperator in charge of PC Chancel.
Laurence of the Light
Noble, 41, 50-
Power of Night. Helped us (through the Cammorae) fix things after Monty went rampaging.
NPC, Anchor, 3-
Demon, purchased from Consequences, augmented, Anchored. Purchased in Ep. 3, named in Ep. 5. Has a wooden heart. De fecto leader of the Bureau of Monstrosities.
Lieutenant Davidson
mortal, 50-
Leader of the group of soldiers that wound up in Mexico City when the Chancel was created. Had a major role in negotiations between the soldiers and the locals. Decorated with a Dante-created medal. Later (162-) promoted to captain and chosen to accompany the Amyran and Vulcan Nobles on an Excrucian hunt to report what he sees back to the Amyran military.
Livestock Theft
Noble, deceased, 135
Got splattered by the Council right before we spoke to them.
Lost Things
Noble, 97
Noble contacted by Snow. Lives on the moon (a la Alice in Wonderland). Low Domain, gifts to bring lost things to her on the Moon, high Realm to keep them.
Luc Ginneis
human, Anchor, 141-142
Talked with once Bone bailed out.


mysterious tree, 4-
Maple tree at one end of the Diplomacy Grove. Mysterious past. May be keeping an eye on Kudzu. Story revealed 141--was 'tweaked' by Electricity & Copper to watch Kudzu's Nobles.
Noble, 51-
Noble. Came to the party. Introduced as "Petra of Martyrs". Revealed her true form as a flayed-looking human.
unknown, 55-
May have been created by a Greater Miracle from the blood from the Lance after it killed the Shard. Witch-Hunt Rite on his creation showed Sir Balin taking the Lance and stabbing King Pelham, who was part of the line of Amyran kings. (55) Later accidentally threatened people, and revealed the presence of 6 'traps' in the Chancel. May be a Bane created by a Strategist. Even later (158), he claims his traps are nonexistant and is having a crisis of purpose. He also reveals that he has been going by the name Joe Angel while working as a hospital janitor. He seems to have fallen in love with Jenny, a nurse's aid.
Noble, 103-
Noble of Jeris. Follows Code of the Dark. Humanoid, but looks to be made out of horn or bone carved into the shape of a person by someone who wasn't really paying attention at the time.
mortal, 70
Pizza delivery guy.
Mike Cook
Mortal-oid, 168-
Likely son of Jeremiah, Imperator of Hounds. In the form of a dog. It is the nature of dogs to keep Mike Cook alive, even to the point of sacrificing themselves so that he can use their skin when he has outlived his old one. After Jeremiah was made aware of his existence, Mike was empowered to look into and take care of whatever was messing with the nature of dogs.
Mister Science
unknown, 150-
Name given by whoever vandalized the collider construction site. May be the Physical Laws of the Earth (q.v.)
killer rabbit, 10-
former Australian rabbit possessed by Kudzu and used to eat an angel feather, a demon heart, and 11 other rabbits. Took on unrestrained growth as a result. Currently resides on the new green moon.
Motorcyclist Shard
Shard, Warmain, deceased, 164
One of the group of Warmain Shards planning an attack on the Estate of Roads. We found him alone and defeated him. Then, he exploded. It was painful.
Human, 163
Was reporting on Kudzu's footprints when the Ymera himself granted her an exclusive, yet brief, live interview.
Noble, 41, 50-
Laurence, Noble of Night. Source of the miracle that helped 'clean up' after Monty got loose; invited to the party. Light-aligned. Brother to Martyrs and Angst. An older guy with greying hair, wearing what looks like a hybrid between a sports jacket and a monarch butterfly with tentacles.
Angel, 131-
Angel we met on the Moon. Looks like a fiery gearwork sphere. Currently harboring alt-James.
Noble, 103
Came when we called for reinforcements for the Battle at Chancel Jeris.


Papa Legba
Noble, 164
Power of Roads. Offered to let us visit his Chancel as thanks for dealing with an Excrucian threat to his Estate.
Noble, 143-
Spoke with us. Extremely paranoid. Supposedly can read anything written, even in Auctorita. Does not like Jan Ban Jan. Cannot see Barakiel's familia.
People of the Queer Arm
Group, 23
Group of humans who grew a 3rd arm in the middle of their chests as a result of the enChanceling.
Personal Faction of the Dark
Group, 50
Insist that the choice to cease must be freely made by each individual, rather than by the whole. Their focus isn't on the end of humanity, rather on the ideal of each individual human ending his life by his own hand.
Physical Laws of the Earth
Spirit, 151-
Manifestation 'squatting' in our Chancel, currently upset at Brian. Screwed with Brian's door to send a message.
Noble, 51-, 89
Noble. Came to the party imitating Entropy. Introduced himself as "Jack, Dominus of Physics" after teasing Brian.
Noble, 134
One of the Powers of the God of Harlequins.
Noble, 134
One of the Powers of the God of Harlequins.
Police Chief
mortal, 30-31
Local chief of police. Attacked by Lesson and the Bureau when they tried to bring them in, after being influenced by Kudzu to do so.
Imperator, deceased, 100
Former acquaintance of Kudzu, killed by a Warmain. Magister of the Dark. Imperator of the malignity of angles, the sixth flavor, and clouds made of corpses. Killed in a battle in the Spirit World about 30 years ago. The Warmain tempered himself in his image. May have been behind the attack in Mexico.
Rebecca Cook
Mortal, deceased, 169
Mike Cook's mother. Only mentioned; never met. Presumed to have been the lover of Jeremiah, Imperator of Hounds.
sentient tree, 20-
Former California redwood given sentience and movement to comply with Kudzu's request to 'fetch [him] a giant'
Group, 12
Former Kaerkoven street gang. Fought with the Three Kings.
Noble, 48
See Roy Planchett.
Noble, 103-
Noble of Jeris. Fired off a Word of Command during the battle. Fish-person, female, greenish grey, mottled, and looks to have been run through a blender.
mortal, 92
Leader of Aniseed cult. Was contacted in dream ~7 months before we found him. Dissolved, saying the name 'Sueridus'.
Shard, Warmain, 165-166
One of the group of Warmain Shards planning to attack the Estate of Roads. Looked like a swashbuckler with a blade made of bone for an arm. After a parley, he and Elias agreed to a one-month truce.
Roy Planchett
Noble, 48
Power of Revolution. Follows the Code of the Dark.
Ruby Angel
Angel, 146
Ebrot Appeka, as visited by us & Ja Phon via the spirit world.


