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=== Gear ===
=== Gear ===
* '''Weapons:''' Mosquito Storm (Range 2, Automatic); Shogun Whirling Butterfly Swords; Ravenlocke Stungloves
* '''T-Apps:''' Firewall G-Net Security; Digital Diplomat; Bounty Board
* '''Utility:''' Advanced Tech Toolkit; Combat Webbing
* '''Consumable:''' SMG magazines x3; SM-19 smoke grenade x2; emergency support patch x2

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Main Page Notes and Story Record

DES MOINES - Tragedy struck the Pleasant Acres agricultural dome last night, as a vicious gang members stormed the cube of Chuck and Lena Olsen's family last night. Dome militia responded promptly, killing three gang members, but not in time to save Chuck and Lena from being murdered and their daughter, Gina, known to us as "Baby", from being critically injured.

Roy Rogers, owner of the Cuppa Joe Diner, speculated that the gang attack may have been provoked by Gina. A member of the roving "Chainsaw Gang" made uncouth and unwelcome remarks to Gina, a part-time waitress. Justifiably upset, she poured a carafe of hot coffee in the ganger's lap. Gina then beat the vile hooligan with the empty coffeepot until other diners pulled her away. The scoundrel was arrested and removed to the militia lockup.

Apparently, the other members of the Chainsaw Gang elected to take violent revenge on the Olson family before escaping into the night with militia in hot pursuit.

Doc Brown reports Gina is is grave condition after extensive injuries to her right arm requiring amputation. "She is strong, and I have high hopes for her survival," he said.


  • Refresh: 3
  • Initiative Steals: 1
  • Strain/Tolerance: 3/8
  • Fire Wall: +4

Stress and Consequences[edit]

Physical Stress: [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
Mental Stress: [ ] [ ] [ ]


Resource Stress: [x] [X]


Unspent Payments: 0


  • Great (+4): Fight
  • Good (+3): Athletics, Physique
  • Fair (+2): Notice, Rapport, Will
  • Average (+1): Shoot, Empathy, Stealth, Survival


  • [High Concept] Human Bodyguard
  • [Trouble] Be Nice (Until It's Time to Not Be Nice)
  • [Free choice]Nothing My Fist Can't Cure!
  • [blank]
  • [Blank]

Occupation Perk: Bodyguard:

  • Invoke: You have an employer in good standing, so you can invoke your occupation to help you when interacting with him or his associates. Due to your training you can invoke when you’re restraining someone, defending someone from harm, or looking out for unexpected danger.
  • Hostile Invoke: People can threaten your employer or allies to gain a persuasive advantage over you.
  • Compel: Your employer or allies might be put in danger, and you’ll have to deal with it. Because you’re always on guard, you might see danger where there’s none.

Occupation Perk: Rather than taking a debt to a more cutthroat organization or individual, you can take a single resource consequence related to a debt you owe to your employer (Money, page 91). They’ll be lenient in collecting the debt, and it can’t be compelled against you.


  • (Athletics) = Dodge This! You can tell where the bullets will go before the trigger is pulled. +2 to Athletics when using it to dodge gunfire.
  • (Physique) = Pain Don't Hurt! Once per session, at the cost of a fate point, you can reduce the severity of a moderate consequence that’s physical in nature to a mild consequence (if your mild consequence slot is free), or erase a mild consequence altogether.
  • (Fight) = My Fist, Your Face! Once per physical conflict, when you succeed on an unarmed attack, you may place the aspect Stunned on your opponent with one free invocation.



OK, I'll buy a set of OCP Multi-Optics Goggles (+3)
  • Flash Compensators: +2 to resist attempts to create any aspects like Dazzled or Flash Blinded on you.
• Infra/Ultra Optics: You are able to see in the infrared and ultraviolet spectrums, giving you the aspect Thermal and Ultraviolet Vision. • Night Vision Optics: Poor light never adds opposition to your actions. Crisis Team Responder Kit (+3) Adds +1 to Academics rolls to help recover physical consequences. 2 Flash Bang Grenades (+0)
  • Fantastic (+6) blast rating; applies Blind, Deaf, and Stunned.
2 Smoke Grenades (+0)
  • Adds +4 to any opposition to perceive targets through the zone.
4 CHEMICAL SCRUBBERS (+0) Affects an area of three square meters. The scrubber automatically removes aspects such as Toxic Spill or Biohazard from zones or objects. 4 Emergency Support Patch Begins recovery of a mild physical consequence. 4 Military Antidote Patch Removes all toxin-related aspects and begins recovery of toxin-related consequences. 4 Stim Patch Gives the user a High Energy aspect. Mediocre (+0) 4 Stun Patch Fantastic (+6) Non-Lethal physical attack to render unconscious.


Augment Level Effect