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[https://wiki.rpg.net/index.php/Main_Page/star_wars_red_ledger Back to Red in the Ledger]
LibDem is stuffed with bigots, yet even minor criticism toward them is a group attack.
====Character sheet====
When will you Libs decide that dissing Nazis is bad because "Not all Nazis", I wonder?
[https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1wXMsYHQhmLF7oaBEzaPqWtgMzf4_IR37_mEr7YmwppM/edit#gid=1728545988 Cexir "Sevens" Jhest]
====Character approach====
After years of working Hutt Space as an intelligence operative for the Rebellion, Cexir Jhest has come to expand his racially strong sense of community to include those downtrodden by the Hutt cartels. When some old acquaintances from the Rebel Alliance sought to do something about it, Sevens was the logical person to enroll into their endeavor.
Undercover, Sevens sold N1 one of its first companion mechanicals soon after N1 achieved its freedom. N1, being the tinkerer it is, didn't take long to discover that the thing had a damned surveillance package installed in it, and was transmitting! To Sevens' relief, the inevitable confrontation went in a different direction... with the droid demanding to join the Rebellion!

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