Asher, son of Brand

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4/1 Endless Compact


Character Stats: Asher Readhanded

  • Earth : 2 – Takes a hell of a beating and can keep on fighting.
  • Air  : 4 – Trained in sorcery by Brand but was a reluctant student.
  • Fire  : 5 – Hard Fighter primarily with dueling styles. Sword and gauntlet. A fairly good boxer. Parkour artist.
  • Water : 2 - Artist. Trump art as well as portraits. Musician.

Standard Powers:

  • ShapeShift  : 0
  • Sorcery  : 2
    • Principles: Time & Energy
  • Pattern  : 3
  • Trump  : 0
  • 1 Pip Gauntlets. Gauntlets and Bracers of bronze. A style but he is as dexterous with them as without them. Won't drop something grasped. Good additional Armor.
  • 1 Sword. Quick, unbreakable fencing rapier
  • 1 Pip Horse. A Julian trained horse, possible in the bloodline of Morgenstern. Loyal companion to Asher and a great fighting horse.
  • Handful of Soil of Tir.


Gauntlets Horse Sword Trump Deck

guitar case i'll certainly not get approved./ hernk

Questions and Answers[edit]

These questions were for the Ygg game but work here as good character backgrounds.

*How old is your character? Asher is approximately 1600 years old in time spent and around 300 in Amber time.

*Who are your parents and what was your upbringing like? His father is Brand and Countess Fres Mira, a lady of the court of Desgalia,a realm similar to the English Renaissance.

*How do you feel about your Oath to the Crown? About the King? Despite his father's disdain for his military profession he is proud to serve Amber. The king is the king, and any question of that is folly.

*What do you think about the Pattern? About the Kingdom of Amber? While an artist and a musician when not engaged in military operations either for Amber or in shadow, he is not devoted to the study of magic and the powers of the universe. Still, being able to walk in shadow is a great blessing for which he is grateful to the pattern for. He grew up in shadow but upon being brought to Amber did a stint in the military under one of its generals and is proud of any service he has done. He is eager to do more despite his father's sneers.

*What does your official Trump look like? See above.

*Do you have any particular relations with any of Oberon’s children, good or bad? He would seek out the elders like Eric, Corwin, and Julian, for their military expertise and advise but he is careful not to trust them too much. Not really of a naval man he would have done a 3 year stint at sea because Amber is a maritime power. He might favor Deirdre a bit. He remembers fencing, dueling, with Caine as a child and thinks of him as his favorite uncle. As a child of Brand he would be most receptive to Bleys and Fiona, full siblings of his father. He dislikes Llewella for obvious reasons. He might be drawn to young Random, maybe even befriend him if possible. Florimel, well, what might a young man think of such a great beauty?

As for his father Brand, a great love/hate exists. He wants to please him so he would try to learn magic but having no real knack for it only manages to learn a few words of power. His failure makes his father angry. His obsession with dueling further annoys his non-military father. His only magical success was the creation of his cat Sabre, that Brand seemed to like better then Asher. His friends say Sabre is more talkative and congenial then Asher, though they mean it good naturally.

*Is there a place in Shadow you call your own and why? He would have found a swath of shadows similar to Westros or Late medieval Europe where a man of arms might find employment but which also has an active artistic culture and a musical culture. He is an expert at drawing and painting and might someday like to learn to make trumps if he could manage the magic. He is a fine musician with stringed instruments from guitar through piano. He would have found a shadow near the world he was spending time on where he could acquire gold or treasure to spend on his chosen world. He has had a passing interest in prestidigitation, which annoys his father, and would have learned the skills of slight of hand, pick pocketing, stage magic and such. While not an expert, he is a fair hand at such arts and mostly keeps an eye out for when others use it.

*What do you do on behalf of the Kingdom of Amber?

He would have served 10 years in the standing military. 3 years in the Navy. He would be available for service as a messenger or intermediary for the crown. He disdains the politics of the elders but keeps a close eye on it anyway. He will often find a place to watch the elders from a distance, such as in a public place, then consider and remember their behavior. Fond of horses and good with them, he would spend time riding the length and breath of the kingdom. Dropping in on the estates and fief to take a look around, possibly help with projects, and accept offered hospitality, in order to get to know the people of the kingdom, its nobles and gentles, as well as its royalty.

Friendly, but reserved. He enjoys and is good at poker and detests card cheats but knows the trade.