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Autobot Cybertronian Body Guard and Executive Assistant

Aurora is a light weight chasis, high speed combatant and delightful conversationalist. She is at ease among anyone and there is little reason to question her accompanying those that she is protecting


A Delightful Lady from Cybertron

To Fast Too Furious

Speed Kills: Spend a PP to step up our double the speed die in any contest involving high speed movement

The Way of the Warrior

Zen and the Overclocked Processor: Double or Step up any die in a combat test, apply the effect die as Mental Stress after resolving the attack

Standard D4 Hinder SFX


Strength D6

Intelligence D6

Speed D8

Courage D8

Endurance D6

Skill (Physical dexterity) D8

Firepower D6

Transform D8


Commander (Decision making, inspiring, talking with authority) D6

Engineer (Repairs, fixing & building equipment, jury-rigging) D6

Scientist (Understanding aliens & weird phenomena) D4

Scout (Sneaking, reconnaissance) D6

Soldier (Combat & Use of explosives) D10

Diplomat (Negotiating and political savvy) D8

Power Set

Katana D10

SFX: Spend PP to cut apart solid, inert obstacle

Limit Gear