Azure Sky

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- Main Page; The Liberation of Husbaleve

Blue Elf Mystagogue of the Night Vigil


  • Class: Blue Elf
  • Level: 2 (Acolyte)
  • Experience Points: 1598
  • Total Hit Points: 6
  • Armor Class: 4 (Moon Mail, Dex)
  • Movement: 6" (Encumbered 7/9)
  • Gold: 101 (15sp)


  • Strength 9
  • Intelligence 10
  • Wisdom 15 +1
  • Dexterity 13 +1
  • Constitution 7 -1
  • Charisma 13 +1

Special Abilities


  • Astrology +0


  • Common
  • Blue Elf
  • Goblin


Azure Sky is a Mystagogue, one who initiates others into the mysteries. This isn't a missionary role, rather she is a guide to those who seek wisdom, while at the same time being on a quest for wisdom herself. The principle of the Night Vigil teaches that wisdom is to be found in dark places. This is both allegorical — insight lies in the uncomfortable places of the psyche and the soul — and physical — insight can be found in dark places within the earth, where secrets are hidden. Her own initiation, conducted in the shadows of the Telesterion when the Blue Moon was full, allows her to channel her own psyche into certain mystical powers, but she is by no means a healer, nor a priest.

Azure Sky is a slight women, short, almost delicate. Like most of her people her skin is pale, but marked with the blue tattoos of her initiation. She is either the youngest of the mystics in Husbaleve, or the eldest, it is not clear. The others, seven in number, are initiates of different aspects of the Blue Moon, and apparently do not share her desire to enter dungeons.



Item Location Notes
Silver Shortsword Right Hand 1d6 Damage
Longbow Back
Longbow Back
Moon Mail Body
Moon Mail Body
Blue Moon Rock Belt Mystic Focus (0 Encumbrance)
Tinder Box Belt (0 Encumbrance)
Quiver of Arrows Belt 20/20 arrows (0 Encumbrance)
Purse Belt 100gp (0 Encumbrance)
Rope Waist
Backpack Back
Rations Backpack 1 week's food (0 Encumbrance)
Water Skin Backpack (0 Encumbrance)
Necklace Backpack 1000gp (0 Encumbrance)

- Main Page; The Liberation of Husbaleve