Domination, 107-
candidate for identity of the being who appeared on Dionyl. Domination. Ymera of Active Writing, Deodands, and the Law of One's Nature.
Aide, 26-
Dionyl Aide assisting our group. Been with the Aides for seven years. Recruited directly by Luc Ginneis, requested assignment to Earth. Earth culture geek, especially movies. Has an ongoing Courage miracle that staves off aging & illness, and a special pollen that lets him Guise.
Angel, 89
Ymera of Physics, according to the Library
raccoon construct, 126-
Raccoon construct created by Gaius to transfer information on Active Writing.
Noble, 103-
Noble of Jeris. Male human, mid twenties, skinny, looks a little like Brian, actually.
Set Theory Dialogue Club
Group, 18
Group name used by the Corrupt Cult to influence Jim.
Noble, 51-
See Thomas Shadows-Regal
Fallen Angel, 48
Imperator of Choice, Revolution, Stones, and Hidden Weapons
Shard, 62
Shard encountered in Mexico. Attacked the group with Winds of Hate. Escaped.
Simon Davidson
mortal, 34-
current Prime Minister of the mortal government.
Noble, Ex-PC, 59-
Power of Capriciousness. Played by Sara. Former coyote enNobled, able to shapeshift into any animal.
Sonny Jim
dog, 172
A small, mixed-breed dog who lives on the Moon, inside Locus Ophaniel. He hunts mice.
summoned being, 138
A 'sightdrinker'. Currently living in Shadow's head, blocking his sight, helping him learn Summoning.
dog, 172
A half-jackal/half-dog which lives on the Moon, but not Locus Ophaniel. He seems to not care about Mike Cook. Some things found in his file of lost things appeared to be Egyptian-themed.
Imperator bit, 84-85
piece of Attaris accidentally summoned on Jupiter. Insulted us, threatened our families, told us about when the age would end but not how.
Warmain, 107-
candidate for identity of the being who appeared on Dionyl. Warmain; believed to have bested an angel in single combat.
unknown, 92-
Name mentioned by cult leader as he dissolved. Involved with the Aniseed cult. Title "King". May be one of the "Four Kings"; it's 'bad manners' to use his name. (s. 101)
Summer Glau's Head
Being from outside Creation, 155-157
A tentacled and pointy-toothed replica of Summer Glau's head from outside of Creation which hid in Shadows's mind.
The First Hit's Free
Noble, 114
Noble who brought the hell souls, and traded the Imp to Dante. Formerly Slippery Slopes.
PC, Current, Noble, 1-
Power of Plants. PC, played by BethD. (See separate page)
Thomas Lymm
Noble, Ex-PC, 110-112
Power of Stories, Noble of Thoth. Followed us around to get our stories once things started happening.
Thomas Shadows-Regal
Noble, 51-
Full name Thomas Sanford (54). Noble of Shadows. First met when he came to the party.
Three Kings
Group, 12
Former Kaerkoven street gang. Leader 'apprehended' by Lesson, session 12.
Group, 23
Street gang in Moscow. Fought by Dante (and their Courage harvested) session 23.
faction, 106
Faction of the Dark that takes the view that it's possible in some senses to satisfy the Code of the Dark by a human being willingly turning himself into something distinctly inhuman.
Noble, Dionyl, 51-
Dionyl Noble from Locus Senhar. Came to the party.
Angel, 45,
Angel of the Moon. Plays tennis with Kudzu. Imperator of Madness, Hounds, and Horns.
Dog, deceased, 168-
Mike Cook's pet. The first dog to ever sacrifice his skin in order to keep Mike Cook alive.
Typo Fairy
theoretical being, 1-1000
Omnipresence wherever typing is occurring. causes fatfingers, glitches, and miscommunications. At some point became the Mad God Tpyo.


Vault Shard
Excrucian Shard, Deceased, 54
Mysteriously appeared in the Vault during the party. Eliminated by the Spear. May have created the mysterious blood drop and/or Message.
Mortal, 3-Arm, 119
One of the group helping with the hell-souls.
dog, 131-
Award-winning Border collie given to the Angel of the Moon as a gift. One of the dogs who forgot the rule of dogs relating to Mike Cook.
Walter Frumm
Mortal, 161
A general in Amyra's army. In his sixties. Met with Theresa and other military leaders.
Walter Reverite
Noble, 48
See Choice.
Walt the Ogre
ogre, 103-
Ogre messenger. Summoned Dante and company to intervene in Chancel Jeris. "Upgraded"/promoted, session 105.
William Henderson
Aide, 26-
Human aide assisting our group. Grew up in America. First active assignment. Fairly tight-laced. Currently engaged. Has an Enduring Hope miracle, obviating the need to sleep.

Chancel Amyra