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He never knew his father, he was raised for the first ten years of his life by his mother. She took ill and on her death bed told him of his father. He was a space alien. That was why he would fall down the steps and not get hurt, why he was never hurt like other kids where.

His teen years where spent in a orphanage, that is where he first learned to fight, he was very good at it. When he got out on his own he moved around always looking to learn more martial arts skills. He was going to be a professional bodyguard.

He learned that the people that paid the best were super villains, he is now in the employ of Malachite in the hopes that the man would reward him with a genetic modification that would make him more powerful. He is making a name for himself and hopes to gain enough power and notoriety to have his own empire.

His enhanced strength allows him to hit targets hard, his martial arts are used for those that fail to take the hint to leave him and his charge alone


PL 11 (165PP); Init +7; 55ft (Run); Defense 19/19 (6 Base, 3 Dex); BAB +7; +11 Melee (15L Strike, 9S Punch), +10 Ranged; SV Dmg +13, Fort +5, Ref +3, Will +3; Str 18, Dex 16, Con 20, Int 12, Wis 16, Cha 10 (Total 65PP)

Skills: Search 3/+9, Electronics 2/+3, Drive 3/+6, Hide 2/+5, Spot 3/+9, Medicine 2/+3, Listen 3/+11, KS: Streetwise 3/+4 (Total 21PP)

Feats: Power Attack, Improved Initiative, Take Down Attack, Rapid Takedown, All Around Sight (Total 10PP)


  • Martial Arts (Strike) +6 (Source: Training; Effect: Lethal Damage) (Cost 2 / Total 12PP)
  • Super Strength +5 (Source: Alien) (Cost 4 / Total 20PP)
  • Running +5 (Source: Training) (Cost 2 / Total 10PP)
  • Super Senses +5 (Source: Alien) (Cost 2 / Total 10PP)
  • Combat Sense +3 (Source: Alien; Extra: Range to Normal [x2]) (Cost 3 / Total 9PP)
  • Amazing (Damage) Save +8 (Source: Alien) (Cost 1 / Total 8PP)