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Gazeteer of Bögenhafen[edit]

Bögenhafen Areas.jpg

A - Low Class Residential/Commercial

Most of the buildings in this area are little more than slums. The streets are unpaved and fouled with all sorts of filth and ordure. Taverns are of the cheap and nasty variety with low ceilings and smoky atmospheres. Strangers are regarded with universal suspicion at best and, unless they behave with the utmost circumspection, may well be set upon by groups of thieves or cut-throats.

The area to the north of the river is known as "The Pit", and makes the rest of the quarter look salubrious. Only the very brave or the very foolish would venture into this area after dark.

During the day, these areas will be frequented mainly by lower-class citizens, labourers and the like, with a fair number of thieves and footpads about. There may be a few beggars, but they will generally prefer to work the more lucrative areas of town.

At night, the number of thieves and footpads increases noticeably, and it may be possible to encounter a group of young rakes from the wealthier parts of town, out slumming in the company of two or more bodyguards.

Watch patrols are few and far between, since the Watch are generally regarded as "the enemy" in this part of town. When they do turn out, it is usually in strength.

B - Docks

The buildings in this area are almost all warehouses or storage facilities of one form or another, but only the bulkiest and cheapest cargoes are ever stored here, usually under the protection of a hired guard and a vicious dog or two. The warehouses are nearly all wooden, and are numbered 1 to 58, starting from the western end of the Ostendamm (editors note: east bank). There are no inns in this area.

This area will be packed with stevedores during the day, loading and unloading boats and moving goods in and out of warehouses. There will also be the captains and crews of any boats that have recently put in, and scribes and other lackeys of the various merchant families overseeing the transfer of goods, as well as the occasional exciseman assessing an incoming cargo for tax.

At night, the dock areas will be almost deserted. Even thieves are rare, since valuable cargoes will not generally be stored in the warehouses.

Watch patrols and nightwatchmen (often accompanied by guard dogs) are regular if infrequent.

C - The Dreieckeplatz and Town Hall

The Dreieckeplatz (pronounced "dry-EKKER-platts") is the administrative hub of the town. Many of the buildings have elaborate façades, with decorative columns and arches, and usually a statue or two of the town's patron diety Bögenauer (see location 16). There are several up-market inns and taverns, some of which may be restricted to members only. Prices are correspondingly high.

During the day, the Dreieckeplatz is thronged with people of all descriptions. There are beggars and entertainers trying to make a few shillings from the passers-by, lawyers and councillors going about their business, agitators haranguing anyone who will listen about all kinds of grievances, vendors selling food and other items, and anyone else who might have business in the administrative quarter.

At night, the area is scarcely less busy as the upper classes of the town visit the various eating and drinking establishments which are to be found around the square. Pickpockets are an ever-present danger, at all times of the day and night.

Watch patrols are relatively common in this part of town.

D - The Artisan Quarter

The artisan quarter of the town is bounded roughly by the Handwerker Bahn, the Eisen Bahn, and the Göttenplatz. The buildings in this area vary from small, unpretentious workshops to the elaborate, ostentatious dwellings of the master crasftsmen. The inns are of average quality, and most are patronised by one particular profession of artisan.

During the day, the area is teeming with people visiting the various workshops: ordinary townsfolk looking for a new chair, kitchen knife, or whatever; servants from the wealthier households about the same business; apprentices sent out by their masters to get materials and equipment; and parents trying to apprentice their offspring to the various craftsmen. This area is a favourite haunt of beggars and thieves during the day, since a great deal of money changes hands here.

At night, the area is quiet, frequented only by footpads, with the occassional group of racketeers on the way to have a quiet word with tradesmen who have been slow raising protection money.

Watch patrols are not quite as common as in the Dreieckeplatz but still relatively frequent.

E - The Göttenplatz

The Göttenplatz, or Square of the Gods, houses most of the temples which are to be found in Bögenhafen. It is dominated by the huge temple of Sigmar, and other temples are set round the edges of the square. The buildings are well maintained and reflect the styles of the Cults which built them (see locations 13-19).

During the day, the Göttenplatz is throunged with the same mixture of people as may be found in the adjacent Dreieckeplatz ; most will be going about their everyday business, and some will be visiting temples for one reason of another.

At night, people use the Göttenplatz as a thoroughfare, so it will hardly ever be deserted. Footpads, pickpockets and beggars favour this area as much as the Dreieckeplatz.

Watch patrols pass through frequently.

F - Mercantile/Commercial

These two areas are mainly given over to the town's trading activities. The offices of most of the town's mercantile concerns are in the area between the Bergstrasse and the Adel Ring, as is the Merchants' Guildhouse, while the area between the East Gate (1) and the Postern Gate (3) is mainly given over to shops. There are shops elsewhere in the town, but this area is where most of the higher-class shops are to be found. The buildings are noticeably larger and better kept than those is either the artisan's or lower class areas. Most of the inns are of above average quality and their prices match.

During the day, these areas will be thronged with people going about their business, with a fair sprinkling of beggars, entertainers and footpads trying to make a living from the crowds.

At night, they are a haunt for footpads and the occasional burglar, and anyone found here by the Watch will be treated with deep suspicion.

Watch patrols are relatively frequent in this area.

G - The Adel Ring

Set around the park (12), the Adel Ring is where the wealthiest citizens of Bögenhafen live; the mansions of the great merchant families are set in walled gardens around the north, south and west sides of the park, while the east side is occupied by the smaller town houses of other wealthy citizens. Nearly all the houses have large stone posts at the gates to the grounds, on which are displayed the symbols of the owning families. Baron von Saponatheim owns one of the few unlabelled mansions, which he uses on the rare occasions he stays in the town.

During the day, this area will be fairly quiet, with servants going to and fro on various errands, delivering food and other goods, and the occasional vendor selling his wares from door to door.

At night, the Adel Ring will be equally quiet; people will be seen going from one house to another for dinner parties, and the occasional group of young rakes may be seen setting out for a night on the town.

Watch patrols are frequent and tend to treat anyone who looks out of place as criminal.

Locations of Interest[edit]

Bögenhafen Locations.jpg

1: East Gate
2: West Gate
3: Postern Gate
4: Water Gate

The Schaffenfest
5: Livestock Market
6: Wrestling Ring
7: Festival Court and Stocks
8: Freakshow
9: Jousting Lists

10: Main Guard Barracks
11: "Fort Blackfire" (Guard Barracks)
12: The Park

The Göttenplatz
13: Temple of Sigmar
14: Temple of Ulric
15: Temple of Myrmidia
16: Temple of Bögenaurer
17: Temple of Verena
18: Temple of Handrich
19: Temple of Shallya
20: Mórr's Garden
21: Chapel to Mórr
22: Shrine to Taal

23: Kringler's Ferry
24: Haagen's Wharf

25: Town Hall
26: Town Courts

27: Journey's End Inn
28: Golden Trout Club

29: Stevedores' Guild
30: Teamsters' Guild
31: Carpenters' Guild
32: Metalworkers' Guild
33: Cartwrights' Guild
34: Physicians' Guild
35: Masons' Guild
36: Jewellers' Guild
37: Merchants' Guild
38: Mourners' Guild
39: Tailors' Guild

Dotted Roads = Paved Roads