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A [[Jeweled Amber]] file
'''As discussed in the [[Diners of Amber]] article.
I have visited Ang Ri twice. Both times in order to prepare comments for these decks. That will do.
Ang Ri is a Black Zone world and a signatory kingdom of the [[Black Zone Pact Instrument]]. The kingdom is a vicious, deadly place where life is cheap.
This shadow is in a sword age and a wizard's age. As with most such places there is a wild danger to traveling here. The predominant life form is human but many humans do not end their lives as human. Lycanthropy is rampant. Magical initiations and chaos effects warp forms. Animals merge with men. Form is mutable. Dragons are a frequent presence and the Council of the Wing oversees and often violently vetoes what governments exist here.
Subsistence farming and isolated enclaves and sparse city-states dot this realm. Trade is dangerous but portal ways provide a degree of security for merchants.
Magic abounds this close to chaos. Everything works.
Here is one comment in favor of the city-state of GjYfil, which is where the trump delivers you. The region around this massive tent city is rolling hills sparsely speckled with the [[Unsat]] trees[[https://wiki.rpg.net/index.php/Unsat#Unsat_Trees]]. There is a cooking area called Ganli's Pits. They make a weird meal I might have to stop by for again. The trees have a thick, pear like fruit with a distinctively honey taste that are a full yard across. The livestock can be called cow-like, despite their bulbous faces and 20 tiny legs, because the meat is beef-like. When I asked them what they called these animals they said they had no name. Gotta love Chaos for not cluttering up the language.
So what they do is take the fruit and the beef-like things and cut them into 1/2" thick, 1' wide, 3' long slabs. They then marinade them in a vat the contents of which all looked benign enough. Spices, oils, onions, are tossed into the pits to keep the marinade fresh. The slabs stay in them for a day or so. Then they remove them and roll one of each together with marinated onions between the layers. This tube is wrapped in Unsat leaves, which apparently are immune to fire, and they pitch them into a fire pit. Hours later they remove it and slice it to serve.
The result is exotic, but pleasing. Onions add a nice division between meat and fruit. I don't know if this dish will find its way to Random's table but I would bet credits to navy beans that Swayvill has eaten it.
''I recently had to go here for purposes not necessarily pertinent to this article. Once there I went through a series of trials and tribulations which included an encounter with a weapon-master. This guy used a weapon he called a Deathwheeler. It was a pike on the back end, and on the front business end was three rows of curved knives. 4 curved up and forward, 4 curved down and backward, 4 in the center curved right and 4 in the center curved right. A pike point stuck straight forward. The knives spun somehow. The damn thing looked deadly as all heck. They have ones that don't magically spin. They have armies using it. Scary...
''Another thing i learned about Ang Ri is that it was originally four other worlds, each very different except for having similar lifeforms. Not existing in a rational universe of stars and physics, but in the waves of variations that culminates in the Stuff of Chaos, four separate worlds at various point came into contact and instead of erupting in shards of ruined worlds they melted together like flavored butters. Now, centuries or millennia later, the cultures have grown together too. It explains a lot about the way the people in this world interact.

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