Ancient Order of Luminance

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The ancient pirate city of Sasserine has grown into semi-respectability over the years, with merchant ships arriving from, and sailing forth for, the four corners of the world. But within the canals and wooden alehouses of the city much danger still lurks, with smugglers and cutpurses plying their trades in the shadows, and you never know what bravo might lurk around the corner, bearing a cutlass with your name on it. You are all here in the city, whether having grown up here or recently arrived, and you have achieved some small measure of prominence, or at least the promise of it, as you have been invited to join the Ancient Order of Luminance, a "secret society" allegedly dedicated to solving mysteries and combating nefarious plots. Of course, everyone knows that the Ancient Order is now more of a social club than anything else and Luminaries (as they're colloquially, and perhaps a bit derisively, known) spend more time drunk and pantomiming rituals that have lost all meaning, than actually investigating secrets. But still, joining the order means a chance for social advancement and being able to rub elbows with prominent merchants and scholars who could advance your career, whatever it is. And surely it won't require any actual investigating... will it?

Recruitment Thread


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  • Chagra Morjin: Character Sheet -- Fleshwarp (Shapewrought) Cleric / Acolyte -- She is newly arrived in Sasserine and staying at the Frothy Bear Inn, off Doxy Lane near the East Gate (just southeast of A6/13), a cheap, no frills, but clean inn for travelers who arrive by land. She doesn't know why she has been invited to the Ancient Order.
  • Sunset (Gareena in Orcish): Character Sheet -- Human (Half-Orc) Monk / Laborer -- She has lived in Sassarine for awhile, working at her father's alehouse, the Red Dragon Tavern, near the corner of Bullywug Lane and Emerald Street (a bit southeast of 15). She believes she was invited to join the Order due to some members seeing her prowess at handling drunk customers.
  • Dalamis: Character Sheet --- Human (Half-Elf) Sorcerer / Artisan -- A dragon descended sorceress, she lives on Blue Macaw Island, off of Pale Street (right next to 47), in an apprentices' house, and works across the street in a smithy. She has been invited to the Order due to her legacy, as a current member is also descended from the same dragon. She has an aunt who works as a weaver in the city.
  • Larkspur: Character Sheet -- Sprite (Luminous) Investigator / Detective -- A former member of the town watch of a different city, he ended up in Sasserine after disgrace in his former job. He has a seedy office (just south of 55), that he also lives in, off Ditch Street on Cutlass Island. He recently worked a case involving a Luminary and assumes that's how he came to the attention of the Order.
  • Gisz Scalesting: Character Sheet -- Kobold (Vemontail) Alchemist / Artisan -- Gisz works with his family at the Scalesting Brewers, an apothecary with a seedy reputation at the corner of Stinkgutter Way and Potion Street (just southeast of 49), also on Blue Macaw Island. He wants to open his own pharmacy and thinks that his skill with the medical arts led to his invitation. He has two older siblings (Virk and Tigahl) and two younger (Chrog and Agvahs).
  • Lady Cerise: Character Sheet -- Gnome (Fey-touched) Rogue / Charlatan -- Called "Lady" by her community for helping a group of paupers, which she believes brought her to the attention of the Ancient Order. She lives in a boarding house for women on Wagon Street (just north of 54), on Cutlass Island, with her younger sister Florence (new to the city and wide-eyed and romantic about city life). She's managed to wheedle herself into a position as an alderwoman for Cutlass Island, from which she draws a small stipend, though she also relies on the generosity of her community for expenses.